Saturday, May 10, 2014

Kansas Teachers Stay Losing Tenure

NPR special report: "Kansas lawmakers have passed a bill to make it easier to fire teachers. The legislation will take away some of the employment protections offered to teachers. Supporters say school administrators need the flexibility to remove teachers who aren't performing, but as Kansas Public Radio's Stephen Koranda reports, teachers argue this will allow them to be fired for unfair reasons."


Tiny Violins Playing So Faintly said...

Hey Teachers (a "protected" work class - strangely):

Welcome to the REAL world.

Now get off your asses and TEACH. fired.


Anonymous said...

Funny. Teach. It's just that simple.

Maybe if parents did a better of job being parents, teachers might be able to actually teach and not serve as babysitters/surrogate parents/parole officers.

Anonymous said...

Let's make it easier to fire our elected officials. We can start by cutting off all of the perks and freebies they get from the special interest groups.