Sunday, February 09, 2014

Missouri Secretary Of State Jason Kander Talks Voter ID With MSNBC!!!

Kansas City's favorite political son is the guest of controversial Mitt Romney hating Melissa Harris-Perry.

Take a look:

Fight over voter ID moves to Missouri


"Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander joins the MHP panel to talk about how his state has become the latest battleground in the fighter over voter ID."

Money quotes from Sec. Kander:

"This would be the most extreme law in the country if it were passed."

"Anything that's going to disenfranchise a single, eligible voter. That's something I'm going to fight against."

"Our state has one of the strongest voting rights provisions in our Constitutions anywhere in the Country. So the Republican strategy here is to amend our state Constitution to weaken the voting rights provision and then pass the most extreme version of this kind of law in the entire country."

"The bill is so blatantly unconstitutional that even the sponsors concede that the only way for it to take effect is to change our Constitution."

TKC NOTE . . . Kander got a very nice compliment from MHP that is almost worth a click in and of itself.

Remember that MO SOS Kander recently warned of massive voter disenfranchisement if Voter ID efforts passed. Moreover, this step up to the ranks of pay-cable talking head shows this local politico taking his game to the next level.


Anonymous said...

The whole voter ID thing is BS.

Ask yourself, if I was an illegal alien, the top of the list of my things to do, would be to take off work early (not get paid) and try to influence an election?

The amount of frigging money when spend to chase this non-issue is simply beyond stupid.

But because we are an "expert" in immigration matters, we flock to the issue like lemmings.

Dang, look at how Texas looks upon immigration, then view Arizona. Then compare just about every economic indicator between those two States.

Yep, if I was an illegal from Mexico, the first place I would want to do is move to the central plains. Oh, and then vote.

Anonymous said...

I think they ought to make it just as easy to vote as it is easy to get on a commercial airliner. Put that in your crackpipe and smoke it.

Anonymous said...

A VERY PATHETIC display of Democratic operative charades!

The Democratic media personality gushes over Mr. Kander while lobbing him pre-disclosed "softball" questions and offers absolutely no resistance to any of his statements. Mr. Kander has his military-ID "stage prop" conveniently pre-positioned in his hand!! What a f**king JOKE!!!

Kander is a shmuts because while on the one hand representing himself as a bi-partisan representative of the people, he practices a divisive, finger-pointing, strongly partisan form of politics. He is CLEARLY attempting to falsely portray himself as anything but the selfish, ego-driven, attention-seeking manipulative politician that he is in reality.

Oh, and what's wrong with his left eye? Has it always been a sleepy eye?t

Anonymous said...

Did he state his views on unsolicited bulk email?

Anonymous said...

Only a political party who relies on voter fraud would oppose voter ID. Only a racist would thing only white people could get a picture ID.