Wednesday, January 02, 2013


Missouri House Rep. Brandon Ellington is one of the most insightful, independent and hard working legislators in Kansas City.

He won his office without the help of special interests and mostly through his work as a community organizer and volunteer.


Take a look at his announcement tonight:

"It’s time that we seriously address the systemic, social, economic and emotional issues that are precursors to murder. We have been silent and inactive for to long, surviving in KILLA CITY is not something we should be proud of , watching 100+ mostly Black murders is unjustifiable. Enough is Enough join me and those truly committed to change on Feb 2, for a NON-P.R. forum. If you’re interested in getting involved contact me at or contact Voices Of The People, Working Collectively we can change the world but change only happens form action."


Anonymous said...

not a bad move on his part.

Fed Up said...

I'm going to send him an email tonight! This has got to stop!

Anonymous said...

Just in case Mr. Ellington has any ideas about coming for my sir took an oath to defend the Constitution.

So did I.

I will.

Anonymous said...

Call and see if Kansas City still has a police department maybe they can help, I doubt it.

chuck said...

Usual shit.

""It’s time that we seriously address the systemic, social, economic and emotional issues that are precursors to murder."

Get ready for 2nd partying the blame, obfuscating the reasons, non sequiters, red herrings and eventually THE SOLUTION!!

It's Whitey's fault and we need more money for Rec Centers.

When as East Side leader, gets up on the soap box and says--

"This shit is our fault. We as African Americans have failed ourselves, our children, our city, our state and our country for 40 fuckin years while placing blame on someone, ANYONE but the culture that WE have created, that refuses to mainstream, that glorifies violence, murder, rape, assault and misogyny while our so called leaders laugh up their sleeves at the ignorant white folks who buy into fresh servings of guilt served up by them, the MSM and Hollywood and make bank on the dead kids stacked like fuckin firewood in the streets and exsanguinating into the gutters faster than the cash it takes to support this insanity."

I know that is a long sentence, but I, hell all of us have heard these guys blow smoke up our asses for most of our lifetimes.

There ya go Brandon, spit that out in a rap or something, you won't get re-elcted, but the truth will set you free.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Chuck!

Anonymous said...

change only happens form action."

Form action? Nothing like strict attention to detail.

Chuck is a d-bag said...

Brandon Ellington will get re-elected again and again. He actually does work in his district & community. Stupid trailer trash and fake ass Chuck that lies about growing up in the hood.

Anonymous said...

Representative Ellington is putting the local council to shame,shouldn't Reed,Curls,Circo,Curls,Brooks and who ever is the council person for off Armour Blvd be speaking out?

Anonymous said...

It is time. Way to go Brandon. Don't answer your phone if Hunt calls with Ossco Bolton(no relations to Micheal) on the other end unless they promise they can get preacher councilman to hand deliver a $15,000 request for your event.

spyke1 said...

Usual shit? Maybe so Chuck. I believe your correct on most, or, possibly, even every point you made in this post. The challenge is in changing not only the mindsets of those creating the evil culture, but also in the mindsets of those who refuse to accept the possibility of hope & change. Not Obama's hope & change. I'd be a hypocrite to suggest I'm not skeptical like you. Because I am skeptical. I'm also willing to take a shot at creating new efforts aimed at reducing violent crime in KC. Nothing wrong with taking on a challenge. Nothing wrong with failing an effort. You're a very intelligent man Chuck, albeit jaded by earlier events endured by yourself, and your family. You've made that clear. However, much the way of slavery, those responsible are all dead and long gone by now. We all have the choice between raising to the challenge, or, holding on to our grudges. What would Chuck contribute to such a bold effort as to change the mindsets of those so inclined as to lower our black on black murder rates? Up close and personal like.

James Tunnley said...

Cowards like Chuck won't do anything but sit back and write about what efforts others are trying to make. The eastside as well as the south,north & west have all had failed leadership it is proven by the lame ducks that we elected to lead us at city hall,we have a council that is more interested in a toy train then its very own employees at city hall. We have a police dept that can't get a grip on how to fight crime so they ignore the citizens and sugar coat it by denials. I don't know about you but atleast this young rep is trying to make a difference. How many elected officials have feed the homeless without a photo option? Rep.Ellington,did Thanksgiving & Christmas, raised clothing for the homeless and those in prisions. He is seen in the community working,educating its no political show for him,he doesn't have news cameras following him around. I don't live in the so called Urban Core yet I support his efforts. Why don't you guys help him to bring a solution to crime . I am sick of all the killings .
James Tunnely.

chuck said...

spyke 1 I hope you are right. I am jaded by former events not only on a local and national scale, but by way of personal experience.

Mr. Tunnely boilerplate response to all that dissagree with the bankrupt, pernicious social engineering polices that brought us to this place and time, with an ad hominem insult, which in and of itself implies and infers violence, is categorically what is wrong with his, and probably Mr. Ellington's approach to the self infilcted disaster, that IS African American Culture.

I have been personally involved with African American violence 6 times in my life (Which I can go into in detail, those details are depressingly familiar, but if you wanna hear them, ok.), 3 of those times included the use of fire arms and three were just 4 to 6 on 1 beat downs for the fact that I am white.

So I don't pretend that I have the most objective opinion on race relations.

Mr. Tunnley's comment nelglected to mention all the altruistic efforts on his part, and exactly as I am doing, HE VOICED HIS OPINION.

Rest assured, he and I are doing pretty much the same thing, weighing in from in front of our keyboards on TKC, the eponymous local embodiment of free speech.

Finally Mr. Tunnley, from in front of his keyboard, in effect, calls on me, AGAIN, another fuckin white guy to solve African American problems, and, then from in front of his keyboard calls me a coward for not doing...what?? Not getting my ass kicked enough? Not kicking in for 60 years of desultory social engineering solutions that have failed and continue to produce ever more entitlement issues with ever more African Americans JUST LIKE MR. TUNNLEY?

Tell ya what Mr. Tunnly, this coward still probably has another 10 years left in him, when all those choir boys that Mr. Ellington is so kind to get out of jail and hit the street again, considering my luck, you Mr. Tunnley, courageous, intrepid and prescient man of vision, will take some solce in the fact that I will probably get shot at or beaten again by way of the African American sub culture.

You are a great hero Mr. Tunnley, you and your ilk have done a great job so far.

Have a nice day.

chuck said...

THIS Mr. Tunnley is what social engineering programs, Civil Rights intiatives, "Evening The Playing Field" efforts, oceans of white guilt have achieved.

This encapsulates the categorical failure of those initiatives. A sub culture so bereft of ANY civilized behaviour, that this exact type of story can be found easily every couple of weeks in the US.

Raped fuckin grandmothers.

Kansas City said...

Does this mean he plans to lock up Ron Hunt?

chuck said...

I like that story from the standpoint, that it hits almost all of the bases.

Rape, mysogyny, assault and violence.

There have already been a couple this year that resulted in the death of the grandmother in addition to theft.

Once again, a grateful nation thanks you, your efforts and your community for bringing us to this point.

chuck said...

Being an old man, I get some info from AARP.

Here is some great info. The 5 most dangerrous cities for old folks to avoid.

Let this coward sum it up for ya Mr. Tunnley, instead of listing Detroit, Flint, St. Louis, Memphis etc etc, the AARP should be more specific for all of us old "Cowards".

Avoid black people.

Once again Mr. Tunnley, as this country slides ever further into chaos and stupidity, engendered by you and yuour ilk, we, as that nation of cowards, give our thanks.

Anonymous said...

Oops, Chuck is woke up.

Anonymous said...

Restless penis syndrome interrupted Chuck's slumber again.

Anonymous said...

Hey chuck, comment spamming again? What's new?

Anonymous said...

Oh, one more thing chuck, try to get it in one comment next time so we can scroll past it easier.

chuck said...

Yet here you are reading and commenting on them.

I won't let ya down.

Anonymous said...

Chuck why didn't you take the challenge? Tunnely,was correct in his observation of you hiding behind a blog. The lies you spread makes one wonder if you need mental health services.

chuck said...

Total bullshit.

Every fuckin word is the truth and you know it, I know it and everyone who reads this blog knows it.

The stats and the headlines prove it EVERY fuckin day.

I gotta go to mu first appt.

Anonymous said...

Oh good, another fucking forum or vigil or prayer meeting or something equally fucking stupid. As long as NIGGERS are prevalent in the east side, there are going to be murders, rapes, robberies, thefts, etc. It's what NIGGERS do!!

Anonymous said...

I aleayd see Chuck back up hid commrny with url an ststsistics.

Anonymous said...

Chuck, I hope you feel better. You've got every racist red neck up in here singing your praises.

So you think that it is African Americans who have created the culture in which they exist AND because of this, it is they who are solely responsible for their actions?

I say bullshit.

You're a smart white man, kinda jaded from getting your ass kicked by black people. What would you do to survive if all hope were TAKEN away from you and you were BACKED INTO A CORNER and forced to exist with the crumbs society decided to drop your way?

What would you do if there was NO WAY OUT?

This "environment" you speak of was not created BY the black man it has been groomed for them by racist ignorant blind assholes like yourself who think that you can hold a people down by the neck and then come in with your pink hand stuck out handing them crumbs and wanting a mother fucker to kiss your ring!

You created this environment that I am forced to try and break from only to run into your ignorance and racism telling me to get back in my box, on the east side!

The criminal you created is now coming out of box. You won't be able to stop people from working to clean up your mess and bring a newness into the community so that the people can see a better way. THEN they will know that it is not their fellow brothers who were their enemy. They will know that it was YOU all along.

Lou said...

I call bullshit ! rape & murder of your brothers & sisters ? I call it shit for brains. BTW 9:48 you're the ASSHOLE fuckin nigger this guy.

Chuck is a nigger said...

Lou if you believe Chuck's made up fanasty stories about growing up in the so called hood,and having black boys rape his mother in front of his drunk pops and going to a school on blvd that since it was built was only around the corner where his lying ass lied about growing up. Chuck, is off his meds. He fakes like he hates blacks & gays but in reality he is a black gay man that get his kicks by bringing out the closet racists. Proof have you ever seen a picture of fake Chuck? Heck no,why because your beloved Chuck is a nigger.

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Anonymous said...

Dumb assed crackers!