Saturday, May 31, 2014

Kansas City Conversations On Troost Exhibit

Just a bit of Kansas City Saturday culture and a VERY WORTHWHILE Artsy event . . .

Exhibit Statement:

"Crossing the cultural divide. The show is somewhat symbolic in that Troost has been the racial dividing line in KC. This symbolism is even more evident in the contrast of styles, Gloria’s strategic black and white photographs in black barbershops juxtaposed against Harold’s spontaneous vibrant and colorful figurative abstract paintings. There will be much to digest and discuss here…"


Gloria Baker Feinstein

Harold Smith

Conversations On Troost

Photographs and Paintings

Exhibit: May 30 - June 20
Art Talk Sunday, June 8 2 P.M.

Ethinc Art Gallery: 5930 Troost Ave.


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Anonymous said...

Awww, that comment was really interesting though.

Jesse said...

Quiet bitches, I'm trying to express myself.

And some of that stuff looks very cool to me.

Anonymous said...

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