Sunday, January 27, 2013

Kansas City Star Border War Blitz Today

In December of 2012 The New York Times produced and published some exceptionally dynamic content regarding the so-called economic "Border War" between Missouri and Kansas.

Check it:

New York Times: As Companies Seek Tax Deals, Governments Pay High Price

The video which accompanied the report:

Border War: Kansas City

Today The Star produces more than a bit of ketchup in their own "unique" style . . .

- Witness the GOP PARTY OF NO with NO NEW OR EFFECTIVE IDEAS: Worried Missouri legislators consider ways to counter Kansas tax cuts

- The Border War On A Smaller Scale For Moderately Sized Biz Moochers: Cities are waiving fees to entice developers

- Confusing Show-Me State Politicos Even More Than Prez Obama's Re-election: Kansas tax cuts vex Missouri

Again, the background on all of these reports that few people dare mention is that the only strategy Missouri really has at this point is to sit back and hope Kansas implodes from a worse economic crisis than the Show-Me State is already suffering . . . Meanwhile, corporate moochers continue to make fast money from politicos who are more willing to crackdown on po'folk than anybody wearing a suit.


Anonymous said...

Missouri lost the war. Quit putting it on display. Nobody is moving back.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Del Monte loves a hard screwtop.

Anonymous said...

Youre delusional. KS sucks and the jayhawks take it up the butt.

Anonymous said...

How come people who CLEARLY didn't go to college are the ones who care so much about college sports?

We're talking about actual real life, here, buddy, not your MIZZOU hoodie and your SEC bumper sticker.