Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Kansas City No Violence Alliance Collaboration With Prez Obama's New Plan?!?

Fox4 profiles local anti-violence initiatives in connection with Prez Obama's plan: "Kansas City leaders agree and have been moving forward with their own plans for change, a program called Kansas City No Violence Alliance, or KC NoVA . . . KC NoVA brings together law enforcement, prosecutors, probation and parole, juvenile justice system, city leaders and academics with an end goal to reduce violence. Mass killings in movie theaters and elementary schools shock the nation but Kansas City had 108 homicides last year."


Impeach Obama said...

Turn in all your assault niggers, high-capacity freeloaders, and illegal immigrants.

Problem solved.

Anonymous said...

This is all wasted talk until the community decides to rat out the shooters.

chuck said...

Total Bullshit.

Concentrating Sandyhook, diminishes the culture, the AFRICAN AMERICAN CULTURE of violence, lionized, glorified and responsible for 75% of gun crimes.

Gimme a fuckin break.

One more time you dumb fucks----

Taking guns away from JoCo (Or ANY LAW ABIDING CITIZENS), will not now, EVER, fuckin EVER cure the necrosis, the cancerous, moribund direction of violence in this country by a sub culture, inured of entitlement, born of falacious revisionist history and predispostioned by way of a myopic stupidity EVER stop the violence!

Here, HERE is what the new electorate understands.


This, at first blush, sounds awful.

The Black Panthers want their gun rights.

Me too.

Kill kilers, don't snitch.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking the Veteran's Administration (VA) is thrilled with the KCNoVA moniker !