Thursday, March 06, 2008

Kansas City's growing ban on bandannas and baggy pants!!!

The P&L District is the latest place in Kansas City to submit to cultural elitism and coded messages to people of color and so many others who admire their style.

In an enthusiastic post, the KC Beer Blog reveals that the P&L District has followed the lead of other local clubs and put a ban on bandannas and baggy pants.

The Cordish Co. has implemented a dress code for events at the Kansas City Live block. It’s a move that has stirred controversy elsewhere.

“We believe it will be a safe and friendly environment,” said Jon Stephens, Power & Light District marketing director. “The live courtyard is built to be an environment that can be controlled. … all events will require wristbands and IDs to purchase alcoholic beverages.”

The dress code will include prohibitions on “bandannas, work boots, and ripped and excessively baggy clothing.” Stephens said the code would be posted prominently.
This same kind of nonsense is enforced all over Kansas City and it's essentially a De facto ban against casually dressed young, minority males.

There is NOT A SINGLE SCIENTIFIC STUDY THAT PROVE BAGGY CLOTHING OR BANDANNAS CAUSE VIOLENT BEHAVIOR. But it's not about evidence of causation or even correlation . . . It's about public perception and Electric Avenue playing catchup since there has already been instances of violent robberies at the P&L District.

Still, pathetic attempts to enforce cultural stereotypes are still no match for proximity. No matter how much it discomforts visitors; downtown is located close to minorities and their various styles of dress. I've always thought that the deep racial divisions in Kansas City would contribute to the impending failure of pricey downtown developments and with corporate interests starting off their business by relying on stereotypes about clothing and appearance . . . They're doing their best to prove me right.


Anonymous said...

Gee, do you think giving a free pass to thugs will help the area? See Bannister Mall...

Hoopstar said...

Couldn't agree with you more.

This is nothing more than a clear message to young gangsta wanna be's to stay away.

You don't want them corruptin' the JOCO white women do you?

It's things like this and the same code at the Brooksider that make it hard to stomach this town sometimes.

Anonymous said...

There's no racism to these bans. Instead it's racist to assume that this is the only way black people are capable of dressing.

There's nothing wrong with expecting a basic level of decorum in public.

Otherwise you get scenes like this:

Why changing a tire needs a dress code

Anonymous said...

They (black people) may be capable of dressing better but they don't. On top of that, they may be capable of acting civilized but they don't...TNB.

Anonymous said...

Big boohoos to all those thug wanna be's that don't get to sag around.

Where pants like the rest of us and get a job.

Hoopstar said...


Where pants?

What are those?

I wear pants.

stupid anonymous posters. Wear pants like the rest of us and get a job. And maybe a blogger login so when we see you in public we can make the word a better place and punch you in the face.

Anonymous said...

that 'hoopster dude is a pretty classy guy. so manly... and smart, too!

what are you doing tonite, baby?

a johnson county white chick

Jerko said...

Haha Hoopster. Hook it up. He also made some good points.

Anonymous said...

I'm starting to lean the ban way. Hey chunky squitiro! NO SHOES NO SERVICE!

Anonymous said...

Tony keeping it flaccid and attracting class.

bill cosby said...

When black men stop dressing like 10 year olds there will be no need for a dress code. Think about it, baggy pants, sideways hats, long untucked shirts, unlaced shoes...they look like fucking retarded grade schoolers.

Anonymous said...

Businesses have dress codes. Schools have dress codes. Courts have dress codes. Some bars and nightclubs have dress codes.

If you want to make this a racial issue, go right ahead and keep feeding the hate. The fact is, the dress code doesn't ban people; it only bans certain types of clothing. My advice would be to get over it and upgrade your wardrobe. Maybe you and Hoop can get that through your thick effin' skulls.

Hoopstar said...

Yup anonymous, all those places have a dress code.

The point that is most angering, is that KCMO tax payers, like myself, are paying for that piece of shit P&L district. $300 million I believe. Just so all the JOCO people can come frolic around downtown, and go back and tell their friends about how they 'braved' downtown to eat at McFadden's, ugh.

So we paid for it, but these assholes at Cordish Co. get to lay down the law for a public area? How's that make sense? Shouldn't it be up to the people that are paying for it, ahem, like me and all other KCMO tax payers? And if it is payed back by the tax on the patronage of the businesses down here, wouldn't it be in our best interest to accept all business?

Anonymous said...

Not if some of the people the businesses accept shoot or stab the other customers.

Anonymous said...

I agree that there should not be a dress code, they could have easily just implemented a split cover for the KC Live area which would have been equally effective and much more socially acceptable. Then again, how hard is it to just throw on some different clothes if we want to go out in that area so bad?

Hoopstar said...

"Not if some of the people the businesses accept shoot or stab the other customers."

Well, you're assuming bad intent. It must be exhausting to be so negative all the time.

Maybe people that happen to wear bandanna's and baggy clothes just want to come down and have a couple beers? Or see the Garth Brooks concert. What is we were positive and actually gave people a chance?

Another thing, if you're afraid of getting stabbed or shot, don't come downtown. I know there are bars in strip malls out in the golden ghetto.

Anonymous said...

Don't dress like a scumbag, maybe life will be better for you.

Anonymous said...

Wearing the baggies (you know, the jeans you have to hold up by hand cuz you won't wear a belt) came from imitation of gangsta's. So when they imitate gangsta's, how are people to know if they are a gangsta or just trying to look like one? If I dresssed up like a KKK member, should I be allowed to roam freely, since I'm not really one?