Sunday, February 02, 2014


This weekend Kansas City is offered another lesson in Mayor Sly's "Win At All Costs" style of politics.

The newspaper reported this last night . . .

Mayor convenes private meeting on KC school district plans

Good stuff.

Even better . . .


Mid-January the very best and MOST KICK-ASS TKC TIPSTERS RAGED over the education meet on lockdown . . . We even noted that recording devices would not be allowed.

The main perspective that mainstream media still leaves out is this one:

"Looks like Sly's jumping deeper in with the Hall and Kaufman foundations."

And so we thank Dead Tree Media for confirming our the previous reporting of this blog community but we should mention that they're leaving out the clear class war aspect of this shameful education debate in secret along with Mayor Sly's willingness to keep the public in the dark about our public schools.


Anonymous said...

They aint no war but class war. Get those cans of riot gas charged for the Halls and Kaufmans

Anonymous said...

No jobs, no Food in those school districts. let them eat riot gas!

Anonymous said...

Let's see. Kauffman and Hall Foundations have money and expertise in educating young people.
MORE 2 and the "community" have...well, that's hard to say actually. They CERTAUNLY have NO responsiblity for the kids learning or what happens to them if they don't.
Isn't it was past time for parents to teach their children decent behavior and the importance of education, the school administration to run the district, the teachers to teach, the young people to learn, AND THE REST OF THESE MEDDLING GRIFTERS TO GO HOME?

elBryan said...

I've always felt our mayor should do more to assist KCPS, but Sly's failed attempt to take it over was an indication that he'd rather dictate to the school board than assist.

After that embarrassment, it makes sense that he'd support a plan that dissolves the school board. Let me tell you this: if the CEE Trust plan is put into effect, you're going to see some successful schools and some failing schools. The successful ones are going to be where all the white families send their students. It's basically going to be segregation and the families who are currently frustrated with KCPS are going to be even more so.

That's not me being racist; New York has "gifted" schools that have allowed a few "lucky" urban professionals who win the "lottery" the ability to live and work in the city while others have to move to the suburbs for better schools. But those gifted schools are "overwhelmingly white" and so they've been looking for a way to restructure them.

Solving the public school problem for white people is important if Sly wants his streetcar to have a long term impact on "urban pioneering"

Anonymous said...

Of Sly wants to be president of the school board why the hell doesn't he resign as mayor and go run for the office. He damn sure can't run a COWTOWN, even with a city manager, assistants, a council, department heads and a shitload of damn near worthless bureaucrats.

Anonymous said...

Two weeks ago? OMG.

I don't know why AP has not accessed the collective wisdom (and related ego of the narcissistic Tony Botello?

I am beginning to understand the need for being acknowledged, even via cum and racist comments.

You are undersized or what Tony?

What a group.

Anonymous said...

+1 on this one. Now what about the bullshit blow from Friday night about the RNC 16 comming to CK? We call bullshit.....Burrito Boi.

Anonymous said...

Mid-January da very bes' an' MOST KICK-ASS TKC TIPSTERS RAGED ova da educashun meet on lockdown . . . We even note' dat recordn' devicez would not be 'loud.

Da main perspective dat mainstream media still leavez out be dis one:

“Lookz like S’z jumpn' deepa n' wiff da Hall an' Kaufman foundashunz.”

An' so we thank Dead Tree Media fo'confirmn' our da previouz repoatn' uv dis blog communitee buh we should minshun dat dey’a leavn' out da clear clazz war aspect uv dis shameful educashun debate n' secret along wiff Maya S’z willingnezz ta keep da public n' da dark about our public zchoolz.

Anonymous said...

true what el b said. i have a friend who grew up in chelsea and went to bronx science. it was like 6040 whites and asians.

no war but class war. fuck the halls. fuck the kaufmans.

Anonymous said...

Paul (9:13) this is the internets.

Fun and entertainment for the whole family.

Stop taking things so seriously.

Anonymous said...




The Dool Schistrict. hahahahahah


Anonymous said...

Any writer who publishes storys on the web than rushes to read the comments has some kind of mental issues or at minimum an inferiority complex.

Anonymous said...

Sly is a failure!

Anonymous said...

Mayor offends by taking up unnecessary oxygen to sustain his life. Yeah, I'm offended big time.