Wednesday, April 30, 2014


This week The Pitch kinda takes on Burns And Mac:

Can anyone say no to Burns & McDonnell?

It's a pretty decent article about that even features the candidate training story our blog community broke . . . Also, we've talked a great deal about Burns & Mac corporate welfare on this blog as well.

There's some more real estate reporting in the Pitch missive that's pretty detailed but overall just about anybody who lives in Kansas City Proper should know the score by way of this article and some Internets searching . . . Burns & Mac is probably the top corporate denizen of Kansas City for better or worse depending on how much campaign cash any given political candidate can squeeze out of them.

Developing . . .


CocoGaugin said...

Good work!

Anonymous said...

hmmm $42m of e-tax (public money) over 25 yrs. seems a rather steep price going to a $2B company. this large a corporate welfare check - is not how i see the e-tax's stated purpose of aiding the city's emergency services and improvements. if the give and take game must be played how about playing with a lesser amount of the public's money...(say half the money & over half the time).

Anonymous said...

Just another corporate moocher masquerading as a civic do-gooder.
But let's not forget that Burns and Mac donated the meeting space for Circo's recent "council candidate training session" and they might even have thrown in the Subway sandwiches for lunch.
And the candidate wannabees got an up-close look at what passes for local government in KCMO and can now really well understand how a little thing like a $42 million subsidy is the least KCMO taxpayers can pony up for such nice corporate folks.
I wonder if someone can list all the city contracts and dollar amounts that Burns and Mac have gotten the last three or so years.
$42 million is chump change.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Burns & Mac is one of the most generous corporations in the City but all u idiots can do is complain about work going to a local company. Stop whining and crying in this idiot echo chamber and do ur homework. Whine and cry about the companies that get our money and do not give any of it back.

Anonymous said...

Like every other corporation, Burns & McDonnell executives live primarily in Johnson County. So how are they giving back?