Thursday, January 31, 2013


A shameful stat that's also frightening starts the day . . .

Newsmax: Missouri Named Murder Capital of America for African-Americans

"The Washington D.C.-based group found Missouri’s rate of African-American murders — about 34.86 per 100,000 black residents — was more than seven times the overall national rate of 4.42 per 100,000 in 2010.

The vast majority of victims nationwide, 83 percent, were shot and killed with firearms, primarily handguns. In Missouri, 91 percent of victims were killed with guns, the study revealed."

Again, this points to a lack of local action/concern/cooperation given that bigger, better cities have addressed this problem while this part of flyover country remains a killing field for people of color.


chuck said...

Here is some data on Black on Black crime.

The incessant and overwhelming amount of violence that accompanies the Hip/Hop/Holocaust and the sub culture which lionzes and worships that same vilence is the most destructive cancer at work today in this country.

chuck said...

Some quotes--

"Extrapolating black-on-black crime data reveals that, by comparison, approximately 100,000 African Americans have been killed on our own streets at the hands of other African Americans in roughly the same stretches of time. It is difficult to find anyone who would white-wash these mind-numbing statistics.

Equally as startling, the same study reveals African Americans were victims of an estimated 805,000 nonfatal violent crimes in just one year alone.

What’s more, blacks comprise roughly 12.5 percent of the U.S. population"

chuck said...

One city that has perennially come under fire for racially charged violence is Chicago. In just the span of three days alone — March 16th-19th of this year — 41 people, mostly African-American, were shot and killed in Chicago. Ten were killed in President Obama’s former neighborhood. Incredibly, these atrocities on our very own streets barely received a turn of the head by activists, nor did they receive any media coverage.

In response to President Obama’s decision to raise the profile of the Trayvon Martin case, T. Willard Fair, president of the Urban League of Greater Miami, recently told The Daily Caller that the “the outrage should be about us killing each other, about black-on-black crime.”

He asked rhetorically, “Wouldn’t you think to have 41 people shot [in Chicago] between Friday morning and Monday morning would be much more newsworthy and deserve much more outrage?"

Anonymous said...

This is not a good thing by any means but before the race fighting comments start I feel I should point out a few things. Taking only the topic of this article, and not sidetracking at all as to the causes of this, I feel that what should be added is how many african american victims were killed by african american suspects. The article makes a point that Missouri has a very high black murder rate but it fails to point out the very high number of black murderers. I dont have the exact statistics but I do know that the majority of the african american victims were killed by other african americans. The black murder rate is high in Kansas City and St Louis where there is a large african american community. In other large areas like Columbia/Jefferson City (approx 150,000 people) and Springfield (approx 250,000 people) the population is significantly less minority and the murder rate is significantly lower. Both Kansas City and St Louis together have more homicides in a month on average than the rest of Missouri has in a year. Instead of giving the impression that the state is a battlefield of african american death, in order to be more accurate, the article should focus on why the african american subculture is murdering each other at such an incredibly higher rate than other subgroups. The point of the article is clearly that the black homicide rate is the highest in the nation but the elephant in the room is that african americans are almost exclusively to blame for this distinction.

chuck said...


"...this begs the questions: where is the outrage from prominent members of the African-American community? Where are the words of condemnation and sorrow from Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, or Rev. Al Sharpton, over the fact that members of their own communities are summarily executing each other? Critics believe that acknowledging the unfortunate, irrefutable statistical truth negates the left’s narrative about a black community selectively exploited and targeted by white racists. Some might also argue that fanning the flames of racial discontent, especially in an election year, serves a useful and powerful campaign purpose."

The continuation of government programs, EBT/SNAP. Affirmative Action-

(Affirmative Action is the process of taking things away from one group of people and giving those tings to another group of people, for something another group of people, long dead, did to still another group of people, long dead.)

Social engineering laws and legislation, Governemt decree by Fiat and the litany of laws, edicts and efforts to "Even the playing field" have been a complete failure.

The result is an entitled "Protected Class" who believes the world owes them cradle to death benefits by way of the color of their skin.

Django, Roots and other revisionist dreck (This is the only "History" retained in the sub culture other than the incessant lessons taught by the MSM to HATE whites, Gotta get that vote in.) are held up as accurately portraying the history of this country and the destruction of the the country and it's Judeo/Christian ethos is the goal.

End ALL of those programs.

Legalize drugs and free up a thousands of prison cells for violent offenders.

Close off our borders, spend REAL money on MORE cops and effect a stopand search policy as is NOW in place in New York.

Stop violent crime and stop the lies and bullshit about a violent culture that is killing this country.

Anonymous said...

The City and Police have really let Kansas City down. How many years has this been going on?

Anonymous said...

The race to the bottom of the barrel for black people really is amazing. They have kept themselves enslaved. They have enacted their own set of Jim Crowe laws on themselves. They are doing to themselves what the KKK couldn't do. Nobody on Earth makes the same mistakes of their downtrodden generations before them like black people. Hated not knowing your father? Have a few kids of your own that they won't know either. Everybody you know is poor an uneducated? Drop out of school yourself at 16 to commit yourself to a life of crime. All the black men you know have been to prison/are in prison/or dead? Take that brain of yours that stopped any development at age 12 and shoot somebody over something really important like a pair of shoes or because he looked at you wrong at the stop-light. Then go to prison and learn to be more of a criminal, do nothing to better yourself while your there. Don't even get your GED which most people could pass in their sleep. How is it Latin and Asian immigrants can step foot on American soil and already be miles ahead of you despite not speaking the language? When you consistently see failure all around you, isn't it painfully obvious what you should and shouldn't do in life to succeed? So maybe you don't get rich working at your job but you also don't go to prison. Don't you ever notice you don't know any old, retired drug dealers? The old-timers you see sitting on their porch hoping you don't rob him worked at the Ford plant for 30 years. Then again I must be asking too much of that underdeveloped brain of yours. Universities and corporations are begging for educated black men but you've managed to drag yourselves down to pre 1950's levels. Except you have brought insane levels of crime and violence along with ignorance. If you would stay in school you could write your own ticket in the corporate world. But no. You have to go to prison for shooting someone over a set of rims or Jordans. Animals aren't this primitive. At least they kill for food and survival. In 500 years you will be no better off and it is entirely your fault.

Anonymous said...

Please explain to the police how you would go about stopping homicides. If its anyones fault other than other african americans please tell me. What can the kcpd do that they arent doing already. Homicide is almost impossible to prevent. Its dependant on peoples' willingness not to kill each other. The police/prosecutors can investigate and prosecute but they can do almost nothing to proactively prevent homicides.

Anonymous said...

The problems in the black community are the fault of the black community and can only be made better or worse by the black community.

chuck said...


Dead on the money.

Here is the url for today's Kansas City Star article where a "Rap Star" escapes the shootout, but two of his "Homies" are kiled.

This subculture is a fuckin disgrace to humanity.

The idiots who defend this ongoing slaughter, which includes mentioning the low level civil war now in effect against white people-

(Harry Stone, here in KC is just ONE of thousands of hate crimes committed agianst whites every year. At the Wisconsin and Iowa Stae Fairs last summer, the hundreds of blacks running through the crowd and beating people were screamin it's "Kill Whitey NIght". The game of "Knockout King and Polar Bear hunting is a big favorite amongst African Americans in every ciity in the US.)

-are even more dispicable.

Another level of descent into disgrace, is the 4th Estate, who refuses to cover African American crime unless forced into itt.

And of course, our Attorney General, puke that he is, refusing to prosecute any hate crimes against "His People."

This de facto permission to commit crimes against whites by way of the knowledge that if arrested or convicted, the penalties for said crimes will not approach the penalties for the same crimes against blacks, is a fucking disgrace.

Anonymous said...

Press Release
For Immediate Release
January 30, 2013
Kansas City, Mo – Rep. Brandon Ellington will hold a Community Forum focusing on solutions to Kansas
City’s homicides on Feb. 2 at the Robert J. Mohart multi- purpose Center.
... “It’s time that we seriously address the systemic, social, economic and emotional issues that are precursors to
murder. We have been silent and inactive for too long, surviving in ‘KILLA CITY’ is not something we should
be proud of; watching 100 plus murders are unjustifiable. Enough is enough.” said Rep. Ellington. “I want
to invite you and those truly committed to change this unjustifiable act of violence in our city to come to the
community forum. Working collectively we can change the world, but change only happens from action.”
If you are interested in getting involved, contact Rep. Ellington at or contact
Voices of the People at
Those attending include:
City Councilwoman Melba Curls
City Councilman John A. Sharp
County Legislature Chairman, Greg Grounds
County Legislature, Vice Chair, Theresa Garza Ruiz
County Legislature Crystal Williams
State Sen. Kiki Curls
State Sen. Jason Holsman
State Sen. Paul Lavolta
State Rep. Gail McCann Beatty
State Rep. Jon Carpenter
State Rep. Randy Dunn
State Rep. Jeremy LaFaver
State Rep. Bonnaye Mims
Swope Community Behavior Health, Lauren Moyer
Jackson County CASA, Megan Hover
Jackson County COMBAT
Kansas City Public School District – Kevin Masters
Kansas City Police Department, Jennifer Miller
Department of Public Safety, Marc Peoples, Crime
Victims Service
Ad Hoc Group Against Crime
Consolidated Social Work Services, Inc.
Voices of the People
February 2
Robert J. Mohart Multi-Purpose Center
3200 Wayne, Kansas City, MO.See More

Anonymous said...

I'll tell you why they don't respond, Chuck. First, it would eventually point to the abject failure of social programs whose intent was to provide economic opportunity and promote the advancement of African-Americans into mainstream America. There is a whole racism industry built around those programs (e.g. The Green Impact Zone). Second, the present beneficiaries of the racism industry have yet to figure out how to take advantage of the new the paradigm, or the dialogue necessary to get hem there. As one well-connected national political advisor once put it, when you have a good thing going why mess with it?

chuck said...

Good point 6:27

But the universal lubrication for the "Racism Industry" and it is a huge Trillion Dollar Industry, is white guilt, revisionist history and the intimidation of being called a "racist', which the 4th estate promotes and engenders every day 24/7.

Fuck that.

Face the truth.

Failure, misery and death are what whhite guilt, revisionist history and the 4th Estate has fostered on this country.

Anonymous said...

The Newsmax headline is in error; it should read...

Missouri Named Murder Capital of America by African-Americans

Anonymous said...

This is not the police fault. They can't be everywhere all the time. Cops aren't on my street 24/7 and we don't have any homicides. It is simply black animal behavior that is getting worse. Here is KC, we have a Sandy Hook every month. It just takes the entire month to do it. In Chicago it only takes them 3-7 days for their own Sandy Hook. Black people, I think of all the painful things you must endure this must be the worst: You rely entirely on the white man for survival. Our social programs feed you. There are no black farmers. There are no black engineers. There are no black doctors. The list goes on. If all white people suddenly disappeared the black race would be completely wiped dead within five years from famine and disease. Of course what would kill them the most would be each other.

Anonymous said...

I like Obama generally, but even I can't stand his appointment of Holder as AG. The standard for what is racist must be the same for all races. Hatred and violence targeted at victims based on race must end-period. How is it that the Reverend Cleaver and his ilk avoid addressing this matter for his white constituents?

Anonymous said...

6:39 nails it

Anonymous said...

6:13 AM Your Police Chief said the Hotspot program was reducing violent crime.

Anonymous said...

If you think NIGGERS will read more than two or three sentences, you're mistaken. They are much too busy, representin' and stealin'....just being NIGGERS.

Anonymous said...

If it works, don't fix it.

j. breslin said...

Hey, Duigid, f ur reading this, we know what ur schtick is: blaming white people for th problems of blacks because u know it pisses off white people & those same whites will write angry letters and that translates into ad revenue generated for that WHITE OWNED newspaper u work for. Do ur white bosses pat u on the head when they c how many angry letters and e mails u generate?

soon to b ded nigga said...

Ha,ha!!! nigga be PROUD to akkomplich sumthin. cause we be makin kansas city #1 KILLA CITY.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry our high techie hotty spot software will fix everything!

Anonymous said...

Well this is the sum total of awards and accolades we've earned huh?

Anonymous said...

6:26, look at Brandon Ellington's list of attendees. It's the list of usual suspects. Ad Hoc? Please? Kevin Masters? Because he contributed so much at KCPD?! John Sharp and Melba Curls? They have plenty of opportunities to work on solutions and have offered up nothing! Sharp's always looking for personal gain and Melba is just pathetically stupid. Crystal Williams? Need I say more? Bonnye Mims? She couldn't handle her gig at Ruskin School District and she's a moron.

We elect grifters and idiots. We hold preacher pimps up as role models. And we wonder why our "leaders" have no answers. Good for Brandon for trying, but he has no bench. Event will have zero effect. And the killing will go on and on...

Anonymous said...

..from the office of MO 5th District Congressman Cleaver, Chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus

Congressman Cleaver is pleased to announce that the Violence Policy Center has named Missouri the nation's leader!

Congressman Cleaver was also heartened to see his pet project "The Green Zone" receive recognition recently on the website "Tony's Kansas City."

.....this now concludes another episode of "Cleaver's Rap n Crap" (cue the theme song from the movie Carwash)

Anonymous said...

In one city in Brazil, the homicide rate is 10 per day. The clearance rate by police is less than 10%. In KC, our clearance rate is now at around 30% and dropping. As clearance rates drop, homicides will go up. Clearance rates will not go back up in KC until police start developing relationships with citizens. KCPD's us against them culture caused this and KCPD is to blame.

Anonymous said...

What a fucking joke.

KCPD is responsible for the murders.

Go fuck yourself you fucking idiot.

Anonymous said...

If we would try the killers and oput them to death as fast as they are offing their friends and relatives there might be some reduction in violent crime. However, as long as there are little to no consequences you get what we got.

Anonymous said...

With that list of characters all is solved. Expect reductions in violence immediately with this brain trust In action. Perhaps they'll at least have free coffee and donuts so something good comes out of this waste of time.

Anonymous said...

1/31/13, 12:47 PM
Hey Dip-Shit learn to read.
No one said KCPD was responsible for the murders.
They were talking about the CLEARANCE RATE.
Go fuck yourself you fucking KCPD idiot.

Anonymous said...

Chuck, many good points. Thanks for your insights.

Anonymous said...

Missouri wins this for a simple reason. The inner cities of both Kansas City and St Louis hold a large population of the states black population. Add the factors of poverty and ghetto mentality and you get the nation's #1. Not much the cops or the city governmet can do about that. Maybe Earnest can spout a 'surge' comment to make himself feel imprtant.

Anonymous said...

NIGGER ......please !

Anonymous said...

Youre so unbelievably incorrect its ridiculously sickening. Black people are the ones killing each other. If they dont like the violence then they should stop committing it.

Anonymous said...

The only people who can stop this are black people. Period. Not the police, not whites, not government, not programs, just black people.

Anonymous said...

It's odd how America wants to ban guns because they are used in such a high percentage of murders, yet ignore the high percentage of murders caused by black people issue. Maybe we are banning the wrong things.

Stephan Karadja said...

Umm, excuse me, but what the heck do you mean by "bigger, better cities." Who the heck thought it was okay, as a journalist, to classify one city as better than any other? This is NOT okay, especially when you're referring to cities in MY state. Fix this, NOW.