Friday, March 28, 2014


Here's the weekly guide to Kansas City power players this week . . .


The so-called cavemen of Brookside/Waldo proved that they still have a great deal of power to defeat a flimsy eco-devo scheme put on track by politicos and consultants.

Clay Chastain Power Play On Behalf Of The Citizen initiative process.

The only guy to win a citywide transit vote is still fighting for local Democracy despite a great deal of Dead Tree Media bias and political maneuvers.

Strong State Of The City Speech From Mayor Sly This Week

Kansas City Mayor Sly James delivered a PR speech out in the burbs but made a strong showing nonetheless.

Rep. John Rizzo Stays Winning

Northeast Kansas City Missouri House Rep. John Rizzo earned a strong sign of support this week and will enter into his next term UNOPPOSED thanks to a great deal of hard work and success in Jeff City and his neighborhood.

KCPS Hopefuls Power Through Cynicism

School Board Candidates Janelle Bailey and Pattie Mansur have a powerful collection of pundits and opinion makers on their side as they hope to build on the limited success of the Kansas City Public School District.

As always, this list has been compiled according to scientific TKC polling and market research data and it's a weekly comprehensive guide to local powerful people.


Anonymous said...

Sly doesn't have much to smile about but I guess that's not stopping him.

Anonymous said...

New pictures lazy ass! Come on!

Anonymous said...

I just finished laughing for over an hour. When I first saw this, I thought for a brief second that Pattie Mansur spent too much time in a tanning salon and turned into Janelle Bailey. Thank you for making my weekend Tony :)

Anonymous said...

!0:58 What u drinking?

Anonymous said...

Sly needs to quit calling it the street car line and calling it the Chastain line.

Piere said...

I spit on your haircut. Sly James es my homie and his train is the longest and best

Anonymous said...

Check this out. This is actually pretty bad ass.

Anonymous said...

Of course both Dallas and Houston have streetcar systems already so that people who arrive on a train can get around without renting a car....

Anonymous said...

But don't forget, a big part of how KCMO pays for the Sprint Center is from an extra fee on car rentals.
After a while, when there are so many hidden taxes to pay for so much subsidized crap, you find you're bumping into yourself both coming and going.
And you still have a deserted desolate and human unfriendly downtown.
You can keep coming up with new ways to extract moeny from people, but after a while the turnip goes dry and folks just start moving somewhere else.