Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Kansas City Grassroots neighborhood activism and concern for the safety of local students powers this ongoing protest against screwed up City Hall priorities.

Check it:

Outrage continues over deactivated signals

Concerned parents push for Kansas City to restore traffic light

Northeast News: "Kudos to the parents at Holy Cross Catholic School who last week organized a press event to show just exactly how dangerous the St. John and Quincy intersection is after the city hastily changed the push button traffic crossing signal to a signal that now simply blinks yellow all the time."

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Even worse . . . Greedy, d-bag hipsters on Twitter are calling this kind of negligence with Kansas City cash a sign of progress.

Follow the logic of Mayor Sly and Council Dude Russ Johnson and the urban core will have to wait at least a decade for the streetcar to show economic impact and generate enough revenue to fund stoplights. Sadly, if students have survived that long . . . They'll be old enough to move to a different, better town.



chuck said...

This is ridiculous.

Jesus, ya can't drive down 63rd St. Meyer etc without stopping every 15 seconds at a 4 way.

No Safe Way to Walk said...

That is right Chuck, and those intersections at Oak and Meyer and Main and Meyer are deadly for pedestrians. Eventually it will be pedestrian casualties that cost the city in yellow tap and chalk.

colored chuck said...

Bullshit. Hey Chuck is a colored he lies about everything.

Anonymous said...

The only surefire way to accomplish urban renewal is to permanently remove every last vestige of NIGGERS.

Anonymous said...

First off, there are NO new four-way stop signs on 63rd Street, so you got to wonder how often Chuck drives it.

Second, there are TWO new ones at Meyer and Oak and at Meyer and Main. I drive them all the time, and it is much more efficient to stop at a stop sign for a couple of seconds then proceed than it is to wait for a red light to turn green.

Third, the parents do have a point at St. John's and Quincy. But the solution isn't necessarily a stop light. It's four-way stop signs, particularly if drivers in that area are so damned dumb and careless that they will blow through a flashing yellow and run over little kids.

Fifth, if you are a pedestrian, you should NEVER presume that a car is going to stop, even at a stoplight. Wait until it is safe, then cross, dummy.

Sixth, the old stoplights on a single pole are substandard and not very visible, especially if you are not familiar with the neighborhood. By installing four-way stops at intersections where traffic no longer warrants stoplights, the city is avoiding the expense of installing and running those crossbar stoplights that extend out over the interesection and are highly visible.

Seventh, at 59th and the Paseo, traffic is moving much more smoothly with four-way stops than with stop signs. Traffic used to stack up into mini-gridlock at that intersection when people tried to make opposing left turns from 59th to Paseo, and that happened a lot. It doesn't happen at all any more.

Anonymous said...

Oops. Can't count. Those are six points instead of seven.

Anyway, chuck and Tony, consider your arguments blown out of the water, as you continue to bitch and moan about anything and everything the city does.

Anonymous said...

If you really cared about your kids safety, you wouldn't send them to Catholic schools.

Anonymous said...

Why should the public pay for anything to do with Catholic schools, let the church pay for that shit. Sell a couple of your golden chalices, you fucking con artists.

Anonymous said...


There is no difference in pedestrian accident statistics at stop lights vs. stop signs.

Speed is the number 1 factor (which is best mitigated by having more stop signs).

Road width is the number 2 factor.

irishguy said...

Hey, 9:35. Don't introduce empirical evidence into this discussion. Don't you know that pedestrians are getting mowed down daily if not hourly whereever stop lights have been replaced by four-way stop signs?

You should know this 'cause Tony says so.

Anonymous said...

" . . . those intersections at Oak and Meyer and Main and Meyer are deadly for pedestrians."

So do you care to tell me how many "deadly" vehicle-pedestrian accidents have occurred at those two incidents since the installation of four-way stop signs, compared to when traffic was regulated by stop lights on a pole?

Or are you, like Tony, just pulling arguments out your ass without knowing what you are talking about?

Anonymous said...

Ghetto people dont walk on the sidewalks anyways.

chuck said...

Those are all good points 8:32 - I drive east a lot, but you are right, I just notice the inconvenience and really didn't pay attention to the ezact street. Meyer?

Anyway, it seems to me, and of course this is anecdoatal, that the stoplights should stay based on my take going thru these intersections.
I will pay more attention to the streets I am drivin on in the future.

Anonymous said...

You really don't know if you are on Meyer or 63rd Street? That pretty much disqualifies you from discussing this issue, chuck.

As for the inconvenience, the notion that stopping for a couple of seconds at each stop sign is more inconvenient that waiting up to a full minute for at least one of the red lights to turn green also pretty much disqualifies you from discussing this issue.

And please, don't dig your hole any deeper by claiming both stoplights were always green when you approched them.

Anonymous said...

Looks like City Hall is trying to explain that they know what's best for KC.

Why should we believe them?

Maybe because every decision they've made has turned out to be wrong.

Anonymous said...

I thought Reed put the redlight on stoplight removal. I guess not.