Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Kansas City Longfellow Hood Straightened Out After Codes Flap And Bush Trimming Rage

A Kansas City community unites to keep their neighborhood crappy and out of the hands of a hopeful real estate speculator . . .


Longfellow neighborhood wins reprieve after code enforcement sweep

Deets from Kansas City Investigative Newsie Garrett Haake:

"City and neighborhood officials from the Longfellow neighborhood reached an agreement on Tuesday to suspend enforcement of dozens of code violations issued in a controversial sweep last month."

Don't get me wrong, this really is an impressive victory as Kansas City gentrification efforts kick into high gear during the Summer and the latest real estate bubble.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Is there a double entendre I'm missing?

Anonymous said...

So the code enforcement officers were called, observed and documented violations, began the enforcement process, but now that there has been public push-back and a political price, are going to turn a blind eye to the violations? Just fucking great.

I tell you what, if Codes ever cites me, I know EXACTLY how to fight it!

Anonymous said...

Women in the urban core don't trim their bushes.

Silverback Decree Department said...

EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY - Normal societal expectations of the flushing of toilets (or even the use of a toilet), the washing of clothing, any form of hygiene, property maintenance, and all personal responsibility have hereby been suspended in the interest of the public welfare (recipients).

cmltn42 said...

Longfellow has more political clout than any other neighborhood ASSoc in KC The city has pored millions into this group. Their CID is corrupt and only benefits a select few of the friends and relatives of the neighborhood assoc officers. Who is auditing them and why has no action been taken

Anonymous said...

Residents wanted to know how a single email from a one developer can call in a codes sweep on an entire neighborhood.

While their calls to 311 on the worst cases have been ignored for years.

Diego said...

That woman looks greasy.

Yo Mama said...

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Anonymous said...

Fuck codes. Real easy for a fucking bureaucrat to dream up bullshit when the worthless fuck doesn't have a fucking dime in the property. Fucking Gladys Kravitz must have been cloned in this fucking town.

Fuckmeter said...

Six fucks @ 9:23