Sunday, December 29, 2013


The last weekend of Kansas City hosted multiple instances of gunfire that marked and exceptionally dangerous conclusion to the year and very little change in the local quotient of violence that has remained steady and disproportionate given our population numbers.

In the midst of all this violence there's hope for more community involvement.

KC NoVa believes lessons learned in 2013 will mean a less violent 2014

Thankfully, we didn't add to the murder total but it wasn't for lack of effort . . .

Check the links:

KMBC: 1 injured in shooting near 87th, Blue Ridge Boulevard

Fox4: Police investigate shooting outside popular fast-food restaurant

Channel 9: Multiple people injured in shooting on city's southeast side

And so . . .

The question remains . . .


Sadly, mainstream media is quick to publish press releases on the topic without asking many questions. Meanwhile, from a great deal of TKC SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH AND MARKETING DATA . . . We find that some people are pleased with increased communication on the topic of local violence but most remain disappointed in politicos who don't seem to be making this issue a priority.


Anonymous said...

Progress is hard fought. KC is no exception.

Anonymous said...

No progress without the total and overwhelming control of niggers.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Yes, and Aim4Peace, COMBAT, and all the other nonprofits who've spent millions over the years have learned those lessons too. If you give them more money next year, they can spend that too.
With no results.
Over 100 murders for years.

chuck said...

"Investigators put crime-scene tape up at a convenience store west of Interstate 435 and Eastwood Trafficway.

Police said they were still sorting out the details of what happened, but that it started with an armed disturbance outside a Church's Chicken about 7 p.m. A short time later, shots were fired. The disturbance ended at a liquor store off Bristol Avenue.

Investigators said at least six people were injured. Some showed up a hospitals on their own..."

This just couldn't be more dead on the money.

1)A gunfight breaks out at Church's Fried Chicken and ends at a liquor store.

2)Taxpayers spend thousands for cops and the concomitant accompanying army of public servants to sequester citizens who don't snitch, drape yellow tape around the playing fields, "police" the area by picking up spent shells, fingerprinting them, taking pictures, speaking to the media and just in general running through a ton of taxpayer cash.

3)Hospitals accept the wounded and taxpayers spend hundreds of thousands on treatments, bandages, medical salaries, while relatives party in the emergency rooms and intimidate the staff.

4)The media neglects to offer descriptions of the perps, no one is shocked and this abrogation of journalistic responsibilty is of course, so very comme il faut with the KC STar, TV news stations as it fits the national trend.

5)The wialing and gnashing of teeth from the usual grifers is peppered with demands for a better education for 'scholars' while the populace rolls their eyes, teachers laugh up their sleeves and the School Board licks it's lips in anticipaition of the next pound of flesh stripped from the middle class for the most pure definition of a sisyphean task ever.

6)Interviews of the relatives of the perps, if ever caught, include exclamations of innocence and a life that was "turning around".

7)Alonzo blames whitey.

8)The media blames whitey.

9)Politicians blame whitey.

10)Whitey feels guilty.

Rinse and repeat.

Anonymous said...

One of my earliest recollections of my racial awakening was living in Chicago and going to see the movie "Menace to Society" a theater of 99% negros and me. The theater was in an upscale part of Chicago and I thought nothing of being packed in there as the only white guy. After all, these were clean, well spoken people who obviously had money.

One of the scenes of that movie caused them all to burst out laughing for a good 30 seconds. It was the scene in that movie when the protagonist goes to a Korean grocery, obviously to cause trouble, pulls a beer out of the fridge and starts drinking it and starts giving the owner attitude when he says something. He says something like "your mother would be so proud" and he pulls out a pistol and shoots the guy dead....then runs behind the counter to shoot his wife dead....steals the video tape and runs out.

No particular reason for any of this but those blacks found the whole thing to be the most hilarious thing in the world.

Anonymous said...

Killa City, the Beirut of the Bible Belt.

There should be a way of closing the freeway exits at sunset so unsuspecting out-of-towners don't enter the kill zone after dark when most of the bullets are flying.

Anonymous said...

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If you wouldnt have gotten fired from that Walmart greeter job maybe you would not be so bitter.

Anonymous said...


Does that mean everything Chuck said is not true?

Anonymous said...

The only one blaming anyone is you chuck. Nobody in the post, the articles says anything about blame. Any more racial strawmen you can parade around and beat up?

Anonymous said...

Linking to assorted crimes, as bad as they are, then ascribing them to an entire race of people is an absolute lie.

Where is his link to the white dude who punch and severely injured the elderly black guy in the so-called knockout game? You know the one ... the guy got busted after showing the video to an off-duty cop. Where is his rage on that one?

Oh wait, it was an isolated case so it doesnt reflect on the white folks who have never hurt anyone. Right? Meanwhile, the millions of black folks raising good kids and have never caused harm are lumped under Chuckkky's umbrella as vile trash, and any whites who stand up for them are only doing so because of their "guilt."

Racism is wrong no matter who is spewing it. So yes, 9:49, I am saying that what that miserable old man is saying is not true in a macro sense, though the individual acts he points out by black thugs are disgusting and indefensible.

Just like Chuckkk.

Anonymous said...

Classic. Fight started at a Church's and ended at a liquor store. Were they driving stolen Caddy's too. There is a reason these stereotypes exist. It's because they're true.

Anonymous said...

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chuck said...


Your reference to an isolated instance of white on black violence is noted, not only by way of the actual deed, but in fact, as the petard that hangs you.

That is the quintessential definition of a "Straw Man" argument.

After thousands and thousands of black on white violent attacks, a few hundred are noted here, just from 2013--

Your "Straw Man" effort, to draw away attention from the heinous and unrelenting murders, rapes, assaults and violence that permeates the African American community is prima facie of the accusation you, yourself level at me.

It is far more revealing to note, that now, after, again, thousands of black on white hate crimes, only NOW, does Eric Holder's Federal Justice Department bring HATE CRIME CHARGES against this perp. Because, of course, he is white.

You are part and parcel of those who, in the media, the halls of academia, the back rooms of political power and entertainment seek Straw Man stategies, obfuscation and rhetorical slieght of hand to cover for the 13% of the population that commits over 50% of violent crime. That criminal intent and fullfillment is excuse wholesale by you, encoraged de facto by law enforcement and politicians and paid for by the dead, raped and wounded for whom no one speaks.

In the end, your reference to the KKK, is the usual liberal cant when faced with facts that are irrefutable and blood stains that just won't wash out.

And by the way, I am going to work right now.

Anonymous said...

Read the following books if you have the time. Race,Real Estate and Uneven Development The Kansas City Experience, and Some of My Best Friends are Black. Read the history of Kansas City,Missouri.

Anonymous said...

Dammit Chuck, you fucked up my fries again. I said tots, you bastard.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the repackaged "Straw Man" diatribe. Could you treat us soon with some "ad hominem" rant for the hundredth time?

Who the fuck are you to think your racist eloquence should go unchallenged? For too long you have polluted these blogs with your festering, seething bile with little resistence, possibly out of fear of being called a cunt who shiuld eat shit and die. It's time for folks who read this blog for the occasionally useful local political insights to start shouting you down with a fervor equal to that which compels you to post from the time you wake up until you pass out in a drunken stupor at night.

Game on bitch.

Anonymous said...

I am a black man and I say chuck is right. You see there are black people and there are niggers. Those incidents that chuck talks about are committed by niggers and sad as it is to say are very embarrassing to me. You have no idea how many times a young black man or a nigger has said to me, "Shut up you old fool when I point out their wrong doings." Stupid goodie goodie two shoe white people are to blame for things today. They support the niggers and make it hard for the black people who really are trying to do something with their lives. Start by out casting Rev Jackson, Al Sharpton and Mr. Brooks and a host of other so called black leaders, who care not one damn thing for the black people all they is about is the money in their pockets. Stop feeding fools like that Alonzo Washington, who I would say to his face is a nigger who needs to shut up and become a man not a trash talking fool. Who needs to get a real job and support his family and educate them to make it on their own, not lay around living off hand outs as he has.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Good job Chuck! There is a term for the blame Whitey game. It is SHAKEDOWN.

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Anonymous said...

You missed the point completely.
George and most smart folks have no problem with forced sterilization, when it comes to the truly stupid and certain other undesirables..

Anonymous said...

When is Sly going to have the courage to bane all guns in KCMO?

Anonymous said...

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