Kansas City Link Pool Double Take

OF COURSE this blog picks hottie Nina over Gayle but only because her recent newsworthy hype work coincides with the holiday du jour . . .

Straw Hat Day is observed on May 15 every year to celebrate this timeless wardrobe staple. 

And that inspires our slightly new format for a daily dive into pop culture, community news and top headlines.

Check TKC news gathering for May 15th, 2024 . . .

Check Cowtown Glow Up

Chandelier project gives off a Kansas City Glow | Northeast News

Dorri Partain Assistant Editor Designed to complement original lighting fixtures crafted by European artisans over a century ago, a new chandelier has been locally fabricated and installed at the Kansas City...

Northeast Road Diet Starts

St. John Ave. Traffic Calming measures outlined at two public meetings | Northeast News

Michael BushnellPublisher The Indian Mound Neighborhood is hosting two public engagement sessions this week to discuss traffic calming measures along St. John Avenue between Belmont Blvd. and Jackson Avenue, the...

Suburban Taste Of Great White North

Tim Hortons, popular Canadian donut and coffee shop, to open in Blue Springs

A Canadian staple is making its way to Missouri, taking over what used to be a Burger King.

Fight For Local Living Space

KCMO mother's battle against apartment complex mold: failed inspections, respiratory illnesses

A KCMO mother is dealing with failed inspections due to high levels of mold, doctor's notes of respiratory illnesses, and minimal action from management at a local apartment complex.

Will Feds Save Local Flight History?!?

Airline History Museum owners hope FAA will help solve lease issues at KC's Downtown Airport

Classic planes have been locked away for two years during the ongoing dispute between the museum and their landlord

Legendary Hottie Commits To Internets Goober

Nina Agdal wows in VERY high cut white swimsuit as she prepares to become a mum

MODEL Nina Agdal is limbering up for the impending challenges of motherhood. The 32-year-old, posing for Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Issue, is expecting a baby with boxer and YouTuber Logan Paul....

Debate Date Set . . . 

Defying election tradition, Biden proposes debating Trump twice, wants first one in June.

President Joe Biden proposed debating Donald Trump twice before the general election - with the first match in June before the start of early voting.

Mr. Gold Bar Goes To Trial

Bob Menendez corruption trial will soon hear opening remarks

Senator Bob Menendez is accused of bribery and trading his influence for gold bars and luxury goods.

Sour Notes Cont'd

Antony Blinken's guitar diplomacy draws criticism in Ukraine

Many Ukrainians felt it inappropriate that Blinken was rocking out at all, given that, in their view, Washington's tardiness is largely to blame for their struggles in the battlefield against Russia.

MAGA Trolling Stops For NO ONE

Liz Cheney mocks Speaker Johnson for appearing at hush money trial

Liz Cheney is mocking Speaker Johnson on social media for attending Donald Trump's criminal hush money trial in lower Manhattan.

Natives Reject Guv After Pupper Controversy

South Dakota governor banned from seven Native American reservations in her own state

Actions taken after Kristi Noem - fresh off a dog-killing scandal - suggested that tribal leaders were benefiting from drug cartels

Another Bad D.C. Idea . . . 

GOP Sen. Mitt Romney says Biden should have pardoned Trump

Romney, an outspoken Trump critic, told MSNBC's Stephanie Ruhle that Biden "made an enormous error" by not pardoning Trump in federal cases or pressuring New York prosecutors to drop the hush money charges.

Everybody Agrees On Tech Crackdown

Election-related AI bills test bipartisan support for regulation

Two bills aimed at regulating how artificial intelligence (AI) is used in elections advanced out of a Senate panel Wednesday along party lines, posing a test for how lawmakers can come together across the aisle to pass regulations on the evolving technology. Democrats on the Senate Rules Committee voted to advance two election-related AI bills...

Vlad Moves Forward

Ukraine withdraws troops around Kharkiv as Russian offensive gains momentum

Even as Secretary of State Antony Blinken visited the country to reassure it of Washington's support, Ukraine was dealt new setbacks by the advancing Russian military in the northeast.

Challenge On Holy Land Future

Israel's Gallant demands clarity on post-war Gaza governance, opposes military rule

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was publicly challenged over post-war plans for the Gaza Strip on Wednesday by his own defence chief, who vowed to oppose any long-term military rule by Israel over the ravaged Palestinian enclave.

European Gunfire Aftermath

'An Attack On Democracy': Leaders Condemn Shooting Of Slovak PM Fico

Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico was rushed to a hospital after a shooting attack in the town of Handlova on May 15. A government statement said he was in a "life-threatening" condition. Slovak President Zuzana Caputova called the shooting "an attack on democracy."

US Builds Relief Island . . . 

A massive U.S. dock to deliver food and other humanitarian aid will reach Gaza tonight

The U.S. is towing the floating system south from Israel. A pier and causeway are expected to be in place in the next 24 hours, and deliveries could begin 24 to 48 hours after that.

Oprah's Bestie Shares Cover Model Disbelief

Gayle King on Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover: 'I ... thought I had been Punk'd'

"CBS Mornings" co-host Gayle King revealed her shock when asked to pose for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit's 60th anniversary edition, telling the magazine she thought was being pranked at the time. "I honest to God thought I had been 'Punk'd,'" King, 69, told Sports Illustrated Swimsuit of the moment she got the call from Editor-in-Chief MJ...

Love Below Explored Over Years

How vaginas change with age and why it's normal, according to an expert

Yep, your vagina ages just like the rest of you. But how? And what can you do to keep yours healthy?

No Break For Super Bowl Champs

Report: Chiefs will play on Christmas Day

A new report says the Kansas City Chiefs will have a road game against the Pittsburgh Steelers in the first Christmas game carried on Netflix.

Disputing Faith Community

'Prophet' with close ties to embattled IHOPKC founder is a 'complete fraud,' son says

"It breaks my heart to do this, but I have been covering for my dad my entire life and it's time for the truth to be told."

All About JoCo Latino Options

Big International Grocery Opens in Overland Park - World Fresh Market / El Mercado Fresco

On Wednesday this past week, a large new international market opened in Overland Park. World Fresh Market is a new concept by the owner of El Mercado Fresco , a chain of local Latino markets. The grocery opens in the previous Wal-mart grocery space at 103rd and Metcalf streets.

Serving Up Fair Wage

Oddly Correct sees positive changes while paying over minimum wage

Some Missouri workers are fighting to bump the minimum wage up to $15 by 2026, but Oddly Correct has been paying its coffee shop employees well over that for years.

Forecast For Now . . . 

Cloudy, low 70s Wednesday + FIRST WARN issued as thunderstorms move in late tonight

Severe weather activity is possible moving through tonight into Thursday and new storm chances are building towards the end of our forecast.

Melanie Martinez - LIGHT SHOWER is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now.