Thursday, March 14, 2013


TKC NOTE: Important Kansas City sports analysis tonight from our friend Craig Glazer that mythbusts recent mainstream media hype regarding recent decisions from the Chiefs.

As usual, the Chiefs disappoint their fans

‘Chiefs and Chopper, Chiefs and Chopper…’
(Oh, we’re done with that!)

Well, we were all fired up. Clark Hunt signed the best coach available, Andy Reid. He followed that up with signing the best quarterback available; Alex Smith from the 49’ers. He continued to put smiles on fans faces by signing Wide Receiver Dwayne Bowe to a long term contract. They even had me on the bandwagon to a certain extent. Remember my last Chiefs story just over a week ago I said, ‘If they can sign a big time Wide Receiver like Mike Wallace or Greg Jennings then the Chiefs are on the move.’ We also talked about getting a tight end since we don’t have one, like Green Bay’s Jermichael Finley. None of that happened. In fact, no effort was made to sign any big name talent.

What Clark Hunt did was sign a good back up in Chase Daniels from the New Orleans Saints and former MU Tiger. He is surely an upgrade from Brady Quinn. However, YOU are an upgrade from Brady Quinn. I’ll go a step further and say Chase may be an upgrade from now departed Matt Cassell. That’s where the fairy tale ends. The Chiefs have also added Hussein Abdullah from the Vikings, Anthony Fasano from the Dolphins, Mike DeVito and Bryan Mattison from the Jets, Dunta Robinson from the Falcons and Donnie Avery from the Colts. These players are known as ‘hole plugs’. Nobody in this group has been very successful so far recently in the NFL. The most interesting of the group is probably Indianapolis Colt Donnie Avery. Donnie is fast and he did have more than 700 receiving yards last year to go with his whopping three touchdown catches. Donnie seems to be a little injury prone, shocker, oh yeah he had a guy throwing at him by the name of Andrew Luck. Luck was so impressed he didn’t bitch when they let this guy go. The rest of the group have the potential to be anything from a ‘no-show’ to being ‘slightly above average’. Just like last year’s off-season Free Agency. All of them are already off, gone, they cut every one of them.

What really gets me is that Wes Welker wanted to leave the New England Patriots. Wes felt that he was under-appreciated both financially and emotionally. Wes Welker is a game changer. You have a hot young quarterback in Alex Smith and, outside of Bowe, he has nobody to throw to. You add Welker, you add three to five wins. Can you say playoffs? Had I been Clark Hunt, I would have flown Wes in on a private jet, got him the best suite in Kansas City, personally picked him up with Andy Reid and Alex Smith and licked his ass like a slurpie and offered him anything he wanted to sign with the Chiefs like the following: three years, thirty million dollars, eighteen million guaranteed upon signing. Instead, Wes Welker signed with our rivals, the Denver Broncos, now the favorite to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl, for a mere six million a year for two years total of 12 million dollars…oh yeah, and that big three hundred thousand dollar bonus. That’s right Chiefs fans, the best slot receiver in modern NFL history and we didn’t even make an offer. Now, how much money did we waste on Tyson Jackson and Glenn Dorsey? And we couldn’t even make an effort to make an offer to get this guy?

Sure we could have a great draft and you know how well we’ve done in that area over the years, maybe plug a few more holes.

Right now, you have the exact same team as last year, you know, the one with five All-Pros and two victories. As of now you have a new quarterback with the same two weapons; Dwayne Bowe and Jamal Charles. Again, unless something great happens that I’m not seeing, you can expect six to eight wins from your Kansas City Chiefs. Joy! Remember we’re building for the future. The NFL is a ‘win now’ league. Take a look at San Francisco and Seattle. Those are two examples of ‘do it right now’ and they did.

I am off the bandwagon. Go Royals! Yes, the Kansas City Royals have a legitimate shot at the post-season. I don’t see that with the Chiefs. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Good call Craig.

Same old tactics from The Chiefs.

Hope the new coach can figure something out.

chuck said...

Glaze, I love ya, but come on.

I am not gonna type all that shit again.

The comments on kcconfidential, not just mine, make sense.

Don't get me wrong, you KICKED ASS last year and the year before.

Still, we all have opinions and considering the talent available.....?

Mike Wallace?

Glaze, Miami is crazier than Harley’s pet coon. 30 Mil for Mike Wallace? They may as well have given the fu*kin money to Harry Reasoner. Miami has no running game, no QB, no offensive line. It won’t take “Mike Wallace” “60 Minutes” in Miami under the lights before he is feeling like John Ehrlichman.

I think they did what they could considering the variables."

Are they going to the Superbowl?


They won 2 fuckin games last year.

If they win 7 to 10, it is gonna be progress.

It is what it is, I don't blame you for your insistance on a Superbowl THIS year, based on the failures of the last 20 years.

But, if ya flip a coin 20 times and it comes up heads every time. the next time ya flip it, it's 50/50.

Take a breath buddy.


Anonymous said...

Glazer you are a stupid fuck. That dot is a period. Stupid fuck.

Anonymous said...

WTF is this guy doing here again. Must have his middle finger up Tonys ass.

Anonymous said...

Next thing Tony will have to sue Glazer for control of his own blog.

Anonymous said...

Opinions are like assholes. Everybody has one. Why bother pretending to be a sportswriter when your not.

Anonymous said...

Commedy fans are way more disappointed when they have to drive to a strip mall in butt-fucking Egypt to see a comedy show.

Any "business" man who relocates his club to a glroified discount strip mall in a cornfield doesn't have much credibility.

Even the comics make fun of that p.o.s.

Anonymous said...

I'm not going to comment till Harley tells me what to think.

Anonymous said...

good call Glazer

Anonymous said...

Give it time boys.

Anonymous said...

Stupidity isn't punishable by death. If it was, we would all be saved from having to read Glazers brain melt downs.

Anonymous said...

The guy is right. Glazer that is

Djengo said...

Craig has it mostly right. But he gives the team too much credit. Most of their good decisions happened by accident.

Anonymous said...

Yeah yeah Craig is right that guy know what he's saying Best in the biz

Anonymous said...

As usual Craig is right on the money. He's spot on with his football betting pics and the guy know football. What can you say.

Anonymous said...

Craig you are spot on again. Great

Anonymous said...

Why do all of these haters get all over Craig? He clearly know his football. Give the man a break. I've followed him for a long time and he knows sport and he knows comedy. If he think the chiefs made bad moves I trust him.

Anonymous said...

I don't know much about football but Craig does he proved it time and time again. Personally I think your all jealous haters. Craig is hell of sexy and I'd get with him.

Anonymous said...

Craif is funny and smart. Winning combo. Haters don't like him haters don't half to read him.

Anonymous said...

I've argued with the glaze many times about his football picks.
the top 4 times won the spread
72% of the time and there were
few upsets over the last 2 years so
picking the favs has made him
look good.
But he's put the picks online and
out for the public.
I don't know much about football although i did pick the super bowl
winner and i did pick the 2012 prez
election winner 14 months before the election and the electoral range
for obama right on target.
Okay...maybe glaze has some insight...but he's been right.
If you wantto pick a fight withhim
put your picks on here...its free.
if not...stfu.
as far as're wrong..the
glazers took a huge risk in putting their biz out at the legends...a huge risk.
glaze probably put everythhing he
had on that fact in
talking with aj i know he did.
Takes guts...takes balls...and from the way things are going its paying off well.
Tough to put everything you have
on a biz...tough to put everything
you have on a hunch...but give the
dude credit...takes lots of
hutzpah to do it..
none of you kcc losers would do it..
the guy came to bat...took a shot
putting his biz in a far out location..i've been there...its
a great place...seen many top
people there...
so unless you've got the guts..
you'll never feel the glory.
nice call..but don't get down on
the gambler..
put your name on the blog...put your
picks up...put your money on it...
and lets see what happens.
was in vegas one time...saw a
gorgeous girl throwing the dice
next to me...she never threw them
before...i call them virgin rollers..made a big bet on my
usual 6 and 8 and hit it big as
she held the dice for 30 minutes. glory...
why beat the dude down...we may not
always win..but we'll always take
the chances.
the resto f you losers never took
the you'll never win...
sorry...but haters hate...
please leave us alone...we're doing
well getting rid of the haters one by one...
if you choose to hate theres plenty
of room at kcc...try it out...

CG said...

Some nice comments thank you guys.

Anonymous said...

yup you write nice comments about yourself all the time CG

Anonymous said...

Did I accidently stumble in to GlazeKC- AGAIN?

Anonymous said...

Do not consider it proof just because it is written in books, for a liar who will deceive with his tongue will not hesitate to do the same with his pen.

Anonymous said...

I can't say how I know but most of Craig's positive comments come from 3 IP addresses.

harley chews glazers veneral warts like gummi bears said...

they also come in one minute intervals. Mostly all one or two short sentences. Probably just a coincidence. As for harley, well he has a man crush on glazer that dates back to kcc. Anyone know the real deal on harley? It aint pretty. He has a taste for little smokies smothered in underoos.

Anonymous said...

@ 10:12.

I'm also willing to be that most of Craig's negative comments come from only 2 IP addresses.

It's KC. A lot of envy. A lot of hate.

Kansas City said...

Has-been and never-was comedy acts are a bigger disappointment, which is why I have never bothered to go to Glazer's club.

This fugging guy said...

Who is this Craig Glazer guy?

I like the cut of his jib!

Anonymous said...

Hey Glazer, D'enda said what's up......D'enda this D*ck!!!

Anonymous said...

U guys are stupid craig if u can do such a great job u should be coaching or managing them. All u other aholes become radier fans. They need the help go cheifs

CG said...

This article is just an update on how things are going with Chiefs trying to improve. As I mentioned the Alex Smith move was very good, just not enough to get to the next level. Hey maybe I'm wrong and all these guys they got off free agency will work out and the Chiefs will win 11 games with these guys and last years team, the new coach, new attitude. I hope so. Just doesn't feel that way. Thats all.

Anonymous said...

So, CG, your musings on sports are based on nothing more than how you "feel" at any given moment, and, like weather in Missouri, can change in the next five minutes.

Or more to the point, kinda like the deep opinions of that drunk at the bar who gets louder and louder as the night wears on just to get people to pay attention.

Anonymous said...

well, hell, what do i know, but craig your thoughts make sense. on welker, i'm pretty sure he'd seen enough of manning to know he'd rather be on the rec'ving end of his arm than alex smith's. still, hard to wonder why the chiefs didn't make a play for him.

draft day surprise perhaps?

i have the chiefs at 8-8 this year.

Anonymous said...

Craig thoughts make sense?

He was just giving business advice yesterday, and now he wants to give a 32-year-old receiver three years, $30 million, with $18 million guaranteed when the best offer he got on the open market was two years, $12 million.

That makes sense only to Glazer's toadies.

Anonymous said...

well the used hot tube salesman..
the janitor...the tv repairman..
the box salesman...the broke
old guys jut cant stay away.
For what reason do these animals
have to come on here and use
vile disgusting language.
smarmyman...we know who you are...
so get ready freddy!!!!!!
then theres chuckles the sad repairman...63...bald.. life....just comesto try
to make himself look big in a
world where he's a nobody.

Anonymous said...

chuck said:

40 bar fyghts. No wunder mi freakin brain is so scruwed up.
I hate all the negrows. I am a
disgustin purson because I had
all those bar fyghts and they
made me forgut my own thots.
Sumone put a gunn to my hed.

harley likes the kids said...

Harley molestation children.

Anonymous said...

The Glazer self-loving troll comments are fucking obvious. What a pathetic sad clown. At least now he's using Anonymous, rather than make up names.