Saturday, May 24, 2014

Kansas City Mayor's Nights Top Five

The Kansas City program rebooted by Mayor Sly James to curb violent teen flash mobs starts up once again during this Summer season.

Fox4: Club KC provides kids with a safe haven as entertainment curfew begins

And now . . .


- Mayor's Nights didn't stop Country Club Plaza flash mobs last year.

- Also unreported everywhere but TKC . . . There were more than a few fights @ Club KC but youth violence in this cowtown doesn't make news anywhere but The Plaza.

- There are literally babies flash mobbing (crackin) on the Plaza so I'm hoping they are stocked with diapers.

- Pizza Parties In Lieu Of Parent Supervision Is A Poor Trade-Off.

- The Mayor's Nights Grand Finale Concluded In Violence Last Year . . . Fun Fact That Almost Nobody Else In Kansas City Reported EXCEPT our fun loving TKC bloggy community.

Still, we start the Summer season with renewed hope for progress and that City Hall funded twerking will bring peace. Natch.


Harry Stone said...

Mike utters the best line of the show when asking the geriatric panel...."Do you know millenials? What are they like? How are they different from the rest of us? Do they wear badges?"
To which Woody responds with BRILLIANCE. Everyone please go to the 25:20 mark and listen to wisdom...."this is an admission of defeat, what you want are families with kids, what the cities are saying is that they can't attract them, the place is unlivable, the schools don't function, the families with kids aren't going to be here, so then you go after retired people and folks in their 20's and 30's who don't yet have school age children, and so it's a second best option. The hard work is in making this place attractive to families with children."

Thanks to the 1PM poster on TKC's RUCKUS link yesterday.

This is our city, our unlivable city. Why?

Violence. Unrelenting, blood simple, death grinding violence.

Anonymous said...

Pray for peace. Always keep your CCW current.

Anonymous said...

Another problem of committing hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to long-term debt in behalf of a 3-5 year millenial fad like the streetcar is...
the millenials will age out, start families, and move to safe neighborhoods with good schools and houses with yards for the kids to play in.
And the NEXT generation NEVER embraces the hot buttons of the one preceeding it. In fact they almost invariable REJECT what seemed so cool to the folks ahead of them.
Long=term investments in bellbottom pants, disco balls, or CB radio in cars?
Good luck with that.

Anonymous said...

7:05, nah, doesn't make sense to want to emulate a time of peace when the negros were not killing everyone in sight, swarming across the country like a plague of locusts.

Nah, why emulate the times when the most wealth in the history of the world was achieved?

You hipsters like living off mom and dads hard work and with the taxpayer, who also works, can support your latte drinking, sprout eating, worthless I-this, I-that asses.

Like the bears say's "fucking hipsters".

Anonymous said...

Your tax dollars at work.

Anonymous said...

Hey when you go out for coffee, get me one. No cream no sugar, I take it TEEN.

Anonymous said...

Hipsters are like a bunch of little cunts.

The mouth off late in the afternoon, then it's off to eat their greens and slap skin on each other while watching skaters fag off.

Anytime they get slammed it's "lockjaw". You don't hear a peep out of the ass clowns.

Hipsters are totally worthless drains on society. They bring nothing to this world...other than a walking pile of shit, that's fun to laugh at while drinking coffee.

Anonymous said...

Club KC. What an effing joke. A taxpayer-funded place where Shenaynay can twerk while Deqwan plays "bassaball," then eat from the government teat. What is this accomplishing besides confirming to them that the government will always be there to fund their entitlements, and if they threaten to stop, all they have to do is start mobbing again.