Thursday, February 07, 2013


For weeks and months now we've had KICK-ASS TKC TIPSTERS providing this blog community info on Plaza disturbances that continue despite the curfew.

But recently, Fox4 takes reporting the trouble to the next level.

To wit . . .


Check the report:

Homeless man attacked, assaulted on Plaza

This trend mythbusts the notion that Mayor and Council have somehow "solved" the problem of teen violence on the Plaza with their party district curfew legislation. Obviously the root cause is something more endemic to Kansas City's culture of violence.

Still . . . Hobo beat downs on the Plaza by teen flash mobs seem straight out of Lord Of The Flies and remind us that Kansas City still has yet to come to terms with our violent tendencies.


Anonymous said...

This must be some mistake KCPD took care of this problem a couple of years ago. KCPD had a "Community" meeting and talked to the youth about mob gathering on the Plaza.. KCPD told them not to do it again.

Anonymous said...

Saw this on the news last night. Of course what they won't say is who it obviously is. Black people!!! You know, I used to go to the Plaza too when I was in high school and hang around. Yeah, my friends and I probably had a few beers in us. Guess what we didn't do? We didn't beat the hell out of homeless guys or anybody else for that matter. We didn't push prom girls into the fountain. We didn't shoot at anybody, much less the mayor. Give blacks an inch and they'll take it to the moon. Just a matter of time till we have our own Trayvon there. They are going to threaten the hell out of the wrong white guy and he's going to protect himself. And of course the usual East side "community activists" will be in an uproar. Black people, you can deny all you want that is said about you but another truth you don't like to hear is how awful of "parent" you are. I did not misspell that. I know damn well these keeds don't know who the hell their daddy be. I'm ready for Gestapo policing down there. I like the Plaza. I want it kept nice. Draw the line in the sand at Winsteads. You cross it be ready to have the shit harrassed out of you. And fuck your rights. Until you prove you can be a productive member of society, fuck you. I didn't get put on this Earth to be made miserable by you.

Anonymous said...

Little fucking Glazer wanna be's

Anonymous said...

I think a little skepticism is in order before we jump to all sorts of conclusions.

This story, the only story Tony can link to, says this incident happened "a couple of Saturday’s (sic) ago".

Then they found another homeless guy who says "he was attacked after three young teens asked to used his phone."

A couple of Saturdays ago. Last year.

Then you have a Topsy's employee describing some sort of disturbance in which "girls were crying" and she says "police were out there."

And when did that happen? "A couple months ago."

Anonymous said...

Again. Three incidents.

A couple of Saturdays ago.

Last year.

A couple of months ago.

chuck said...

"Obviously the root cause is something more endemic to Kansas City's culture of violence."

Yeah, lets all scratch our heads and try to figure out the "Root Cause".

"Roots" would be part of the "Root Cause".

Lying revisionist history bullshit in combination with ethnomsochistic liberal whites full of illogical self hate initiating social legislation that encourages African American entitlement and provides de facto carte blanche for violence, murder, rape and assault.

The net result is 3 generations of dead between the ears thugs with criminal intent running the streets with impunity.

Last week in New York.

In Indianapolis-

I can post this stuff all day.

Lord Of The Flies was a fictional story that illustrated the atavistic impulses of children lefft unattended and with no parents.

African American parents, with few exceptions are the most desultory group of shitheels now roaming the earth.

The sub culture which glrifies the Hip/Hop/Holocaust of death and dstruciton assures us all, of living one day in Detroit.

"Uruly Teens" my fuckin ass.

What fuckin lies.

Anonymous said...

"Roots" would be part of the "Root Cause".

Chuck you are insane but that made me laugh.

Most of the teens on the plaza have no ideas about "Roots" would never read the book and wouldn't waste time watching the TV miniseries.

You're showing your age Chuck.

Alex Haley said...

I am a liar and a another phony piece of shit who, like Quintan "Quisling" Tarantino in Django, provides the only historical (*snicker*) education, all of it lies, sure, but still, it is the only education available for those too lazy to actually read the truth.

Anonymous said...

NIGGERS are destructive parasites that should have been left in another environment. They don't civilize well and have demonstrated that tendency for thousands of years. And don't blame humans for selling them into slavery, they sold themselves to slave traitors, long before whites had anything to do with it. No, NIGGERS are just a plague on society and always have been. Kinda like cancers and boils..

We were here FIRST pinche's said...

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Anonymous said...

chuck is the most hated
person on any of the blogs.
His hate of blacks/hispanics/or
anyone other than the wretched
old white people he protects is
famous on kc blogs.
He's a hooded white scum bag with
no guts.
Tell us who you are chuck so
people can see you for who
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A parasite on society trying to
boost the hatred of good people
You are a monster!

Anonymous said...

8:12 - Yael, is that you?
Go suck some black cock.

Anonymous said...

chuck is ok he speaks truth and has the facts to back it.

the rest of you who whine about him are scum suckers like that ward and bones.

Anonymous said...


Do you have any actual response to the urls and the fact that blacks r responsible for most of the violence in Aomerica?

Who cares about Chuck?

Is there a solution to black violence?

If Chuck lied, then no one would hate him.

Maybe u shud talk about the violence instead of ur own predjudice against the truth.

Anonymous said...

STOP. FRISK. IDENTIFY. JAIL. This needs to happen here like it is in New York City.

How To Deal With A Violent Flash Mob said...

Let them see the "Flash" of multiple muzzle blasts from 12-gauge street sweepers.

Anonymous said...

8:12 IS a black cock!

Anonymous said...

Tony, that clown picture scares the shit out of me. Could you find another hobo photo to use? Maybe guys on trains? Toy trains?

Anonymous said...

Too bad he mounted unit wasn't there. I guess there were no photographers around for a press op.

Anonymous said...

Plaza should be for customers and it's employees only.
Gotta be over 21, and show an active credit/debit card to get in!
That should take care of things.

Anonymous said...


"Trying to boost the hatred of good people everywhere."

No one needs Chuck's help learning to hate these people.

Anonymous said...

The Black Male Monster. This is how it all starts... Parets are very much the blame for this behavior. The sad truth is that parent glorify this type of behavior from their kids; partly because they were kids having kids. You've heard it before. It's the cycle of poverty but with a psychosis twist.

Anonymous said...

The curfew is not in effect at this current time. The KCPD cannot effectively handle this situation when no ordinance is in place to actively enforce. Local leaders and upper police command staff need to quit being so hands off and afraid the negative publicity of that would come with alleviating this problem.

The plaza is also at fault. Why are they allowing juveniles to be in their district? Why are they allowing juveniles to go to 10 pm movies (some do, some tell the parents that and proceed to walk around all night)?

As of now, these kids have every right to be in the plaza.

Anonymous said...

I go to the plaza with my wife from time to time. We enjoy the shopping and the dining. I don't go down there looking for trouble, however I choose to protect myself and my family if I absolutely have to. I will do what I can to avoid such situations at all cost. I hope I never need to protect my family with the weapon I carry, but if I absolutely must I will, and if I am target by a large group on the place I will defend myself.

Anonymous said...

This is the Plaza in no time!

Check the video.

Anonymous said...

Here are the guys that beat the Hobo dowwn.

Anonymous said...

This city is headed NOWHERE fast.

Anonymous said...

"Back in the day there were programs to keep the kids busy"...........

Wasn't there a shootout at a Westport Rec Center earlier this week?

Anonymous said...

This fucking city is already the HEART OF NOWHERE. Welcome home!

Anonymous said...

tony, why do you call it violent tendencies when you know what the problem really is or are you too afraid to say.