Friday, March 28, 2014


Just a friendly presser from City Hall reminding everyone who works in Kansas City proper that this town is entitled to their cut as well.

And, of course, the Kansas City Internets payments plan as well. Check it:

KCMO City Earnings Tax Deadline

Finance Department's Revenue Division reminds wage earning residents that they have until Tuesday, April 15 to file their 2013 earnings tax returns and pay any tax due. This deadline also applies to the profit earnings tax for those businesses that are on a calendar year accounting cycle.

New this filing season, individuals and businesses filing and paying the earnings tax may use Quick Tax, a free online system at link. Taxpayers currently in the Revenue Division's taxpayer database were mailed a postcard in January 2014 with instructions on using the online system. Returns received through Quick Tax, including refund requests, will be processed more quickly and accurately. Taxpayers preferring paper returns may download the forms at link . This website also provides information, including frequently asked questions, about the City's taxes.

Taxpayers needing additional time to file their earnings tax return may file an extension with the City (Form RD-111 for the profits earnings tax and Form RD-112 for the wage earners earnings tax). Extension payments are due April 15, 2014 and must include a payment of 90 percent of the tax due to avoid penalty and interest.

Taxpayers may contact the Revenue Division at 816-513-1120 with questions on their City earnings tax obligations.


Anonymous said...

Worth every penny and still cheaper than JOCO.

Anonymous said...

Worth every penny? Which part, the slow ambulance and police response times, the downtown stench, the crappy parking, the nasty water, the bums, the corrupt politics.......

Anonymous said...

Yup all that. Worth it! If we could just figure out a way to keep Kansans out it would be so much nicer

Anonymous said...

I think the city would go bankrupt without Kansans paying the e-tax.

Anonymous said...

And to think it all started over a pothole.

Anonymous said...

No etax money has been near a pothole in decades.
Better hope that the real accounting of balances in the general fund don't become public at about the same time the etax is up for renewal.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kansans,

Thanks for your interest in our city and how we choose to run it. It is both flattering and understandable. Understandable because you mediocre to subpar suburbs would wither without this city, and even if its just subconsciously, you all know it.

Also thank for your input on our taxing structures, which remain lower than yours, our snow removal, which is both adequate and infinitely more complex that yours, our sewers, our transit plans, our TDD (maybe you should worry about your own) and our politics.

However, in between sucking our hind tit and congratulating yourselves on living in what only you believe to be special, we are all amazed that you manage to obsess endlessly about KCMO, the city that birthed you and pays your bills. The city that enables you to exist and "attract" business and residents. Take some of that effort and time and invest in monitoring your own backward, American-taliban legislature, your rapidly depopulating inner ring suburbs, your ghetto-ifying oultying areas, your wasteful locustlike sprawl, your unnecessary road building obsession for little traffic, your world famous failed corporate welfare, your abysmal and embarrassing public transit, your 1980s era urban planning and development schemes.

It would be worth your time. Meanwhile, trust us to continue providing you lifeless, anonymous suburbs a reason to exist.


the Real Kansas City.