Thursday, January 24, 2013


Not so long ago local leaders expended every bit of bi-state goodwill by passing a tax to fund the redevelopment of Kansas City's Old And Busted Union Station.

They promised it would be a tourist attraction. It wasn't.

Then they brought in a bunch of dead Chinese bodies to attract a crowd. That didn't help much.

Very recently, the management pretty much gave up on attracting a crowd and started selling office space . . .

Now, Union Station hopes to re-brand (again) as an "innovation" hub.

Union Station is becoming an innovation hub

I don't know exactly what that means but I'm guessing it involves high speed Internets, a few conferences and maybe some gimme office space.

Nevertheless . . .

The place is close to 100 years-old and on the path to even more taxpayer subsidy.

Kansas City Council gets Union Station tax credit plan

And after all of these years Union Station has been many things except self-sustaining.


Anonymous said...

Tony what is the source of you irrational hatred of that building?

Did a priest ever take you on a "field trip" there?

chuck said...

Tony is correct with his criticisms, but holy cow is that place cool.

I am not sure what would, other than a Train Theme Casino would make it economically vible, but it exists now, ipsto facto, so continuing the effort makes sense, imo.

chuck said...

Tony's 6:35 comment is hilarious, but I would still get that rash checked out as soon as possible.

Tony said...

That comment was a faker Chuck.

And I hate to agree with you that the building is cool.

Have you seen the disco lights on Union Station yet?

Pretty neat.

Anonymous said...

Come on guys what is self sustaining in KC?

Make a huge casino and whore house out of it. Stick a plane on the roof and the dump be a gold mine.

chuck said...



That guy, 6:36 was pretty funny.

chuck said...

Superdave is right, that would bring in some serious jack.

Anonymous said...

Define "faker" Tony. Now if you removed something from the comments, you should leave a marker.

Anonymous said...

Innovation Hub. LOL

Anonymous said...

You want to know what is self sustaining? Union fucking Station.

In the black every year. Certainly more self-sustaining than your precious MAST cabulance service.

Chloe said...

Legalized prostitution could solve a great deal of problems. Put a tax stamp on it. It shouldn't be easier to buy a politician than it is a hooker.

Anonymous said...

Why a world-class aquarium isn't there is beyond me.