Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Call this a Dead Tree Media Trend:

Notice the New York Times providing much better coverage of Kansas City than our so-called paper of record.

Already we identified NYT beating the Star to the punch in terms of in-depth border war coverage.

But today . . .

The New York Times publishes a thoughtful missive regarding Kansas City weather: An Unusual Weather Turn Even for the Midwest: 8 Degrees Quickly Becomes 74

Even Better . . . Take a look at this New York Times profile of the "Local Pig" butcher shop: In Kansas City, a Butcher Shop Teachers the Butcher's Art

So, when we talk about Dead Tree Media demise . . . It might be worth noting that some dead tree endeavors are doing better than others in this cowtown.


chuck said...

The New York Times is a socialist publication.

Thats fine, but you should be aware of the agenda.

This site helps.


Anonymous said...

And The Star is better how? You're wrong Chuck, newspapers are most definitely capitalist. Telling lies for money is a profitable business when people actually read.

I'd buy THAT for a dollar! said...

The Star has COMICS! The Old Gray Lady doesnt! End of story! ( Tony, when are you gettin a comics page?

reads the Star for Hoops & the comics page said...

Hey, T, you dimwit! The Star covered that butcher shop last week! And I'll betchu ol Sam will have cream & sugar on HIS counter!

Anonymous said...

speaking of butchers......
Did you hear the one about the butcher who backed into his meat grinder and got a little behind in his orders?

ba da bing! Thanks folks, I'll be here in the lounge all week.

Anonymous said...

That is seriously one of your best pictures. That girl is gorgeous