Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Save The Plaza Hot Mess Continues!!!

Kudos to Kevin Collison . . . TKC TIPSTERS were talking about this one but I'm still so very groggy and a bit distracted with other political junk.

Meanwhile Collison reporting is solid and has A LOT of details . . .

Northland Council Dude Bill Skaggs Is Now Gonna Put The Polsinelli Shughart Plaza Building Back In Play

This could open everything things up referendum if the white privilege "Save The Plaza" Crowd decides to really get their feathers ruffled on this one.

However . . . Here's some TKC Background.

Skaggs is a Mike Burke supporter. This is that last chance for the Council to do something that will matter for the election . . . Does this get sold as Mike Burke brokering a peace deal with the Save The Plaza Crowd?

Or is this an instance where Burke can make an appropriate promise since he has the most inroads with this group.

Whatever the case . . . These Plaza dweebs have one of the least important causes in all of Kansas City.


Anonymous said...

Tony the real story here is Pat O'Neill's shilling to let the Big Law Firm do what it wants. O'Neill has been shoveling crap to The Star and lobbying the Council.

Of course, now that Mr. Peanut is back with Burke, Mr. O'Neill is tied to Burke, again, as well.

Anonymous said...

First, Tee, the tipsters didn't know anything about this. You got up and read the "Star's" story.
More importantly, why is it a surprise that the insiders who actually run KCMO can find an elected shill to support their position? This proposal was always coming back and the campaign offered the perfect distraction.
This kind of thing is really what government in KCMO is about; not homicides, snow plowing, water mains breaking, storm drains clogging, or any services to actual residents.
Knowing how this "works" is not the best campaign issue to run on.

Anonymous said...

Save Our Plaza wins the election.

Just watch.

Anonymous said...

The Star publishes what Pat O'Neill whispers to them.

chuck said...

Sweet Jesus, fuck the politics!

If that giant law firm, full of rich lawyers in BMWs is sent to Kansas or North KC because of internecine, territorial bullshit politics in combination with aesthetically threatened neighborhood groups, we, as a fuckin city, need to jump off a fuckin bridge with left over bricks from the West Side project in our pockets.

Are you fuckin shittin me?

Put those fukin rich boys on the Plaza now!!

Is Charlie Sheen running this city?

Duh...., LOSING!!

Anonymous said...

3/15/11 8:05 AM

and Yael keeps covering up for Jim Glover's crimes

Anonymous said...

Quid pro quo....Polsonelli was deep with Deb Herman where they were promised action. Skaggs carries the payoff here.

Anonymous said...

9:10 knows his thang....

Anonymous said...

That's exactly the kind of double dealing Hermann is known for.

And she has Billy boy as her lap dog to make it happen.

Anonymous said...

Debb Hermann sold out south kc years ago. Skaggs would sell out any neighborhood. Good news is that Hermann lost in the primary. It took 11 year's to pay her back for the sell out on the land use issue. Bye Bye Debb. So long Skaggs.

Anonymous said...

9:10, you are full of shit. PS wasn't in deep with Hermann and there was no double dealing involved. The double dealing is being down by Burke. Watch what happens.

Anonymous said...

Chuck, Laughing my ass off! You are so correct!

9:38 you obviously you don't know Skaggs. He is no ones lap dog! Not a person who can find dirt on him because there is none. If so, prove it! That should keep Roe busy trying to come up with something unbelievable! Bill sell out a neighborhood? Bullshit!

Yes, all of those opposed to this building. You want a city that grows and yet you are willing to lose a large taxpaying business. Idiots.