Tuesday, February 19, 2013


A quick look at 12th & Oak efforts to level the playing field when it comes to awarding sweet City Hall contracts.

Resolution: #130094

"Directing the City Manager to appoint a citizen advisory committee for the purpose of reviewing the City’s processes for establishing minority and women goals on non-construction contracts and making recommendations to the City Council on possible improvements to such processes."

The "non-construction" aspect of this resolution is interesting given that all of the "emergency" eco-devo efforts (like the Toy Train) recently championed by Mayor and Council pretty much throw WBE/MBE requirements out the window. And while reactionaries who are mostly out of the loop rage at this kind of "diversity" talk . . . Given the corporate feeding frenzy currently underway on the 26th floor . . . A bit of fair play is more than deserved.


Anonymous said...

Sly and the council owe us a Harlem Shake video.

chuck said...

Fuck diverstiy and militant minorities who force the rest of us, under threat of public and professional ostracism to embrace pernicious, self defeating initiatiives which are encumbered from birth by unqualified, unprepared appointees who aquired their position by way of the color of their skin.

Equality of outcome rules the day.

Top down, centrally enforced cultural destruction of the Ameriica we know, for the hope that one day, we will all live in Detroit.

Anonymous said...

4:13 AMEN!!!! I (and most others) could not have said it better! Bravo and kudos!!!

chuck said...

This is disgusting.

Diversity training at the USDA.


Fuck diverstiy.

Fuckin liars and brainwashed dumbfucks who buy into this shit.

Listen to what he makes everyone say.


USDA/Mexican consulates to immigrants: Don’t worry, food stamps won’t affect citizenship chances said...

Here's another form of "diversity" being shoved down our throats!

chuck said...


Increase the amount of takers, the folks who vote with the rest of the New Roman Mob and keep getting elected.

Good post.

Fuck multiculturalism and diversity.

Fuck the lies, the deceit and fuck the outcome, which is the destruction of this once great country, now run by shitheel fucks waiting for the next handout.

Anonymous said...

Hey, lets import thousands more Somalis to go with the hundreds of thousands we already have here.


Its sure going well in Minnisota.


Of course, as we have seen here in Kansas City, where Somalis voted illegally and defeated Will Royster, no one gives a fuck about the millions it will cost to support these folks from cradle to grave, or the murder robbery and assualts that accompany these folks all over America.

Fuck it, who cares?

Oath Keepers said...

Chuck -

The tipping point is ever nearer.

Oath Keepers
Semper Fi

Anonymous said...

Have to agree with Chuck at 4:13 PM. This Mayor and his fraternity of flunkies is really starting to get old. Kansas City voters? Do youselves a favor and get a candidate lined up to run against this guy. If not, we'll see more dumb-down economics under the guise of equality.

chuck said...

Semper Fi forever.

Anonymous said...

That Divrrsity Training video makes me sick. Nauseous.

Keep Your Powder Dry said...

Diversity Training:

5.56 mm x 45 mm / .223 Rem
7.62mm x 51 mm / .308 Win
9 mm
.38 spcl / .357 magnum
.40 cal
.45 ACP
12 ga.

DHS Supplier Provides Shooting Targets of American Gun Owners said...

Look how "diverse" this training aid is for the DHS.

All white people, BUT...

Men, Women (including pregnant), children, elderly...

Now THAT'S Diverse!

chuck said...


No surprise- it will be kill whitey night all over America again this summer.

Hey Kyle fuckin James! Are you gonna go Polar Bear hunting?

Anonymous said...

I believe in diversity:

I'm loaded for black bear, brown bear, polar bear, gay bear, whatever...

Fuck you said...

What a bunch of losers.

spyke1 said...

Chuck, I absolutely agree with you on this issue. It's extremely difficult to have any confidence, in any of our elected officials, when you see the anchor city's Mayors son, Kyle James, posing for a picture, depicting such an act as, "polar bear hunting". As far as I'm concerned, all faith in any progress is lost on that one single image. Any word from Mayor Sly James denouncing his
sons behavior? No. Not a single word. But, the Mayors crime fighting efforts are to be admired? From top to bottom, KC's leadership is a complete failure.

chuck said...


I agree.

The 4th estate, especially CBS, NBC, CNN, ABC, The NY TImes, The Cicago Trib, The LA Times and ALL major news affiliates refuse to cover the galactically dissproportionate amount of crime committed by African Americans.

The Mayor's kid, posting pictures of himself with guns and a Polar Bear, the image and implication of which is lost only on those who are willfully impercipient (That would be the aforementioned news outlets.) including the Kansas City Star.


Anonymous said...

Of all the urgent shit to deal with, this is what the city fathers (and mothers) are on top of?

Your Tax Dollars At Work!

The Real Fucking One and Only Lou Paloma's Gay Son said...

Its time to start a race war. Blacks, stop killing each other & start fighting your real enemy.

Nead Diggers said...


Anonymous said...

In the interest of diversity, let’s rename Swope Park Spook Park.