Tuesday, January 22, 2013

No Housing For Po'Folk In Oooolathe

KC Biz Journal reports on suburban cruelty: Olathe may strike down $15M low-income apartments


Anonymous said...

Good for them.

The U.S. isn't Communist yet, with its fine public housing drek castles of shit everwhere you look.

Next stop on the commie train - Ward Parkway Mansions siezed and then fitting 6-8 families each of newly imported illegals living on your tax money in these newly converted-to-public-housing "Social Justice" scams.

chuck said...



Hey Obama, Feistein, Holder, Cuomo, Brady Campaign Traitors, LaRaza, Leftist MSM Parrots... said...

Ban high-capacity wombs of the economic assualt weapons known as Illegal Immigrants on the public dole.

Then, Mr. Obama and Mr. Holder...send those "Assault Weapons" back over the Mexican border.

There a plan that makes some goddamn sense.

Anonymous said...

The new way to redline... war on poverty.

Anonymous said...

I used to live behind those apartments. They are shitty enough as is. Olathe has so many apartments and duplexes that is the last thing they need.

Anonymous said...

How is this "cruelty," Tony?

I've lived in three apartment complexes in Kansas City. Two of them allowed Section 8 tenants; one did not. In the Section 8 complexes, my car was broken into twice; my girlfriend's car was broken into twice; my neighbor's apartment was broken into; my neighbor and I both had furniture stolen from our front patios; and I walked into the middle of a fistfight in the laundry room.

None of this has occurred at the non-Section 8 complex. I repeat, NONE -- and I've lived in the non-Section 8 complex for a longer time than the other two complexes combined.

For every honest, hardworking person I've met living in a Section 8 complex, there's another person (or several persons) taking advantage of the system; those are the ones who give "public housing" a bad name. There has to be a better way of providing affordable and safe housing for people.

Anonymous said...

Wow, couldn't say it better 7:21. It starts with putting a limit on how long one can receive federal benefits. I would rather pay people Section 8, food stamps and everything else that comes with it. In addition, I would rather pay for them to get thier GED, and pay for 60 hours of college at a community college just to help them get off of welfare. It would save us money in the long run for sure, and people who need the help will end up getting the tools needed to survive on thier own.