Sunday, April 27, 2014


Last night there was more than a bit of a ruckus on the Country Club Plaza and a 14-year-old kid was arrested with a gun.

Moreover, the police presence on the Plaza is heavy on nice nights and the average visitor most likely fears what might happen if the place wasn't on lock down every weekend.

On the bright side . . . The use of flood lights in Mill Creek Park demonstrates that authorities and city officials are getting creative when it comes to finding solutions.

Still . . . the problem persists.

And here's something to consider . . .


The answer to this quandary may or may not lead to more questions about long-term Midtown Kansas City sustainability and how this problem impacts the rest of Kansas City. For instance, on weekends the Northland fears a drain on their police protection.

Nevertheless . . . What's clear now is that a slate of taxpayer funded activities for teens, fiery rhetoric, warnings and even a police crackdown aren't enough to make the Country Club Plaza seem safe while violent teens with guns plague the party district.


KMBC: Police said two teenagers were taken into custody after incidents on the Country Club Plaza late Saturday.

KSHB: At one point, KCPD Chief Forté said some teens were creating traffic issues, but did not tweet about any other arrests. He estimated about 125 teens spent time hanging out on the plaza Saturday night.

Newspaper: Kansas City Police Chief Darryl Forté reported that police chased and apprehended a 14-year-old armed with a handgun, and then arrested a 16-year-old who had been fighting in Mill Creek Park.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Better title for TKC: Pizza Parties Won't Prevent Plaza Problems.

Anonymous said...

It's not "mob violence", it's "nigger violence". Plain and simple. You can change the words but the truth is the truth.

Anonymous said...

This won't ever be solved, just like the crime and violence on the east side won't ever be solved, unless and until law-abiding regular folks decide that this kind of behavior is unacceptable, just like murder is unacceptable, and that society will support the police enforcing the laws, rounding up the thugs, and demanding consequences instead of cowering over being called names and coming up with endless excuses for the bad actors.
And there's no stomach by elected "leaders", the business community, appointed officials, or civic institutions in KCMO to take that kind of stand, because they're terrified of the civil rights industrial complex and its succesful efforts to intimidate and shake them down for decades.
Performance standards were eliminated many years ago, now standards of behavior are in free fall, and we haven't hit the bottom quite yet.
But we're all well on our way.
How's the streetcar coming?

Anonymous said...


The answer: NOPE!!! Not until the thug ass niggers are removed from society!

Anonymous said...

This is what the left wants. We the normal citizens can not stand up because we will then be called racists.And the Libs will go on rewarding poor behavior and we these people on the doll and as useful as a pawn.

chuck said...

Violent mobs only accept one type of currency, violence. Violent African Americans, of which there are a dramatically dissproportionate number per capita, only accept one type of currency, violence.

Fuckin morons. For 50 years the incessant violence, murder, rape, assualt and theft have destroyed cities all across America while the Main Stream Media, Hollywood, Community Organizers and your elected politicians have obfuscated and lied about the facts on the ground. Not only are we to beleive that the violence isn't that bad (It is far worse, the destruction of so many, many cities can't be denied, even by the corrupt Press.), if we notice, we are RACIST.

Americans are expected not only to accept and pay for the astonishing, ever increasing burden of African American culture by way of RACIST Civil Rights Laws, set asides, quotas, Affirmative Action etc etc to infinity, but to shoulder the burden of controling the atavistiic, murderous instincts of African Americans which, are exacerbated by ever more entitlements in conjunction with ever more white guilt.

If this was just your average, garden variety sisyphean endeavor, part and parcel of the cards we are given by chance, that would be one thing. But it is not.

This burden, this crucible is a self destructive, self inflicted necrosis that has, is and will kill this nation. The inability to actually face the very, very simple truths of this situation speaks to a cellular weakness in the psyche of this nation that stems from the acceptance, over time of a Liberal Narrative which is designed to bend not only the will of all Americans, but the power of all Americans to a corrupt paradigm designed to keep those in charge of that "Narrative" at the helm of this ship of state as it heads to the rocks.

Superior fire power and the will to use it, is the ONLY thing that will stop the violence.

chuck said...

The cops in Baltimore, where the city's best shopping area has ALREADY been ruined and the city itself is a real life episode of "The Wire", have this to say.

"While poverty is unquestionably rampant, many police (often using their own economically poor upbringing as evidence) are convinced the poverty does not create the ghetto. Rather, a ghetto culture of violence, sex, and drug use creates poverty. One officer told me, “You’ve seen what it’s like. Can you imagine what it would be like if your professors knew what really goes on here? I don’t see them walking down these alleys or spending time in one of these houses. They read about 280 murders, but they don’t know about the thousand shootings, the cuttings, the assaults where people don’t die. Those don’t make the papers. If people saw how fucked-up everything is, they’d stop blaming poverty or racism and just want the whole place torn down.”
Most police, both white and black, believe that the social problems in the Eastern District [PK NOTE: an entirely black area of Baltimore] are hopeless. One black officer said, “It’s hard not to think that this is a jungle here. People running around in the street at all hours. Getting high, acting like fools… They ought to tear everything down. All of it!” A white officer echoed this belief: “I’d like to napalm the whole area. Wouldn’t that be beautiful? Just come in with air strikes and watch the whole thing go up in flames… I don’t know what else you can do. If people want to live this way, I say fuck’em.”
A black officer proposed similar ends through different means. “If it were up to me,” he said, “I’d build walls and just flood the place, biblical-like. Flood the place and start afresh. I think that’s all you can do.” When I asked this officer how his belief that the entire area should be flooded differed from the attitudes of white police, he responded, “Naw, I’m not like that because I’d let the good people build an ark and float out. Old people, working people, line’em up, two by two. White cops will be standing on the walls with big poles pushing people back in.”

Anonymous said...

Things will continue to erode. There are no jobs for HS dropouts except dealing and hooking. No manufacturing jobs, which used to pay good wages to the lower classes that could support a family. In the ozarks you cook meth, in the gettho you deal rock

Anonymous said...

I was on the plaza Friday night and it was incredible night.
Did not see any problems at
all...visited capital grille..
kona...Mexican restauarant...
then went to Westport.
where are all these things happening becaus3 no one noticed
any problems.
I think the problem is that
the racists in this town want
to create a hanging out has all happened...
yes there has always been crime
in the east side of kc...keep
it there til they figure out what
to do with the situation.
but you guys are rally overblowing the plaza situations..
lets get real.

Throwing bananas will not help you on the Plaza said...

8:32 will be one of the next people to be maimed or murdered in KC while walking around extolling the wonderfulness and safety and justice provided by Sly, Cleaver, Holder and Obama.

Anonymous said...

And the typical, tired, predictable responses flow forth from the tkc brain trust in the comments.

Westport Trucky said...

8:32 you're a nigger loving liar like Byron who won't see the truth because you are both fucking blind. First this town needs to get the current niggers out of any office and get some ass kicking people in office. I myself am moving, I am sick of it nothing but spineless assholes running this town who worry only about the next building project they can slap their name on. Saw Reed on the news last night picking up tires but that lazy ass nigger can't get his butt to the Plaza and deal with the real issues of this town. I grew up not using the word nigger but I find myself saying it more and more. Like if the apple is red, then it's a red apple. If it's gangs of blacks causing trouble and carrying guns, then it's niggers. If you are a spineless black leader of the community who is ignoring the real issues you as well are a nigger. The niggers have to go, to much evidence proves this.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely 8:58! Call a spade a spade and quit coddling the damned niggers!

Anonymous said...


Thanks, now I feel better.

As long as someone tells us, in spite of news reports (Which by the way, are filtered at best and propaganda at worst.) and the Chief of Police, that things are ok, then we will all believe things are ok.

No, you dolt, this city, like dozens and dozens more across the US, is suffering under the yoke of a criminal culture that does, in fact, destroy everything it touches. What is being destroyed now, is the Plaza, which is being desroyed in EXACLTY the same way other areas of formerly civilized cities were destroyed. So take that smarmy, liberal mind set, which has wreaked so very much damage in our cities and shove it where the sun don't shine.

You're a liar.

Anonymous said...

8:32 A FOURTEEN year old was arrested on the plaza last night with a fucking GUN!!!! What more proof do you need? I love the Plaza too and want it saved by any means necessary. 8:32 take your fantasy world views to 20th & Topping and see if your mind changes. Think about what you were doing when you were 14 and did it in any way involve a gun? THIS is black culture and it will not change. They are too stupid to change. Any gains they made in the 60's and 70's was short-lived and they have regressed an amazing amount. My favorite thing about people like you is the amount of interaction you have with black people. I guarantee it is very little. I bet you've never had to fight 15-on-3 like I have more than once in college. And I saw it many more times than that as well. Next time your walking in the Plaza and a large group of them is walking towards you, keep walking straight ahead and don't cross the street. Pass right through them and see what happens.

Anonymous said...

Just wait until these thugs can hop on a streetcar out east on 31st Street, ride to Main street and transfer, then ride on down to the Plaza where they can alight to begin their rampage. And they don't even have to pay to ride. Streetcar will be known as a promo ghetto transport.

Is there any doubt that the people who are eligible to vote on streetcar expansion are the very ones who can use it for criminal purposes will vote no? said...

Here is the last article that mentions Tony's Kansas City several times, with quotes.

Anonymous said...



Pootie Tang said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
P Bear said...

Chucks comments are both bolts of lightening

that many of you "politically correct, black ass

kissing fools need to copy, print and read daily.

The media continues to sugar coat or totally

avoid the violent crimes that continually occur in

thehood. I would venture that 99% of the

readers of this blog have never been in a hood

home, if you could call it that. Police don't want

to even drive thru the hood. Politicians just try

and minimize the issues if they do not occur

near election time. No, you can continue to

bury your heads in the sand, call me a racist

and bigot or you can open your eyes to the

destruction of this country.

The United States cannot continue to survive

supporting a growing part of the population

that does nothing but take from those who

work and pay taxes. Look around the KC metro

at all the failures. Bannister, Indian Springs,

63rd, 18th and Vine, Grandview, Raytown, Mid

Town, Olathe, KCK, north JOCO, and now the

the heart of KC, the Plaza, Waldo and

Brookside. Face the hard facts. Call the spade

the spade that it is. Blacks have destroyed the

heart of Kansas City. People now are leaving

anytime the opportunity presents it's self. More

productive citizens are leaving and being

replaced with the so called "hipsters" with their

faggot looking hats, and funny bags that carry

several pair of ladies underwear and a second

hand Starbucks coffe mug. Just keep kissing

that black ass while they take your already

pathetic lifestyle completely away. KC has all

the makings of East St. Louis. I can't imagine

what this shit hole will look like in 20 years with

the likes of Alonzo, Jermaine, Manny, Sly, and

Rev. Maddox running the area band of grifters.

Thank the fucking lord I don't live close to this

pile of shit known as Kansas City. Now if I

just get the wind to not blow the stench south.

Anonymous said...

The Plaza is past saving. I say let it die a slow death and forget about it. The Hood rat mentality is never going to change unless blacks get reeducated and learn how to act civilized in a the western world.

I haven't been to the Plaza in years and have no want to go there any time soon. And from talking to friends, people at work and the word on the street many in the suburbs are in the same camp.

If you live in JoCo, The Northland, Lee's Summit or even WyCo or Independence why go to the Plaza when you have Oak Park Mall, Town Center Plaza, Zona Rosa, Summit Fair and Independence Center in your back yard? Plus if your local strip mall doesn't have some stores that's only on the Plaza you can find it online.

No worry about flash mobs. No worry about getting mugged going back to your car. No worry about 14-year-old scholars with guns.

The Plaza is on lie support. I say let it die.

Anonymous said...

This bullshit is still happening?

Where's Sly Fucking James?

Anonymous said...

10:30 I, a suburb dweller myself, understand sentiment like yours but don't necessarily agree with all of it. I for one don't think we should keep letting the black termite destroy everything. I enjoy sitting on the patio of the Classic Cup and having dinner. The bigger problem is it never stops. Are we all going to eventually live in LaCyne and Odessa? People don't conceptualize the true cost of black ruination. Why do we live in expensive houses in the suburbs away from our jobs and where we used to live? Black people, that's why. That school district you want your kids to go to school in has made an expensive housing market because of black people. All that extra fuel we use to drive those extra miles to work is because of black people, thus driving up demand and cost of fuel. Higher taxes have to go for everybody to drive those roads we need now. On and on it goes. The cost the black race has costed us in incalculable. I would LOVE to live in the Plaza/Loose Park/Brookide/Waldo area but I can't. I can't afford private school. And why would my kids need private school? Black people. We have to push back at some point and to me, that line in the sand should be the Plaza. For tourism it is about all we have. This year the Chiefs play on Monday night and they will show shots of the Plaza during the game. I know people who don't ever go North of 151st on O.P and Olathe and that's fine but I personally don't want to live that way. Ever driven around the houses in the East Bottoms around Knuckleheads? You will see some of the worst houses in KC but it is pretty safe (except for the murder by some black people there a few weeks back, of course). They are inhabited by POOR ass white people. That is why the area is safe. Black people will never change except when met with violence. It's the only thing they know. Time for a perimeter to be set up at the KFC on Troost and no black kids can go past it towards the Nelson or Plaza. Fuck those worthless pieces of shit. So sick of this crap.

Anonymous said...

Should have been there Saturday night

Anonymous said...

Should have been there Saturday night

Anonymous said...

WTF has happened to our nice, safe, affordable, livable, enjoyable, easy going City of Fountains?

Anonymous said...

Chuck, Trucky and the Bear all three FTW. Say what you want but all three are right.

Enough with these blacks and those who support their rein of terror.

Anonymous said...

10:30 great plan. +1 support from me.

Anonymous said...

Wordy, repetitive non story. Are you paid by the word? 2 new facts. 14yr old with a gun and floodlights too bright for the venue.

Why do you go on and on saying nothing? Good story but you killed it with verbiage. Less is better.

cml said...


Is correct. The obvious cost in combination with hidden and 2 & 3rd tier costs for the support of a completely unredeemable culture is impossible to quantify.

Blacks represent an unending unsupportable cost that kills our economy and kills, kills, kills

Anonymous said...

Here are some facts. The problem is black. Sly James uses gun control as his whipping boy on the issue, and liberals and hipsters dont talk about the issue because they are sissy and afraid to even SAY anything. They just pretend it doesnt happen.

Not even our Mayor can control our city. He would rather cry about gun control as if that would stop plaza mobs. We need a new mayor who is NOT linked to Kansas City, and a city hall that doesnt have an umbilical cord to Burns and Mac.

This city is fucked up and is being run by ignorance.

Anonymous said...

For being a Marine, and MP at that, I’m expecting more for this mayor we have. I didn’t grow up in KC so it took a while to learn exactly how screwed up this city is. Sure you can move across the state line and live in the suburbs ignoring the facts of everyday life here but you’ll get caught up in it eventually. The fact is the entire east side of this city is overwhelmingly filled with people who just don’t give a fuck about anything or anyone. There are plenty of other people spread throughout the metro to be concerned with (of all races) but as far as finding yourself in one big shithole all you have to do is cross Troost.

I served 8 years with in Marine Corps with people from all over and of every race. It didn’t matter what color you were there was only those who were “good to go” and those who earned the title of “shitbirds”. That’s it. White, black, yellow, brown or purple … it didn’t matter then and it still doesn’t matter to me now. KC’s problems are not one of race. You breed enough I don’t give a fuck into one area and it doesn’t matter what color you are. If you ask me Sly and good old Funk are one in the same as far as leadership and addressing what this city actually needs goes. At least Funk cost us less in his epic fail. As a side note Cleaver deuce needs to shut his mouth and pay his bills. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

12:02 I agree with you a shitbird is a shitbird regardless of race. However, our shitbird problem in KC (and many other cities) are black shitbirds. They are the overwhelming problem. To deny that the violent black male is a problem is to deny reality. Rapes, theft, and murders are disproportionately committed by the black race that is only 12% of our population. I know full well there are millions of worthless drug-addled, baby-making, welfare, white pieces of shit in America. But they usually aren't violent. Nobody on Earth is as violent as the black male. This shit can't keep up, there has to be a tipping point.

Anonymous said...

Sly is more concerned about jacking up taxpayers for half a billion dollars to put into trolleys for USELESS TRANSIENT KIDULTS THAT WE KNOW AS HIPSTERS than funding public safety and all the other important and pressing needs we have.

Anonymous said...

Gosh Tony what do you want? Every wee we stop hundreds of cars and arrest 12 DUI's?

Anonymous said...

Take a stand against young black males raping disabled girls in KCMO public schools.

The plaza is the last place that has not been polluted. Sure, it has its share of hipsters and posers, but the mobs of black youth that are not supervised need to be stopped!

A 10 year old boy is fighting for his life right now and his dad was killed. Why? You know who did this. Day after day in KCMO. Meanwhile its all bow ties, and how to run KC classes at corporate offices. This city is fucked up and it wont get better until OUTSIDE..LEADERSHIP comes in. Let me say that word again...LEADERSHIP.

chuck said...

Here is the worst of the news.

On blogs like this, in bars, in neighborhoods, on the streets and in newsrooms all over America, this conversation, over the last 30 years has, in this familiar form, been repeated, dissected, discussed and elaborated on literally hundreds of millions of times.

If is not only unrealistic to think anything will change, it is self deception to think it will change.

Self Deception is a virtue now in America. We are now, as every day Americans, expected to be willfully inpercipient and in fact we are. Few of us hold the 4th Estate to any standard of journalistic integrity, but actually expect them to 2nd party blame, obfuscate, excuse and deny that the Hatred that the African American culture has for this country, encouraged by that same media, is not only justified and expected, but in fact, we, as Americans, don't feel guilty enough. The murder rates, the violence and all parts of this sub culture of ignorance and hate is apotheosized daily in the press to the applause of those who make bank on the victims who shed blood and money for an ongoing lie. If occasionally the truth about this violence is exposed, we are expected to make the usual excuses and in fact, assume responsibility.

Nothing will change and the violence will be the penalty we as Americans continue to pay, by way of our cowardice.

Mo Rage said...

It's a fad. Truly. It really will just go away.

Mo Rage said...

Pussy, coward "Anonymous" at 7:15 am says:

"This is what the left wants."

What an idiot.

Truly, what an idiot.

Apparently a hater, too.


Anonymous said...

4 hour wait time for nonviolent calls to police last night. Pretty much says it all.

Anonymous said...

12:51 your stupid fucking comment does not warrant a reply. Fuck !

Anonymous said...

12:11 Agree to disagree. Being a shitbird has nothing to do with race. Being black and from the east side doesn’t automatically make you a violent black male. Drop the race tag and call it what it is.

Chuck. Shut the fuck up. Really. If it were up to me no american could call themselves an American without actually serving the country they claim to represent. You’re right on one thing though and that is there are sub-cultures of ignorance and hate. You’re part of it.

Anonymous said...


Yes, in time if we hand out free birth control to inna city youth and eliminate tax incentives for having 10 children.

chuck said...


Go fuck yourself. My Grandfather was mustard gassed and gut shot in Belleau Wood. My father was present at Pearl on December 7th 1941 and went on to fight at Coral Sea, Leyte Gulf, Savo Islands and many other engagements. I was drafted in 1969, joined the Navy and served until 1973.

Did I mention go fuck yourself?

If you don't like what I have to say, don't read it, or state facts that prove me wrong.

Or, you can engage in the usual name calling and killing of the messenger in an effort to suppress the truth.

Go fuck yourself.

cml said...


Embraces that self deception.

Anonymous said...

Navy. Sorry I missed the part where you listed your campaigns. Much respect to your family though. I guess you never considered your black shipmates brothers. I’m proud to have served with my fellow Marines and brothers of every color. CONUS and through several tours in Iraq.

P.S. No thank you. You seem to be fucking yourself quite well. Don’t want to interrupt.

chuck said...

Like I said shithead, if you have the facts and the stats, state them.

Your effort to shift the conversation to my military service record to cover up the criminal history of a violent sub culture is boiler plate liberal strategy used when facts are irrefutable.

What the fuck does my Navy or ANYONE'S military record have to do with the ongoing, unrelenting violence perpetrated by African Americans all over this nation?

Nothing. Zero, Naf fuckin Dah, nyet.

Comments from military personell, non military personell and folks who have never served in the military are, in no way impacted by service or lack of service in our nation's military.

Try to stay on message, I am sure there will be posts form TKC that relate to military personell and former wars.

Thanks for your service.

Anonymous said...

Replace the police helicopter with an Apache helicopter (think "Blue Thunder') or a flyby with ann A-10 once a night and and give a short burst would solve a lot of issues. Think of it as retroactive and future abortion.

Piper said...

Don't go on the plaza anymore, that is the solution. You know what they say, if you can't take the heat!

Anonymous said...

I was on the plaza for 6 hours Friday night. No problems anywhere!!! No fear from the
shoppers or people going from
place to place.
it was a beautiful
one spoke of the plaze having young blacks
terrorizing the cutomers...
so where are the problems.
Theres always been problems
at the citys east side...most
black on black.
So how can you say theres a
massive problemon the plaza..
Spokewith managers/they said its
been a great night for business..
Read where 13 year old arrested
with a you not think
things like this are not happening
The conversation that chuckles the
sad racist talks about..where
is it...ON THIS BLOG...but I
am out with real people and never
hear of this problem....
the people who own the new
hotel Sorella...doing great biz...
jj's to reopen to probably huge
huge crowds...
GO POSTAL....was he on the
plaza Friday or Saturday night..
reading his usuall magazines
and falling asleep at 9pm...

cml said...

This is the ONLY site where they don't censor comments dumb shit.

Anonymous said...

chuck...seen the makeup of our
incredible military lately...
over proportioned with young
great African americans and
nispanics.....seen the names of
kids killed in Iraq...look at
them...the get a terrible deal in
the country they give their lives

Anonymous said...

Chuck and P Bear, good to see your comments. If one person can be said to be mentally ill and why isn't a collection of mentally ill people a pathological culture? Inner city Blacks live in a pathological culture and ignoring that fact will not make it go way. Not all Black people live in this pathological culture, so calling someone a racist for mentioning this is both dishonest and does nothing to address the problem.

Now everyone is wetting their pants about remarks the Clipper's owner Donald Sterling made. I saw the Rev. Al Sharpton weigh in on this on the morning. Al Sharpton who calls himself reverend but has no divinity degree and in the 1980s was a snitch for the FBI so he wouldn't be charge with trafficking in cocaine. With so called leadership like this, no one inner city Black culture is pathological. Of course President Obama is going use Sterling's remarks for political capital and to further divide the races as well has his attack dog, Eric Holder. Sterling will probably lose his ownership of the Clippers over this but Shapton, Jackson and the local race pimps can continue to make their racists remarks without fear of any type of sanction.

Anonymous said...

Chuck. My military service IS OF REVELENCE and so should yours. Thrown into a mix of every personality you can think of while living in close quarters forces you to get to know everyone. Everyone. Skin color had nothing to do with who you trusted in the event that you found yourself in a hot situation. Nothing. The cancer that KCMO endures is not a BLACK problem. It’s a geographic one that happens to be comprised of predominately black people. It’s a societal failure not one of race.

Please don’t call me names like a little kid in grade school. It’s disrespectful and immature. “Shithead” Really?

Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ 2:08 that attitude is exactly what perpetuates the problem. This must be Byron posting anonymously. There is one type of person and one type of person only destroying cities and it sure as hell isn't the Amish. Pick a city full of poor white people. Take Lexington, Mo. or Galena,Ks. Now walk through there anytime day or night. You will be perfectly safe despite being surrounded by poverty. What is the difference between these places and KCMO? The people. Plain and simple. Burying your head in the sand and calling it something else doesn't fix a damn thing. The truth may be ugly but it's still the truth. I'm not saying all black people are bad but a hell of a lot of them are, especially given their relatively small population. Things are not getting better, they are getting worse.

Anonymous said...

@208, you are wasting your oxygen with a majority of this group. Anonymous haters that judge based upon a simpletons view of the world.

Take comfort in that the majority of people who read these hateful posts do so with amusement, not to be moved by the attitude of people who can't even come out of the shadows.

Anonymous said...

P Bear has an interesting manner in how he uses the Lords name on a Sunday.

Guess, I am thinking he does not mean that literally.

If I am wrong, perhaps he could enlighten us to the Church that proclaims his values.

Rin Tin Tin said...

Maybe the KCPD needs to add more K-9 units for Plaza. Perhaps they should add some Negro Terriers (Pit Bulls) since that is a breed that strikes terror into "TEENS". Then again, the black and tan of a German Shepherd always looks good on a hoodie.

Mo Rage said...

Euthanize the feral street scum.

Round up all the Leftist Libtards and send them to Russia.

Do that, and I promise to self-immolate the day after it's done.

Anonymous said...

The fact is, people are leaving Kansas City, using whatever chance they get to do so. Niggers are the reason, whether they say so or not. Just face it, niggers are ruining, no have ruined, this formerly pleasant, midwestern city. Too bad, niggers destroy everything they touch.

Anonymous said...

video shows about half of the black teen girs in the street mob are sporting -

baby bumps!.

more $$ for babymama!!

more votes for democrats!

Anonymous said...

The Plaza is dead. It was killed by growing black scourge of Hood Rats, Thug and Hip Hop culture. All of the shops are national chains that other strip malls have. Very few boutiques owned by local people.

Why go there if you live far away? I live in the Northland. Why should I go to the Plaza when Zona Rosa is here close to me?

Last time I went to The Plaza was 2009. I went to the Brazilian stake place there. I had trouble finding a parking spot. Hood Rats were everywhere and Hipsters were packed like Tuna in a can at Starbucks. Plus the food wasn't all that good.

Then I went to the Brazilian place in the Northland. No Hood Rats, easy parking, ect. Plus the food was way better.

I never had a problem with ghetto thugs in Zona Rosa. I never had problems finding a parking space. I never thought that the 14-year-old freshmen from Staley walking in front of me had a gun.

Blacks have killed The Plaza. And because of that business men and entrepreneurs have built entertainment venues so that you don't have to bother with them.

cml said...


You mean like the 300,000 whites who died fighting for the Union in the Civil War?

Anonymous said...

Wow ... Looks like Harley and the cretin from WV had a love fest here today.

Anonymous said...

i just read the bears comment 3:03 and there was no reference to "GOD". Are you still fucked up from last night or just a idiot ? My guess is both.

Anonymous said...

he did use the "lord" figuratively as in "New Jack City" but I doubt the Polar Bear would be using god one of his rants unless it was "God damn niggers" . But then perhaps the bear should speak to the issue himself. I would doubt he will address your comment as he despises most of the douche bags that post here.

Anonymous said...

bunch of pussies writing on
a blog.
go down to the "so called hood"
and talk your sh*t to the
good people (99%) who live there
and see how long youlast.
truth is you're just a bunch of
pussies with no facts.
the plaza is doing great..get
out of your section 8 housesand
see whats really going on.
truth is this town is doing fine
...but like others there are
ups and downs.
the dredges at the bottom of the
world who are white are just
jealous because blacks are moving
up the economic ladder hwile you
work the minimum wage shit jobs
trying to make ends meet before
you head to homeless shelters.
we're all human..but you people
with hate in your hearts are nothing but losers. You will never
be anything.
go shoot yourself and save the rest
of us the wasted resources to keep\you breathing/
good'll need it.
god is looking down and pisssing
on you...he hates haters.

Anonymous said...

Okay 5:59. last call !

Anonymous said...

5:59, Can I borrow a gun ? I f I have to read any more of that I will shoot myself...

P Bear said...

2:02 thanks for the shout out....I to watched Meet the Press today. I have to puke listening to Al Shisterton crying racism. This is the same nigger that ponied up Twana Brawley and to this day has not been charged with a crime for the lie he fostered to get a innocent man charged with rape. Shisterton should have been charged, convicted and had his fat black ass locked in prison.

How about Duke Lacrosse. Shisterton was heavy into that case too. Then the black mother fucker runs when this case too was proven to be a lie. Both those black whores should have been put in prison along with Shisterton. Forget the reverend title he uses. This black fuck believes in god about like Bill Maher. Shisterton is at the apex of BLACK GRIFTER pyramid. This fuck takes racism to new heights.

What makes niggers like Shisterton successful is media outlets like NBC/Universal thru MSNBC that gives Shisterton a daily television program to promote his racist lies. White people and companies pull their ass cheeks open to take a black fucking now just so they won't be accused of being racist. The Bear chooses not to do that. Man up white people. Don't take this shit. Call out these racist fucking niggers for what they are.

Don't try the bullshit on the Bear either. I don't suggest violence against any person, of any color. And NO, not all black people are niggers. There are outstanding black people in this country. They are ashamed of what some in their own race are doing.

Now we have Obama throwing his black ass into hood rat swarming of Donald Sterling. If anyone believes that Obama is not a racist, you have been living in the caves for the last 6 years. The guy is a solid, card carrying racist. Until whites take the gloves off and quit cowering like pussies, squatting to pee when anything "BLACK" is mentioned.....well you fucks deserve what you get. Don't waste your time yapping about what a racist "THE BEAR IS" because I call out niggers like Shisterton.

Obama is no better and he has brought disgrace to the office of the President. It's sad, but it's true. I never thought I would ever wish for the days of W, but I sure do. Bush at least held his own dick when he pissed. Obama has a "driving Miss Daisy" nigger hold his for him. My bet is the guy has the "REV" attached to his grifting fucking name too.

Anonymous said...

Tony's Klansas City

Anonymous said...

8:32 calls people racist but he was there Friday night only. 9:35 has a valid point. I do not know how many 14 year olds have handguns. 10:49 has a point as well. Poor white people make better neighbors. 5:59...interesting comments, but you are not a poet, please type using regular form.

Chuck, polar bear, and lord Byron are all consistent in their opinions and statements. So at least there is some regular traffic on TKC.

Very sad state of the plaza. KC hates each other so much they leave their neighborhood to kill each other.

I would be quitting that lease if I was a merchant down there.

They have cleaned up the plaza before. The police needs the authority and blessing of city hall...and that is just, not, going to happen.

Getting tired of crying racism at every is not even a valid excuse anymore, just a deflective statement.... Did you know that black rapists try to call potential victims racist by getting the sympathy vote? Black criminals use the race card to get access to potential white victims. If any black person calls you racist, you should ignore them. If any white person calls you racist, you should shame them, because only class and status shaming can calm down a name calling white person.

I don't want to raise other people's kids. I pay enough taxes for the prison system to do that. Not my job.

Never let any person, of any race, type or gender, "help" you carry items into your home or car. You can carry it yourself. You don't need a "volunteer" with access to your property.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Shit, are you beating on this story yet AGAIN? That 14 year old won't get this much attention for the rest of his life. He didn't even shoot anybody. He's a dumb fuck but you keep talking about him.

Anonymous said...

Lots of nigger lovers and enablers here today. We gone, you all can continue to fuck yourselves.