Friday, December 07, 2012


Heidi Vuorela is a Finnish body building babe who has recently caught our attention . . . And while her guns are extremely powerful . . . Here are some Kansas City locals who also made a strong showing this week.

Check it:


1. Council Dude Russ Johnson - Supporters deny that he wants to be Mayor but there is no questioning that he's the leader of the Kansas City Toy Train Streetcar Conspiracy.

2. Council Lady Jan Marcason - She stood up to racism of a far less important kind and worked to limit marathon traffic jams over the Summer. A strong move for a lady who is rarely seen outside of City Hall or Waldo/Brookside.

3. Jackson County Legislator Crystal Williams - She is set to take leadership of the Greater Kansas City Women's Political Caucus and take her revenge on every dude who wronged her.

4. Gov. Jay - Our Missouri leader in name only . . . He visited the troops this week and is mostly confined to photo ops given that he has no veto power.

5. Jackson County Executive Mike Sanders - Sometimes staying out of the news is a victory.


Jason Whitlock - More than any other journalist in the nation. Jason Whitlock lead the conversation and critical analysis of the circumstances surrounding the Jovan Belcher murder/suicide.

Mark Alford - The Mayor of Knobtown remained strongly stoic and stayed hard at work when overwrought Internet outrage came his way.

John Landsberg - In a week when most news organizations gave up their ethics to chase a salacious story . . . Kansas City's media referee kept everyone honest.

Sarah Clark - This news lady with quite a bit of tech knowledge is becoming one of the most powerful female journalists in Kansas City.

Justin Kendall - The Managing Editor is keeping things exciting @ The Pitch and creating a great mix of content that keeps attracting readers in this digital age.


Agreeing With Bob Costas That Guns Are The Root Of All Evil - The mainstream impulse to take away guns gains momentum with every tragedy and Kansas City talking points delivered with confident style sparked a great deal of attention.

Dittohead Agreement With Rush Limbaugh That Bob Costas And Liberals Are Killing Us - Reactionary backlash against Bob Coastas powered talk radio this week and probably made gun sellers even richer.

Fascination With Mostly Fictional Details About The Last Moments Of Jovan Belcher - Kissing foreheads, emotional last words and arguments without cussing were created by the imagination of reporters and only suckers accept this detail as anything but bland fantasy. In reality, the last sound Jovan Belcher made was: "Splat."

Pushing Feminism And Domestic Violence Arguments For Sports Fans Who Only Care About Cheerleaders - Mary Sanchez will not accept that a backhand would have worked out better for everybody amid this tragedy. TKC hates domestic violence but realizes that bruises heal better than bullet wounds.

Feeling So Sorry For The Chiefs In The Aftermath Of A Murder Suicide Hot Mess - The feelings of these losers were reported far more frequently than anything having to do with family members of the murder victim.

As always, this list has been compiled according to scientific TKC polling and market research data and it's a weekly comprehensive guide to local powerful people.


Anonymous said...

Nice list. Get a life dude.

Creeflow Dollar said...

And yet here you are reading this. Oh the self loathing you must feel 07:05.

Anonymous said...

Pretty well written, Tee. Good job.

chuck said...

Turn in your guns and let these filty fuckin pieces of shit run the streets you dumb fucks.

Make NO mistake.

The government, local, state and fed, will do NOTHING to protect you and your family from this filth.

Anonymous said...

fucking shame. nice find chuck.

chuck said...

If you are so goddamn fuckin stupid you can't extrapolate the direction this country is going, then you and your family, in the coming decades, deserve to be killed by puke fucks like this.

Long Story Short said...

Owning a handgun saved my life many years ago in my native Detroit, MI.

For my 21st birthday (a long damn time ago) I bought a S&W Model 66-1 .357 Magnum as a gift to myself.
Three years later, during a night-time B&E of my home in Rosedale Park (W. Detroit), that great revolver was used to preserve my bacon against an armed intruder.

I will NEVER give up my firearms. I am here all these years later only because of that gift to myself so many years ago.

Anonymous said...

Costas is a weasel.

Anonymous said...

Better title: Big sexy stays winning.

C'mon T, let's get up to speed.