How Will Kansas City Cope With Afghanistan FAIL Aftermath???

Like it or not, it seems that we're in the midst of a global shift wherein the United State no longer dictates the future of the world.

Obviously, China is a rising super power and Russia remains a top adversary that's expanding their influence across the global stage. 

To be clear . . . TKC doesn't claim any expertise in this area . . . I'm pretty clueless about geopolitics once I get a few miles away from Southwest Blvd.

However . . . Kansas City has boasted that we're an "International City" and so the state of the world impacts the future of this town. 

And so we ask . . .

After a hasty and horribly planned retreat from Afghanistan . . . Is Kansas City prepared for a future wherein the U.S. is not the world's only dominant super power???

Will China Fare Any Better Than the U.S. in Afghanistan?

China hopes to fill the political void left by America's hasty retreat, but Afghanistan isn't called the "graveyard of empires" for nothing.

Saudis Sign Military Cooperation Agreement With Russia

Saudi Arabia and Russia have signed a military cooperation agreement at an arms expo outside Moscow. Saudi Deputy Defense Minister Khalid bin Salman announced on Twitter on August 24 that he signed the agreement with Russian Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Fomin "aimed at developing joint military cooperation between the two countries."

Russia faces major risks on Afghanistan despite Kremlin claiming propaganda victory over U.S.

LONDON - The unfolding crisis in Afghanistan poses substantial risks to Russia and Central Asia, geopolitical experts have warned, even as the Kremlin seeks to claim a propaganda victory over the U.S. Initially, Russia's response to the Taliban's insurgence appeared to celebrate the defeat of the American-backed and trained Afghan government, as well as the U.S.

Russia and America's overlapping legacies in Afghanistan

U.S. withdrawal from and Taliban triumph in Afghanistan generate an acute security challenge for Russia, Pavel K. Baev writes in an examination of Russia and America's overlapping legacies in Central Asia.

After Afghanistan: The Legacy of Two Decades of War

The Afghanistan War, the longest in American history, changed the men and women who wore a U.S. military uniform, as well as the branches they served.

Russia looks to fill Afghanistan power vacuum as US exits

TOKYO -- As the Taliban takes over in Afghanistan, Russia has appointed itself as a mediator in the war-torn country, underlining its position as a key stakeholder and hardly hiding its desire to expand its influence in the region to fill the power vacuum left by the retreating U.S. military.

Even with terrorism in Afghanistan, China remains the greater threat

The tragic, poorly executed withdrawal from Afghanistan is a major setback for U.S. aims in the region and for America's position in the world. The terrorist attack on Thursday at the Kabul airport and the Taliban's full control of Afghanistan introduce the risk of attacks on the U.S.

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