TKC Exclusive: Kansas City Insiders Fear Record Violence Repeat 2023

Kansas City has endured the bloodiest years in local history under the tenure of Mayor Quinton Lucas and there is very little political will to challenge the status quo. 

Given the long shot opposition of longtime activist Clay Chastain, TOP ECHELON KANSAS CITY INSIDERS send a clear warning . . . 


A few contributing factors worth discussing . . .

The 2023 recession threatens to worsen local economic hardship and apply pressure to poverty-stricken communities. 

Poor neighborhoods aren't always violent but the impact of economic distress has consistently been identified as a risk factor for an increase in crime. 

Another battle betwixt police & city hall looms as a new set of council candidates threatens to challenge the mayor and possibly exacerbate civil unrest. 

More than any other KCMO politico . . . KCMO Mayor Q has demonstrated the threat of political violence as he led the chorus of "no justice, no peace" amongst a mob of BLM protesters during a riot that decimated an iconic entertainment district which has yet to recover. 

Kansas City progressives are content to write-off record breaking local homicide numbers and blame the carnage on Jeff City Republicans rather than encouraging any real effort at homicide prevention. 

Simply put . . . Our Democratic Party friends have their talking points perfected and the historic bloodshed is seemingly viewed as nothing more than rhetorical maneuver rather than a very real crisis that threatens our neighborhoods and loved ones.

Meanwhile, Prez Biden is losing his grip on his own party and no longer seems to hold sway when he pleads with mayors of American cities to abandon antagonism against police.

Here's a scary quote that should make us all understand that we're on our own when it comes to confronting the future . . . 

“When it comes to public safety we know the answer is not to defund the police. It’s to retrain the police. It’s to make sure there’s accountability,” the president said.

He continued, “They need more funding and they need more ancillary help as well … the American Rescue Plan [allocated] $350 billion to state and local governments. We urged them to make communities safer.”

Sadly, throwing money at the problem hasn't worked. 

And so . . . We turn to city hall insiders for their apt advice . . . 

"I think people in Kansas City need to prepare themselves for another groundbreaking year of violence. Fundamentally, nothing has changed and voters seem to approve of how our local government has FAILED to confront the homicide numbers. More or less, the murder count trend has tacit voter approval and so it will likely continue along the same path."

Read more via links from both sides of the aisle . . .

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