Thursday, March 27, 2014


It's tax time and now Kansas City's busted and hard to navigate website is offers more options for the locals who haven't yet moved to JoCo.


The site is slow moving, registration is a pain and I'm not sure trusting Tax Info to a wordpres blog is the best move . . . But feel free to try the (not really new) Kansas City taxing tech.


Anonymous said...

Tax and ye shall receive!

Marvin Pontiac said...

I'd be really curious to hear how some of you rubes who voted in favor of continuing the e-tax feel when you see the city blowing money on all kinds of nonessential things? I mean, do you really feel like Sly is just hammering away at your quivering asshole with his big Mandingo purple crayon... sweat just pouring off his face while he occasionally pauses to adjust his bow tie?
Because that's how I'd imagine you should be feeling right about now.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kansas City? Fuck you and your pocket pickin' earnings tax. I'm not giving you a dime until you clean up your yards, fix your roads, haul off the trash, mow your city lawns, clean up your crooked police department, stop passing up opportunities to fix your water and sewer system while buying toy trains, black ball museums, science shitty, maintqaining bartle haul, Sprint Center, Kemper and supporting all night liquor licenses from your black assed musicians federation.. In fact I don't even buy my gas or groceries in KC. What ever it is you want out of my pocket just isn't worth it so fuck you.

Anonymous said...

Worth every penny.

And it shows. People vote with their feet and KCMO has the 2 fastest growing areas in the metro. 1 suburban and one urban. Even our midtown neighborhoods are mor stable than the depopulating northward joco suburbs.

There's a reason more people
Leave kansas than move there. All te snowplows in the world don't make up for the bland cultureless boring lfestyle of driving everywhere and going no where.

Sorry, suburbanites, your 15 minutes is up and no one but you thinks you're overprice fake stucco McMansion is special.

I know it hurts, but you chose unwisely

Anonymous said...

1122, kcmo burbs are just as bland. And the hipster fag contingent isn't the tax base. Thanks for playing.

P Bear said...

You go Marvin Pontiac...I just snorted Jack Daniels up my nose and sprayed it all over the dog. Your comment is dead on the money.

Anonymous said...


Your right kcmo burbs are just as bland. Yet they are still growing faster than anything in joco...even with the etax.

Proof: etax=red herring