Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Kansas City residents might not notice much progress on many other important local issues but, like it or not, the toy train streetcar is right on track.

Check it:

Mayor Sly James is recruiting nearby communities to hook up with Kansas City's soon-to-be-built streetcar system . . . He made a pitch last week to officials in North Kansas City.

And while just a few hundred votes is being cynically touted as a mandate . . . Let's not forget problems that TKC Readers note time and again . . .

- More than a few readers rage the the Toy Train basically amounts to "taxation without representation" given the gerrymandering scheme that established the not-so-special taxing district.

- The Toy Train is ALREADY over-budget. This is fact that mainstream media won't report but it's sad to see that promises of revenue for this tiny starter line already fail to add up.

- Problems with the line . . . More on this in a bit . . . But the Main Street Line is far from secure and there will be more than a few surprises that should raise the price tag of all this streetcar silliness.

Sadly, toy train advocates don't want to hear any criticism and they certainly don't want the voting public involved on the citywide scale. More than anything else the streetcar has subverted Democracy in Kansas City and the despicable tactics used to establish the tiny 2 mi. starter line have already doomed it to failure.



Where is Google Tony? said...

Tony you really are embarrassing yourself over this fixation with opposing all public transportation.

At the same time, you cum all over yourself with regard to a scam called Google, which has promised all kinds of dogs and ponies, but as of yet has delivered nothing. In fact, their goal is only to bring a very few neighborhoods on line this year, even after a lot of promotional hot air last year.

My guess is that Google pays you to write nice things. Public transit has not paid you, so you will stand by the side of the tracks and throw rocks.

chuck said...

Tony is down on public transportation and I don't blame him.

Waiting for public transportation can get pretty dicey.


Anonymous said...

Why hasn't local media made a bigger deal about Google poaching, and then relocating out-of-town, local tech talent and successes?


Anonymous said...

Well Cuck, you are apeshit crazy so I do not blame you for not knowing your ass from a hole in the ground.

Anonymous said...

Does Google pay you in anyway Tony?

Superdave said...

After he made his pitch did NKC pitch him out on his ass?

Anonymous said...

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Tiny Duffy said...

I have wondered whether Tony is paid by certain benefactors of his blogging. Does he have contracts with Google? Diana Kander? Jason Holsman? The Rizzo "Family?"

Will Royster said...

I sure as hell ain't givin him any cash.

Those Somalis who rigged the election have Government bennies out the ass, but I think they spend it on 40s.

elBryan said...

They pitched it to my neighborhood last night. It's a colossal waste of taxpayer money.

They mentioned that it's a separate entity from the ATA so that the communities have more control over the routes, but it's really just a political move to circumvent the opposition they would get FROM the ATA, because really, all that's going to happen is that these street cars will suck money from the ATA.

The streetcar advocates will tell you that their project is fully funded but just wait until city hall comes asking for more money and threatens to reduce bus service. I assure you, it's coming.

Orphan of the Road said...

Time to break out the t-shirts with Mare Sly's picture with the toy train and the words, Taxation Without Representation.

Funk is Lincoln compared to this crew.

Anonymous said...

Sly is a criminal.
Welcome to reality, KC.

Anonymous said...

It's already over budget. Word is the cost has ballooned to over $160 mill.
That's before the cost to replace Main Street bridge over 670. Rumor is the bridge can't handle the weight of the streetcars and has to be torn down and replaced. That was not in the original plans. How much does it cost to build abridge these days?

Anonymous said...

Why don't we call this "Street Car" thing what it is -- a big waste of money. Another KC mayor's failed legacy.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of taxation without representation; where is the comments on Cong. Cleaver's car wash and the 1.6M that he's going to let the SBA and taxpayers pickup?

What's up Tony? No articles on Congressman "Crook" Cleaver?

Anonymous said...

How many people voted on the Village West TDD?

How many people voted on the Oak Park Mall TDD?

How many people voted on the Plaza TDD?