Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Kansas City Streetcar Toy Train Time Travel

Remember not so long ago when Kansas City's Toy Train was just a dumb idea that the Feds probably wouldn't (and didn't) fund . . .

Kansas City steps up to Modern Streetcar

Almost a year later Mayor Sly and City Council have wasted a great deal of political capital and goodwill on this scheme that may or may not solve all of Kansas City's problems.


chuck said...

Even though Tony stole my premise yesterday, that in no way negates it.

Gas is coming WAY down.

No one will beneffit from this train.

It is, an enormous waste of money.

Anonymous said...

agree Chuck! More than usual lately. I think I better start drinking better quality booze.

Anonymous said...

Pardon me, boy
Is that the Kansas City choo choo?
Track twenty-nine
Boy, you can gimme a shine
I can afford
To board a Jackson County choo choo
I've got my fare
And just a trifle to spare

Hyperblogal said...

Kids are getting blown away with shotguns walking home from school and these folks are pushing trolleys. Nice priorities.

spyke1 said...

Chuck, I agree that Sly's toy train is a waste of money. Mass transit? Not a waste. As for the new found U.S. oil deposits, thats great. But there's a problem with developing technology to extract the oil. The current process requires massive amounts of water. The required water supply does not exist in the region containing the oil deposits. Now comes a proposal to build a pipeline which would send Missouri river water to Colorado. Supposedly to increase water supplies for the Denver area, and the Colorado river. That pipeline project may take as long as 13 years to comlete. Or maybe we can tow an iceberg to the west caost to solve the water woes plaguing our energy needs. Either of these ideas are viable solutions. But, don't be fooled by the reasons stated for the water woes. I don't believe for a moment Denver needs our drinking water anymore than the Colorado river levels need to be raised with Missouri river water. We need the water to extract the oil from the rocky deposits in that region. Chuck, if you believe the U.S. will be the biggest oil exporter in the world, I agree with you. As for the timing of that glorious export title, well Chuck, I suspect that time is many years out. In any event, the fight over one region taking another regions water, thats a whole other obstacle course yet to be completed.

Anonymous said...

The $100 million and counting costs of the streetcar have nothing to do with mass transit, gas prices, oil exploration, downtown development, or anything other than the egos of Russ Johnson and a couple harebrained architects and urban planners.
And everyone in KCMO will be paying forever.

Anonymous said...

What is Russ Johnson getting out of this? Why is he pushing so hard? Who does his wife work for? he must be benefiting financially somehow for hi, to be such a vocal advocate for such a waste-of-money project. Why hasn't anyone looked into this angle?

spyke1 said...

You seem to be investigating this "angle" with an odd approach. Please don't tease me.
Don't be shy.
Just say it!
How's he benefiting from it?

Anonymous said...

Feds didn't want to put their money in it. Not sure it will solve any of the city's problems.

Anonymous said...

Economic Development? Investment? Are you shitting me? Unless this thing is a party train with a bar, food, and souvenir shop this train will have all the potentioal of a multi-million dollar bus on tracks.

Will the EPA please check the water at city hall?

Anonymous said...

Go away Russ Johnson. You've already proved your an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Yup, the city people who have been pushing this need to just swallow hard and let it go before we spend any more money on it.

You KCMO officials have much more important things to focus on. I just can't believe a city government can be this dumb!

Mass transit is a good idea...but not a train to nowhere. Figure out how to get your jobless people to where the fuckkin JOBS are, morons! (that's KANSAS!)