Tuesday, January 29, 2013


TKC science tells us that Global Climate Change inspires wild temperature fluctuations in Kansas City.

Now, expect local news to switch to nothing more than local weather coverage . . .

Here's how it starts:

Infozine: Greater Kansas City Area Winter Advisory and Hazardous Weather Outlook

KCUR: Cold Air Hits KC, Snow Possible Tuesday Night

KCTV5: Rain soaks Kansas City metro, snow headed overnight

Aaaaaaaaand, like it or not, the weather gets more coverage than TRIPLE MURDER IN KANSAS CITY last night.


chuck said...

I like to think Jordan carver is actuall laying on top of a swimming pool of uncut blow.

Anonymous said...

thanks for taking over for Katie Horner, Tony.

Anonymous said...

Snow? In January? Whoodathunkit?

Anonymous said...

I miss Katie. I used to jerk off watching her and blow my load on the screen, right on her face.

Anonymous said...

Yup! Kansas City! Where a couple of inches of snow will cover damn near an entire news cast. We have to know more about snow, traffic and salt supplies than any area in the nation.