Wednesday, March 19, 2014


This morning while so many other pundits in town was busy making their own uninformed and mostly misguided pronouncements about Kansas City Zoo Free Days, our TKC Blog Community asked the voters and residents of this town about their opinion.


Mainstream media was busy censoring their conversation but HERE @ TKC WE'RE NOT JUST MONKEYING AROUND and we're really hosting UNFILTERED DISCUSSION ON CRUCIAL KANSAS CITY TOPICS without respect to elected officials or political correctness.

Still, just as the guiding philosophy of our blog dominates the Kansas City political discourse, so to . . . The best comments always rise to the top and that's what we're offering right now.

Feel free to comment on what our KICK-ASS TKC EDITORIAL BOARD has suggested are the BEST COMMENTS on POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS to the Kansas City Zoo Free Day hot mess.

No editing and just a bit of naming on all of these comments. Check it:

Coupon Dude said . . .

"Cancel the free day, instead mail out a free voucher that can be used any day."

ID Check said . . .

"Younger than 18 you would need a parent to get into Zoo"

"They need multiple free days, based on zip code/geography so they can control the attendance."

Warrant Checker said . . .

"All they need to do is when they show an ID at the door have a cop run them for outstanding warrants.

You have to prove you live in Jackson and Clay counties anyway."

Respectful TKC Reader said . . .

"There are lots of poor people of every race, but they somehow haven't concluded that their financial condition gives them free reign to have no respect for themselves or others and behave any way they want to, including killing other people.

"Endless apologies and excuses are exactly what contributes to this crap. Time for society to use the police to protect the other 99%."

Doc said . . .

"I found most of the teens to be delightful..

Especially the sweet young man who retrieved my child's dropped teddy bear and chased us to give it back to my son.

Take a pill,people!!"

Safety First said . . .

" Safety for the civil citizens, tourists, AND the zoo animals (they don't need the extra stress), is paramount."

Delmar said...

"The problem is that Jackson County has an unusually large population of low lifes and criminals. We should stop trying to entertain these people."

Westport Trucky said...

"There is a solution to the issue. It's called a police department and they need to do their job. Then the DA needs to step up and do theirs as well. All the judges then need to hand down jail time for these thugs in State run prisons. Then the voters need to vote for more prisons to contain the prisoners. Look people be cheaper to keep them in jail than have them running around as they are now doing what they are doing."

Chuck said . . .

"In the meantime, the chaos, murders, rapes, assualts, thefts and intimidation of citizens, law enforcement and politicians continues. Dozens and dozens of cities are rushing toward a now too typical urban dystopia engendered by liberal, pernicious policies that reward what is in the end, violent behaviour and irresponsible life styles.

There is no end in sight and the only response to ever increasing levels of ignorance and blood, is the ever increasing hue and cry for more money to solve the problem from an ever increasing number of race baiting politicians for an ever increasing number of violent constituents.

The narrative of this destructive cancer is white guilt and it's incessant repitition from the media, Hollywood, politicians and most importantly, the 4th estate."

Byron Funkhouser said . . . 

"When a white person commits a crime, you blame the individual. When a black person commits a crime you blame the entire race."

Brookside Clyde said...

"Race is not important, we need to focus on the guns and support Mayor James in his efforts to take illegal guns off the street and away from children and criminals."

LowTax said:


Why are Jackson/Clay County residents being taxed to support the zoo?

I didn't vote for this tax, and I don't visit the zoo more than once every few years.

If I live in Jackson County why does my adult admission cost the same as a visitor from another state?

The zoo should not exist unless it can support itself through revenues generated, sponsorships, etc.
The same applies to Starlight Theater, the sports stadiums, etc. These are NOT necessities like streets, water, sewer, etc. Let those who choose to use the optional amenities pay for their existence and NOT all taxpayers! The mindset is all wrong on these taxes and I hope people start getting MAD AS HELL and NOT TAKING IT ANYMORE!!!""

Marketing Guy Said ...

If people file taxes and pay the usage tax they should get a free voucher sent to the home per number of deductible persons with a social security number.

If you own a company or business in the usage tax area vouchers should be sent to them as well. They should only send vouchers to the companies and business based on employees allowed reported amount of social security numbers. People that work in the usage tax area pay it and deserve to go to the zoo free even if they don't live the area.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with marketing the zoo to companies and business. The zoo could offer company memberships to allow purchases of discounted tickets. See, if the employee gets a free ticket, you gotta buy tickets for everybody else, so you might as well get a company discount.

They could offer coupons for merchandise in the KC star.

They could build a better parking lot. The parking lot could be huge, have lights, and be very large. They have the land. They do need more parking. The parking lot could have a transport system to take people from the parking lot to the zoo, such as a zoo express transport system like a toy train, since these people seem crazy about trains.

They need to sell birthday party packages. They need to sell special tours like other zoos do.

They could provide veterans,civil and community groups discounts. They could have free for people over age 65 or 70 days.

They are not doing their part to use the zoo for its maximum market. They could make money on it if they cared.

I think it's safe to say most of our blog community is skeptical of solutions put forward by politicos while mainstream media is doing little more than reinforcing the status quo.

Mary Sanchez pretends to have a solution to local teen behavior problems even though I'm pretty sure she doesn't have any kids: If you set out to attract a crowd, be ready to deal with the bad element

Also, Dead Tree Media is pushing their elitist agenda on everybody else as well: Keep 'free days' at the Kansas City Zoo

Again, YOU DECIDE which opinion is best but it's simply a fact that NOBODY is asking voters and residents about this hot mess created by politicos and incompetent public officials.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Trust and vote for Sly. That's the only solution he's offering.

Anonymous said...

Oh my god, Mary Sanchez's oped made me laugh sooo hard. The problem is that movie tickets to the theater at the Plaza are too cheap, guys! Wow, I never would have guessed THAT.

That's some fucked logic, right there.

Anonymous said...

holy shit, i just realized chuck is trolling. holy shit.


god cant believe how many times ive fallen for it

RG said...

Chuck makes the only decent point, not a troll at all. Also surprised that I agree with Trucky.

TKCCC Meetup said...

So, you're bragging about all the race-baiting diarrhea here?

Well done.

And don't bother calling it a free speech One when you delete posts. we'll call you out on that every time.

Anonymous said...

How much does the hit count pay? How does that work?

Anonymous said...

Tony is really trying to stir the shit. Surprised he didn't have a essay from Glazers ghost writer. Best he could get was some Byron Spew.
Bottom line is, everybody knows what the problem is.
Some have the backbone to say it. The rest...pffft

Anonymous said...

Who cares 9:43? Got something to hide? Like Byron.

Anonymous said...

Tony, that's not true, is it?

Anonymous said...

9:49 pretty sure ALL of us have something to hide.
At least those of us who are willing, and,or,capable of being honest with OURSELVES.

Anonymous said...

Fuck, Now stinky fingers will be all excited, "Tony loves me, I got quoted". I understand why you do it Tony.. but gosh darn it he is a sick fuck that needs help. You might be responsible for the consequences.

Anonymous said...

who was asking you 10:07

Anonymous said...

I got nothing 10:07. HONEST!

Anonymous said...

No one asked me anything. Just throwing my two cents in..

That's cool,ain't it?

Anonymous said...

Mary Sanchez has a lot of Al Sharpton about her.

Anonymous said...

Internet tough guys are Sooo scary!! Gurrrrr!

Anonymous said...

10:45 ??? Missed that.

cml said...

White guilt is a self inflicted sickness.

First, we need to admit there is a problem.

Then, through painful travail we will someday see the truth. Repeal all Civil Rights legislation.

It has ruined blacks and turned them into animals.

Anonymous said...



The streetcar is killing children with noise and taxes plus no one will be able to jog and the busses will be melted down to make metal for the tracks.

This is the end of sly. 50 or 60 people are MAD AS HELL/NOT GONNA TAKE IT!!!!!! We will crush him and he will cry once he was condescending when we interrupted him and yelled at him and asked very valid qestions like how come people besides people who agree with us get to vote.

All aboard choo cho toot toot toy boondoggle urbanist hipster all gone to Overland Park when the bill comes.

Disenfrachised. boondoggle. Forever tax. democracy is dead. Toy train murder. Everyone has SUVS. No density. Rubes.

All aboard.

Anonymous said...

9:36, posts DO get deleted. Try posting with Tor browser truly ANONYMOUS. Tony deletes them immediately. He only supports free speech if he can get your IP address...from your home or work computer, apparently.

Tony said...

Total B.S.

Here's the answer to that: What would I do with your IP address?

FB sells user info to marketers and that makes sense, part of the Terms Of Service.

Most of the opinions on this blog, while entertaining and informative have no financial value. Seriously, anybody figure out a way to make money of the cum guy might be a financial genius.

Otherwise, it's just all of KC here trying to make this town better with some good but mostly bad ideas.

Anonymous said...

Internets conspiracy theories are fun TKC. Don't be a party pooper.

By the way, any Planet of the Apes without Charlton Heston is pure shite.

Anonymous said...

You think posting through a TOR router keeps you private? Cancel your subscription to Wired. You're not learning.

I'm back bitches.

Anonymous said...

Rise of The Planet of the apes is going to be the bomb diggity.

Anonymous said...

I showed my extreme anal prolapse to the Baboons at the Primate House but they seemed unimpressed.

Anonymous said...

The picture, at the beginning of this piece, looks for all the world, like Sly James. Of course it does but nobody will admit it because what does that say? It says that niggers are very closely akin to apes and their most recent behavior (niggers) would lend credence to that assumption.

Anonymous said...

How do you collect and take illegal guns off the street?? Funny how libs think repealing the 2nd amendment and taking guns away and making this country look like 1930 and 1940 Nazi Germany will make shootings at the zoo stop.

Anonymous said...

Then what do you suggest 1143?

Inafunkaboutyael said...

Since it appears obvious that most of the miscreants involved in the wilding incident at the Zoo are unemployed and have no chance at future employment (other than as convicts when caught and incarcerated) I'm wondering what solution the blogger community has for these helpless, hopeless and violent people. Reparations to them fir being the ancestors of slaves is not an acceptable answer. Also, since the liberal/progressive wing of the democratic party hasnt helped these people, I was hoping for a solution from a rock solid, midwestern conservative person.

In this instance Yael, no need to hear from you... Not that anyone listens to you any more.n

Anonymous said...

See link to Mary Sanchez article.

Following Ms. Sanchez' sage advice, the following actions are being implemented immediately:

McDonald's and other fast-food retailers are eliminating their "dollar menus" so as to not attract the unruly element of society.

All metro-area movie theaters are raising their prices in an attempt to keep out all but the affluent among us.

No more free Sundays at the Nelson-Atkins.....culture be damned!

KCMO Parks Department to erect barbed-wire perimeter fencing around all public parks. Usage of tennis courts, ballfields, swimming pools, etc., to be severely restricted.

KCPS to be dismantled and replaced by a private pay-as-you-go educational system. No money = no education.

Anonymous said...

HEY!!! I saw that guy in the picture at the Plaza Last weekend...or was that a City Hall?????

P Bear said...

That posting above looks like our Mayor Sly's baby picture.

P Bear said...

BTW Tony, posting anything by that douche bag Byron eliminates any credibility the entire post would have. There is nothing Byron ever says that make me do anything other than scratch my artic ass. Furthermore, I don't like Mexicans either!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the bear. Any comment by Byron Funkhouser should be deleted. The guy is a total ass clown. Unworthy of praise.