Monday, May 21, 2012


KSHB: "Friends and family members met at the intersection of 67th and Blue Ridge Boulevard on Sunday morning, in hopes of finding answers in Harry Stone's murder."

Shame on so many TKC Commenters who criticize these same kind of gatherings in the urban core but won't do the same here . . . TKC HINT: Crime fighting efforts and encouraging folks to provide tips in minority/urban communities might be the key that helps to solve this horrific crime.


Anonymous said...

If key tips are in minority community - does that mean minorities are responsible? More than likely this is a black gang initiation and sadly nothing will be done to get get justice for Mr. Stone.

SOS said...

But where were all the hundreds of folks who claim to be so concerned about the Trayvon Martin tragedy in FLORIDA?
Particularly people like Gwen Grant and Clinton Adams who could very well speak out about this kind of behavior, since there's plenty of it, but never have a word to say unless it's blaming someone else.
This kind of behavior of senseless killing seems to have somehow become acceptable and is just getting worse and the police can't possibly do anything but react to such randomness and certainly can't protect residents who refuse to cooperate or help provide for their own safety.
So where are the Urban Summit gang, the NAACP, the SCLC, Al Brooks, and all the others who have so much to say about what other people are supposed to do for THEM?
Mr. Stone's murder was not just a tragedy, it was an outrage.

chuck said...


Your right, it was an outrage, but don NOT in any way expect the media to chase this story like the Trayvon Martin story.

The victim of this hate crime was a white man, and the 4th estate in conjuction with the African Ameican community is now involved in a de factoe civil war against whites in conjunction with all Main Stream Media. Even Fox is dismissive and continues to under report the violence that is brought to bear each and every day against people in this country because of the color of their skin in hate crime after hate crime that Eric "My People" Holder will not prosecute.

Anonymous said...

Good Luck! The only way they'll solve this is if someone starts bragging about it and the wrong person hears. Chcuk is RIGHT again. That whole trayvon fiasco, is just a ploy to energize the base. Ole Hope & Change is worried they won't turn out. DEMAGOGUE!

Anonymous said...

Where the fuck the Alonzo the mouth???

Anonymous said...

The reason the Trayvon Martin killing was a big deal is because his killer was known, but not arrested. Comparing this crime to other cases where the shooter is unknown or already arrested is disingenuous.

chuck said...




Here is what is "Disingenuous".

The main stream media's incessant coverage of a non crime in order to appease the African American mob, which threatens and couuntenances riots, murder, assault, intimidation and destruction if the expected verdict of guilty is not rendered in a sham trial whose outcome is predetermined by the will of a thug culture and the fear of retribution from same.

Here is what is "Disingenuous".

Dismissing to 3rd class status the avalanche of documented black on white crime which like a biblical plague infects our society while the 4th estate, cowed by threats and living in fear of losing their liberal je ne se qua status, earned now by way of the caucasion bodies stacked like fucking firewood in another American room with no admittance. That is fuckin "disingenuous".

That old white man was killed in a Hate Crime that our Attorney General has promised categorically NOT to prosecute.

The unambiguated exculpatory evidence in the Trayvon Martin case, which exonerates the Half Hispanic, Half White so called perp lends itself, in the face of such a preposterous effort to comic relief.

The African American mob will not take Barabbus when there is ANY chance that there might be white blood to shed in another media generated "White Racial Attack."

Black thugs, killers shot and killed that old man from Raytown, just like they are killing, raping and assaulting whites all over America.

"Dinsingenuous" my fuckin ass.

Anonymous said...

The fact, just the fact. The man was killed by NIGGERS and identified them as NIGGERS before he died. Fuck a bunch O NIGGERS....They ruin everything!

Anonymous said...

Chuck, it is being reported. I read the report on CNN.

The prosecutor overreached. It was manslaughter, not second degree murder.

Zimmerman will be found not guilty & there will be riots. All of this could of been avoided had he been arrested (even if found later to be not guilty.)

Known shooters must at least be arrested so the dead can have a fair trial.

Anonymous said...

I feel for the Stone family but they won't be successful if only online haters support their cause. They need partnership with the community.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that "partnership with the community" sure helped when their loved one was shot down in cold blood by NIGGERS!