Tuesday, March 27, 2012


TKC covered the last KCPD forum and it was impressive . . . Maybe not as gully as Denise Milani but still very informative and a great opportunity to talk with KCPD officers.

Check the presser from KCPD Chief Forté about this forum with all all of the details and the accompanying link to his blog:

Chief Darryl Forté invites the public to a forum Saturday to meet with various Kansas City Police Department elements and ask questions or voice their concerns.

The forum will be from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. March 31 at the Paseo Academy of Fine and Performing Arts, 4747 Flora Ave. The event will be structured so community members can speak one-on-one with commanders and officers as well as Chief Forté. Representatives of multiple KCPD units will be at tables to speak with the public. Some of those units include Homicide, Narcotics and Vice Division, Human Resources Recruiters, and each patrol division station. Residents are invited to ask questions and share their concerns about public safety and quality of life related issues.

Chief Forté also will ask community members who have specific public safety problems they’d like to see addressed to sign a “Community Contract” with the KCPD. This contract will outline the mutually agreed upon action steps to be taken by police and residents to address the issue.

“It says we have a shared responsibility and individual accountability – both police and community members – for resolving problems,” Chief Forté said.

This is the second of Chief Forté’s quarterly community forums since he became chief.

The forum will be in Paseo Academy’s cafeteria. The public should park on the Flora Avenue (west side) of the building and enter through the cafeteria entrance.


Anonymous said...

Hi KCPD Chief !
Maybe you and your blog have not noticed but we are setting records for 5 straight years in homicides. Do you really need a community forum to figure that out?
Maybe your social media gurus can tell you about what's going on in KCMO society since you seem to be clueless.
Do we really need to post it on twitter, or Facebook? Maybe if you guys got out of your cars and IN THE Community rather than relying on social media you cops would know what's going on. Get off you fat azz and do some old fashion gum shoe investigations. Don't just sit your azz around the phones expecting people to call in.

Super Dave said...

hahahahahaha another dog and pony show for your viewing pleasure.

Still won't change a damn thing.

Anonymous said...

KCPD is a loser Police Department.
You can't fight crime sitting behind a desk in headquarters, reading the Kansas City Star every morning, Please get out from behind the desk and get out onto the streets where the crime is.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you people take responabilty and quit expecting the police to fix your problems !

Anonymous said...

Hey 4:40, why don't you go to the forum and make your thoughts known there? That's right, because nearly everyone on TKC comments (except 4:53) just wants to whine about problems and do nothing to help fix them.

Anonymous said...

Hey 5:01 just quit the bullshit promise to protect and serve! Bullshit fly's two ways ass holes.

Anonymous said...

5:01 PM Hey 501 quit asking for pay raises for poor performance.

Anonymous said...

The police do what they can on murder scenes. If bystanders don't give them information or a victim who is still alive refuses to cooperate, how the hell are the police supposed to stop it?

Anonymous said...

3/27/12 5:01 PM

Wrote the KCPD and never got an answer!
Maybe they were too busy eating steak and lobster at the Capital Grille.

Anonymous said...


Feel free to come up to the crime scene tape and offer and witness statement on the next homicide. Remember the police are not there when the crimes are committed. Folks like yourself are and generally police do their "gum shoe investigating" when witnesses come forward with information. Please take everything you've learned about police work from watching years of CSI re-runs and throw it out the window. It takes cooperation from the community to get it done and a forum like this, though maybe a dog and pony show I'll give you that super Dave, is an attempt at cohesion with the community.

Anonymous said...

3/27/12 5:23 PM
Great idea!
Not only will I throw out the TV BS CSI stuff But also the BS KCPD crap!

Anonymous said...

That's why are country has a problem because of idots like you i work in the medical field and no one is ever responsible for their actions !

Anonymous said...

"because of idots like you i work in the medical field" What's a idots?

You need to go back to medical school! LOL

So you went to work in the medical field because of "idots" like me?
You must be a CJ or sociology major NOT in the medical field. LOL.

Truth Squad said...


You ought to go. You ought to sign a community contract that states, in part:

"I will no longer make false statements on the internet to aggravate a situation for my personal benefit (i.e., ego, for example)."

"I will no longer make slanderous statements on the internet against people working for the betterment of the community I live in."

"I will no longer make false claims about personal safety on the internet.'

I will no longer make false statements on the internet.'

"I will no longer make false statements."

Can you do that? The Truth Squad will be there Saturday, looking for you.

Looking for you to be a man.

Anonymous said...

And the first that needs to go is the "truth squad", Since you never signed a contract yourself, ROFLOL.

Anonymous said...

Tonys KC beats your "Truth Squad" any-day.
Ass Holes.
Protect free speech not "truth squads'.
Fuc U !.

Anonymous said...

Hey community, how about taking responsibility for the crime your city. You can sit back all you want and expect the police to solve it or you can get involved. There is black on black crime everyday here and not a city leader to be heard. Where is the Rev. Jackson, or Al Sharptons of KC. Oh, let's have a Plaza protest of an incident in FL when we don't know the facts but when a white student is set on fire in KC by two black persons lets keep quiet. Oh, how our double standards plant the seeds of violence. It's up to you to make a difference. We can build all the parks and hire all the police and create all the sidewalks and after school programs, but until you take responsibility of your own actions and the actions of your people we are hopeless.

Anonymous said...

1:11 AM
Don't worry the cops are not doing anything. They haven't been for years.

Anonymous said...

Fuck em'. I say let the the thugs kill each other off. Less thugs to worry about stealing or robbing from innocent people. Blacks have to realise that their people are the ones that are ruining our country.