Wednesday, January 16, 2013


One of our favorite talk show hosts gives up on KC Star dominated public broadcasting . . .

A statement from the KCUR website:

"Jabulani Leffall has indicated to us that he wants to pursue a different career direction. We respect his decision and wish him well in his future endeavors, and we remain committed to providing high-quality local programming.Brian Ellison, one of our regular guest hosts, will be filling in for the next few weeks."

Mr. Leffall never got a lot of love from d-bags on this blog BUT it's doubtful anybody is going to be busting their radio dial to tune into Brian McTavish who is next in line to take over the job. On the bright side, Johnny Dare is funnier than ever. Natch.


Anonymous said...

Recording deal. Ask Miles.

Radioman KC said...

I never actually listened to him. Not EVER! I do listen to media, but only on television at home.

Only when I'm in my car do I listen to public radio, KU's classical music. Or rarely, KMBZ. That morning talker who's a young idiot and sends me back to Lawrence music most of the time.

Rush? Well he's worth about ten minutes but if that's what KMBZ is, I'm not interested for hes a right wing moron. Checked him today.

Same anti-obama shit as usual and sadly today, Obama made a lot of sense as he usually does.

About the six year old dead children, shot in their faces with high capacity weapons. Rush didn't make all that much sense today. What do YOU think?

He Can Move In With Byron And Live In WV said...

That would be fun.

*EYEROLL* said...

OHitlerBama "made a lot of sense"?

Whew! Adjust that tinfoil hat Radiohead.

Anonymous said...

BiRon wants the chocolate spooge pump.

Anonymous said...

He would be welcome at my home. You haters would not be welcome.

Anonymous said...

Too bad. Leffall's show was getting better all the time.

McTavish has been lurking about for years. His music and movie reviews at The Star were the worst.
Figures he'd want to be the new Bodine.

Anonymous said...

6:02 is proof that the freeloader likes the prison dessert.

chuck said...

I loved his show.

Look, we all get the "Agenda".

Still, I liked his show and view points that are the opposite of mine.

When we start dismissing discourse, conversation and dialogue, then, then we die.

In my opinion, we are, as a city, diminished by his absence.

Anonymous said...

He got tired of being a script reader. Can't say I blame him.

Anonymous said...

I liked the show. He was always well prepared and was a good interviewer. It took me awhile to work past his 'hood accent but he's no dummy.

Anonymous said...

He's good but the shows head honcho's preferred mediocre (safe) programming and you could tell they basically had his hands tied and would never get out of his way and let him do his thing. McTavish will be a nice safe and manageable guy who will go along with the program and "stay on message".

Anonymous said...

If I was him I would have said good luck trying to innovate anything in Kansas City as my final statement.

Anonymous said...

too bad i re-upped my pledge. I liked his sow. I abhor the dead retread Fish Fry with Chuck Haddix

Anonymous said...

I am sooooo glad to see this NIGGER do something, anything else. He always sounded like he had a mouthful of marbles and tried his damnedest to talk like a ghetto NIGGER, and succeeded most of the time. Good fucking riddance to this jig who's time came and went sometime back....

Anonymous said...

send in your audition tape. It's doubtful you'd make the cut.

Anonymous said...

TKC Media Empire expansion?
Now would be the time to beat a path to KCUR management's door to inquire about this opening. You could reach a much broader audience TKC. Of course, a few adjustments would be required:
1) NO verbal descriptions of bikini babe hotness on-air.
2) Abstain from snack cakes while broadcasting...all that wrapper noise.
3) No references to d-bags, degenerates, Golden Ghetto, etc.
4) DO use sound effects for BREAKING and EXCLUSIVE NEWS!!!
5) DO hold elected officials accountable and ask the tough questions.
6) DO take lots of caller comments and engage in debate.

Let the grassroots movement to get TKC on-air commence......

Xalti said...

Is it me or is everybody else impressed with Chuck.

Nice going man!

chuck said...

Tony on KCUR would be, in my opinion (I have listened to Tony on Darla, he is interesting, articulate and would transcend, invigorate and illuminate issues, that, in my opinion, the MSM will in no way touch.

Tony, on KCUR, would be a local coup.

The idiots in Public Radio, constrained by lemming/like conditioned thinking (PD's sucking up to nebulous talking points, so fucking safe, yet so fuckin terrified of the truth.) will never consider a talent, an eclectic talent as open minded and able to see the field like Tony.

It is what it is.

I do not agree with Tony's agenda and most of his viewpoints.

Who gives a fuck.

TKC is the ONLY egalitarian discourse in this city.

The personification of the 1st Amendment and the free for all that includes every citizen in this city---this blog, this TKC, this conduit from the Nigger guy to City Hall, is, categorically, without a doubt, the most AMERICAN of all things in this phony, bullshit life we lead.

Here it is, every day.

We hate, love and describe our differences in the hope of a dream that we will all see each other, as we would so like us, to, indeed, see each other.

Yes, yes, yes you dumbfucks.

Put Tony on the radio.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Tony on the radio! We want Tony! We want Tony!

chuck said...

No shit.

Lets think about, how many times, some fuck like Tony, broke ass fuck like all of us, has a voice.

No matter what your opinion of his opinions, he gets ZERO add bucks and humps his fuckin godamn fuckin ass all over town, for what???

To tell his truth, good or bad as he sees it.

This shit does, in no way, in the real world, get any fuckin better, EVER!

The guy is the metaphysicall working mans 4th Estate hero.

What girlfirends?

What life?

What for?

Here is what for.

To inform, to elucidate, to let us fuckin lemmings from the nigger guy to grouchy old fucks like me, what Tony sees as the truth.

Sometimes, when I read Tony's bullshit and dissagree, I still, I swear to god, wanna stand up and salute the old America.

Tony is that old American.

Tony is Common Sense from a new zeitgeist.

Tony, is, America, he will engage, talk, discourse and listen.

If local radio changes, becomes more relevent and alive with possibilites, then Tony, should be ON THE RADIO!

Shouldn't talk radio in this town, be more conected to actual real time issues by a host unafraid to see the truth?

Would not, the station, that promoted the ascendance of someone who appeals, by way of his truth and reputation to ALL Kansas Citians be rewarded by incresed ratings.




Don't be safe.

Be relevant.

Engage this city, with the one true voice of this city.

Anonymous said...

And coming up next on KCUR our own fart sniffing snack cake eating big boob sucking slander loving . . nah don't think it's gonna happen.

Anonymous said...

Tony's a backwards bigot of the Limbaugh ilk - the only audience he would draw would be his mostly moronic readers (echo chamber).

And that's not near enough to pull his weight during pledge drives, trust me.

He, like Bottom Line, are giants in his own imagination and poor schleps in real life.

Who would care?