Saturday, December 21, 2013


At the conclusion of the 4th Quarter in Kansas City we find this wicked little town embroiled in an exceptionally shocking uptick in the level of local violence.

This week no less than 3 murders added to the KCMO homicide count. Additionally, police faced shootouts, two standoffs and multiple reports of gunfire across the city.

Even worse . . .


Here's the important tweet from Mr. Washington . . .

Just last night this warning was confirmed with a bit of a run-in @ the big KCK entertainment district.

Sadly, just as Kansas City mainstream media haven't said much about the murder spike at the end of this year . . . Word of increased holiday danger around this town might also go without mention despite this bloody KCMO X-mas time.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

better title for you tkc: cancel christmas in CK.

Anonymous said...

Increased violence around Xmas time??….What a bold prediction. HoodNet never ceases to amaze us.

Anonymous said...

How about a thread regarding the media blackout of what is discussed on hood-net. The general public needs to be more informed about what fate lies ahead for them. Probably most on hood-net are runaway missing urban core teens.

Anonymous said...

How about a warning for this no-talent, nigger who keeps warning of this or that??

Anonymous said...

So he's suggesting that we fear all blacks we see at malls?

Anonymous said...

No I think it means carry your guns and if you see a black person at the mall just shoot them. Per Alonzo that is.

KC = Detroit and Chicago said...

The Chicago edition of shares with us that 401 people have been murdered in Chicago this year; points out it's actually 424, with 80.2 percent of the victims being black, 17.9 percent Hispanic, and only 1.9 percent white (Chicago is almost exactly 1/3 white, 1/3 black/ and 1/3 Hispanic in terms of demographics).

To paraphrase Clarence, George Bailey's guardian angel from It's a Wonderful Life: "You see White America, you really had a wonderful country. Don't you see what a mistake it was to just throw it away?"

Black America was much better off living in pre-civil rights America, when they were forced to live-up to a standard of civilization they are incapable of maintaining/sustaining on their own when granted the freedom to do so.

Just look to Detroit.

Just look to Camden.

Just look to New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina.

Anonymous said...

I think 8:35 is on to something!

Anonymous said...

This will be an added cost to the Toy Train.

$1.11 million dollars spent on a urine detection system for Atlanta's mass transit system, MARTA (Moving Africans Rapidly Through Atlanta). At a cost of $10,000 per urine detection device (UDD), all 111 elevators in the MARTA system will soon be outfitted to dissuade the transit riders - 74 percent of whom are black - from using public property as a commode.

$1.11 million dollars spent on a UDD system, because the black population of Atlanta who rides MARTA are incapable of engaging in civilized, first-world behavior. [Urine detection system installed in Atlanta transit station elevator, Atlanta Journal Constitution, 12-19-13]:

The city of Atlanta is looking to clean up the image, and the odor, of its transit system.
Many of its elevators have doubled as restrooms and smell like it. That's about to change with first-of-its-kind technology which catches "offenders" literally -- with their pants down.

"The smell hits you so bad. You hold your breath just to hurry up and get off the elevator," said Alicia Porter, a rider on a Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) train.

MARTA elevators have a smelly reputation. To get to the train, you often have to ride in a urinal first.

"If you've ever been in a Porta Potty, that's what it smelled like before," said MARTA Director of Elevators/Escalators Tom Beebe.

Beebe is working to clean up the image and the odor of MARTA elevators by launching a pilot program in an elevator in one of the Midtown stations. They asked local media to not say which one.

There are 111 elevators in the system. Beebe said they were having problems here every day. But not anymore.

"If somebody was to urinate in here, there's going to be a splash factor. It would splash and it would sense," Beebe said.

It's a urine detection device, called UDD. If a person relieves her or himself , the sensors sound the alarm and the MARTA police will be there in seconds to catch the offender in the act. There is also better lighting and a camera catching all the action. The pilot program has been in place for a month, and that daily problem dropped to one incident, in which an arrest was made. Next month, MARTA will begin installing sensors in other elevators, with the goal to have them in all 111.

It's going to cost MARTA about $10,000 to outfit each elevator with the urine detection device. This week, they also reopened restrooms at four stations, so they hope that will help with the problem.

Anonymous said...

Blacks are a superior and wiser race. They enlighten their students with a new method of learning, like the Socratic method, but even better.
-When a black flash mob breaks windows and steals from a store, they are using their wisdom to encourage the shop owner to meditate and ponder on their lives.
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-When a black mugs someone in the street, they are just teaching them the beauty of the circle of life.

Anonymous said...

I am black and Alonzo should be ashamed of himself for making us poor niggers look bad.

Anonymous said...

Hey!!! I know what a nice stocking stuffer could be!! Chief Keef's new drop!!! Just listen to what he has to say about increasing the murder rate in Chicago with his musical efforts!!

"Chief Keef clearly wasn't satisfied when the FBI declared during September that his hometown, Chicago, had taken the crown for the city with the most murders in the United States (during 2012). Keef-being a stats wonk no doubt-realized that the high total meant nothing in relation to Chicago's overall population, the third highest in the nation. No, what he really wanted was the highest murder rate per capita, meaning the most murders-per-person in the population. And hence he began work on his mixtape Bang 3.

Keef took to social media to inform the world that his new release would literally raise the murder rates. Again.

"Bang 2 And Almighty So On ITunes Right Now But Bang 3 No Lie Y'all Really Don't know How crazy Im goin #ImFinnaRaiseTheMurderRateUp," he announced via Instagram. "If I'm Lien I Can Get Killed right Now this S--t Is So f----n hardcore #ThatOldSosa #bang3 N----s Better Be Scared."

Translation: You can download Bang 2 right now, but Bang 3 is going to be the Manhattan Project of rap.

How Keef plans on implementing is anybody's guess, but his expertise in clinical psychology and black-ops is well-documented*. We can only assume that woven into the subtext of the bars on Bang 3 will be subliminal messages urging the listener to go out and kill. Keef didn't address how the tape will raise the murder rates only in Chicago versus any other city, but still. Listen at your own risk.

In case you were wondering: Chicago tallied 506 murders during 2012, according to the Chicago Police Department, and has seen 373 so far during 2013. That's more than Kabul, but less than Juarez. At least until Chief Keef has his say."

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ooof! Getting sleepy

Anonymous said...

I'm good with that, lock and load!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

That pic of this guy is what 20 years old now?

Seems like it.

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Anonymous said...

Don't talk about threats of violence--get out from behind that microphone(and this blog) and do something to stop the violence. While you're at it--get an education.

Phil Robertson said...

I am not sure how many homicides there will be in Kansas City, MO this year but I do pick Gay U to win the NCAA basketball championship.

Anonymous said...

CONgradulations Tony you did it got hits on posting an absolute nothing fucking monkey at a mike with a leather coat saying the obvious empty bullshit. The more hits you get on this total loser the better you feel. You put him on here to stir up the crowd.

When things get slow...hey I know .....put on Loser Lonzo.

Anonymous said...

It's gonna be a lot more crime.
Just telling ya

Anonymous said...

Hide your wife and hide your kids cause' Christmas is coming!

Anonymous said...

This place needs a total overhaul.

Anonymous said...

Where's the black spam guy that usually would respond at this point?

CK said...

He doesn't feel sorry for your struggle anymore. You racist prigs are pretty disgusting and grow tiresome. You prove your ignorance at every turn.

Anonymous said...

Hey now, I think that's racist. Isn't the point to stop racism and "increase the peace" or whatever the cool kids are saying nowadays?

Anonymous said...

It's alot of hatred out there

Anonymous said...

But if we got rid of the blacks look at how much hatred as you assholes call it, would be gone.

FRM said...

Maybe we should just rid of the racists? That would be a much better solution. said...

Fuck off you scum. said...

Goddamn, how expensive are these people?

Anonymous said...

Say what you want, 12:18's comment was very clever.

Anonymous said...

We all behave differently when alone. Anonymity frees us from a perceived obligation to act in accordance with certain social norms. For example, most people refrain from picking their nose in public, but dig with abandon when alone. This isn’t revelatory – fear of judgment is a powerful motivator and is well documented by psychologists.1 So, while most of our anonymous behavior is relatively benign, what happens when it isn’t?

In 1981, Leon Mann published a study documenting the phenomenon of suicide baiting.2 Studying the circumstances surrounding 21 public suicide attempts, Mann observed that in 10 cases victims were jeered and baited to, “jump!” He identified several contributing factors to this anti-social behavior including membership in a large crowd, the cover of night, and relative distance from the victim – all hallmarks of anonymity. The irony here is that while a focused set of watchful eyes keeps us in check, the distracted eyes of many don’t.

Anonymity makes all the difference, and unfortunately, this frees some to partake in some pretty egregious behavior. This is particularly true online. We’re 20 years into the experiment of the World Wide Web, and we can clearly see how Internet anonymity plays out across social media, chat rooms, and comment sections. Usually just a nuisance, anonymous troublemakers, known as trolls, can be dangerous when they go after the vulnerable. In an effort to better understand what makes them tick, psychologists are starting to take a closer look at the psychology of the Internet troll.

Anonymous said...

One motive for trolling, and perhaps one we're all most familiar with, seems to be simple boredom – too much free time after school, at work, or between jobs. These are the individuals who are trolling to kill a few hours, entertain themselves, and even impress others of a similar mindset.

Groups of trolls coalesce on bulletin-board sites such as 4chan, where they post links to targets that might prove "fun", and compete with each other to see who can be the funniest, cleverest, or most extreme. Interestingly, those same sites also tend to be the powerhouses that generate internet "memes" – popular concepts that spread beyond the internet to become part of our offline culture.

A second motive appears to be a need for attention, a craving that will accept any kind of attention, however positive or negative, as long as that person is at the centre of it. Such individuals may not just post offensive messages, but also annoyingly implausible stories, grand claims, and obvious lies.

A third motive seems to involve a sense of disenfranchisement. In a climate where even graduates with good degrees are struggling to find jobs, and house prices make getting on the property ladder an impossible dream for many, it's little surprise that a selection of the population may consider themselves short-changed. It would take a strong character not to feel a sense of injustice at the fact that, a generation earlier, their exact counterparts were walking into secure, lifelong employment and able to buy nice homes.