Thursday, December 06, 2012

Top 5 Reasons Kansas City's Toy Train Streetcar Won't Live Up To The Hype!!!

Propaganda for The Kansas City Toy Train is now in high gear as the laughable results of a RIGGED election are soon to unfold.

Check out Yael Cheerleading: What the streetcar plan could do for downtown Kansas City

And so . . .


1. Toy Train Supporters are LYING about the REAL COST: Most taxpayer subsidized construction projects are nothing more than a feeding frenzy in Kansas City. $100 Mil doesn't even come close to the real price once so many consultants and engineering firms take their cut. Look for prices to DOUBLE as this terror train for taxpayers is already eating up "emergency" City Hall cash as it goes off track.

2. Toy Train Accidents - Streetcars are notorious for hitting cyclists and other cars. Obviously, this old school technology isn't as maneuverable as a bus. And so this represents more cost and danger on local streets.

3. The Toy Train To Nowhere - Crown Center has a great parking garage and there's plenty of space to park at the River Market. There's nothing much to visit at Union Station other than offices . . . This is transit designed for NOBODY and reverse engineering density has always proven to be an expensive disaster for Kansas City.

4. Violence On The Kansas City Terror Toy Train - Downtown and The Crossroads have seen an uptick in homicides this year and eventually somebody will get killed, robbed and/or severely beaten on the Toy Train AND THEN suburbanites and young people the city hopes to attract might realize that there's more safety by simply staying in their cars.

5. The Toy Train Subverted Kansas City Democracy With Dirty Backroom Deals - All of Kansas City will end up paying dearly for the Toy Train but this "Transit District Ponzi Scheme" championed by Kansas City Council Dude Russ Johnson is one of the most despicable attempts to subvert the electorate Kansas City has seen according to some Toy Train critics. Less than 500 people will get to spend $100 Million of Kansas City taxpayer cash in a process that was completely RIGGED and has capitalized on this town's broken Democracy.

For these reasons and so many more the Kansas City Toy Train Streetcar is already a FAILED scheme that reveals a political leadership class with misplaced priorities and deplorable practices.



Anonymous said...

Yael just needed to suck up to Sly after the Star criticized the underhanded way the ridiculous election was run. There are few things sadder than to watch the gaggle of local "reporters" roaming the halls of city hall or swirling around Sly or one of the councilmembers hoping for a big "scoop".
It won't take any moe violence than already occurs to keep the majority of the 2.3 million metro residents out of downtown. They don't go there now and haven't for years.
And with all the taxpayer money spent and all the government employees forced to move downtown to try to fill half-empty office buildings and make believe that people are voluntarily wanting to work there, downtown will continue to become more of a fake movie set than it already is. How much non-performing commercial eal estate can the taxpayers afford to support?
It's amazing that a little group of people can stampede these elected folks into such a ridiculous waste of public money and turn priorities so upside down.
And now a handful of business "leaders" are speaking out against tax breaks?
Give me a break!

Anonymous said...

Since the cost per mile of ridership is about ten times the cost of a cab ride these 19th century transportation methods are now being sold as "econcomic development." The best econcomic development will always be a safe area with good infrastructure. All the nostalgic toys will never overcome the fear of being mugged.

Anonymous said...

Dude i have had my suburbanite kids on the El in Chicago, the DART in Dallas and the subways of New York. They learn a few cusswords and I might have to ask them to shield their eyes at times but i think we will be fine on a trolley car in KC...

Orphan of the Road said...

A lie is as good as the truth as long as you can get someone to believe it.

The Mare and Shitty Council are put in power by the developers who suckle the teat of government.

The people voting on the already-annointed ones merely gives the illusion of representative democracy.

Instead of city cars, politicians should be given a bus pass. Perhaps they might begin to overhaul mass transit in a way it benefits the people who rely on it.

Anonymous said...

@9:12 am
If you really think that a two mile streetcar line is going to make KCMO comparable to New York, Dallas, or Chicago, it's little wonder that folks like you support this fiasco.
Projects that work in other cities do so because of the environments in other cities, how policies work together, and some high-level attention at the highest levels to see to it that projects are done well.
In KCMO the elected folks all show up for the ribbon cuttings and the balloon launches and then race off to the next big thing.
The last thing that KCMO taxpayers need is yet another financial sucking chest wound like the P&L District.

All Of Your Tax Dollars Are Belong To Us said...

Here's the best plan:

Build a taxpayer-funded Cabela's at one end and a Bass Pro at the other end (this will involve relocating City Market and Union Station (more construction jobs!!!) - then the train will be a HUGE success (for Cabela's, Bass Pro, the developers, insider-bidding contractors, and the crooked politicians getting kickbacks and campaign contributions).

Come on, it's only tax money!
If Independence can do it, so can KC's SuperSly.

Anonymous said...

Maybe a train could be built to take downtowners to Sugar Creek for some shopping at that wonderful eminent-domain-abuse-for-private-commercial-use success story Sugarland Mall!!!

Oh, wait...there's nothing there but blighted land, overgrowth, and rubble that once had homes and families and...

Sarah said...

Ha, funny list. Unfortunately, I am also having a hard time justifying this street car. Seems like a mighty expensive toy which will mostly be a novelty for tourists. This solves no problem and is not practical.

Anonymous said...

Actually a Bass Pro and Cabelas might just do the trick since a large percentage of riders would be carrying guns - about the only crime deterrent to be found where the KCPD is in charge.

Anonymous said...

LMAO 2:13!

Anonymous said...

Some great comments.

Anonymous said...

If you all had such strong feelings against the streetcar, you should have (like the supporters did)led voter registration drives and donated HUNDREDS of hours to sitting in coffee shops notarizing NO ballots.

I forgot... it is soooo much easier to sit back and complain while others try to move forward.

Further, another commentor stated we hope to become like NY, Chicago, Dallas... No, that is not even close. We will NEVER be that, and most Kansas Citians would never WANT that.

Another, said that the 2 miles is a joke. What part of PHASE I do you get? I will be paying heafty property taxes for the line (which the largest critics will NOT have to pay since they are not in the district).