Kansas City Police Supporter Contradicts Mayor Q Interview

On Sunday our blog community had an important discussion about the Mayor and his SUPERB delivery of Prez Biden Administration talking points.  

Because Kansas City "journalists" are nothing more or less a closed and quickly shrinking clique of pseudo-intellectuals who can't engage in discussion outside of their bubble . . . Our bloggy community is picking up the slack for political discourse which considers the big picture and alternative viewpoints. 

Accordingly, we're committed to offering a more complete view of the local discourse to the best of our ability and we would be remiss if we didn't note this essay which has garnered traction among locals who stridently support KCPD and oppose recent defunding/reallocation power moves. 

Check-it . . . 

Kansas City Police Supporter Push Back Against Mayor Q On Fox News

Hey Mr. Mayor,

It's me, again. I just listened to your interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News and had a few thoughts I wanted to share. 

The first question that is brought up is about the high rise in crime in the last year. Your answer was that because of covid we were all unable to be together which led to a lack of prevention and intervention services. While I do not disagree with you, I wish you would also publicly acknowledge that in the last year the BLM movement has created a lack of respect for the law, endangered lives of Law Enforcement Officers, and allowed prosecutors to slack in doing their jobs. Prosecutors have too easily been able to jump in on the political side of things instead of holding criminals accountable for their actions. They should be removing the guns, drugs, and criminals off the street, but instead have easily ignored this problem by giving them a slap on the wrist and returning them to the streets to allow the violent cycle of crime to continue. (Looking at you, JPB).

The precedent that many city leaders, yourself included, has set this past year has been nothing short of incredibly damaging to our communities. Last summer you voted alongside the city council to dismiss the charges of 200 arrests without a single one of them standing in front of a judge. All that this tells our city is that citizens can do what they want now, ask for forgiveness later, and ultimately that actions do not have any consequences. Thus you are not going to be held responsible for your wrongdoings. It is a shame that with KC's homicide rate increased by 29% (1% more than the national average at 28%) that you set this example for what is allowed in KC. Here you can assault Officers, threaten them and their families, and dox KCPD members for weeks on end and get punished for none of it.

Also, it is funny that you push the narrative you want by stating things like, "my friends on the right like to say Back the Blue, but aren't offering any solutions on how to make our communities safer". I adamantly disagree with this, but first I need to ask what ideas do your "friends on the left who like to say defund the Police" have to offer in order to make our communities safer, other than taking money away from the department? 

When your plan to defund the Police was brought up, you state that, "As we are giving more money to the Police budget we want to be sure you are doing the things that citizens want". That is like saying, if you are doing what we want you to do THEN we will give you more money in your budget. Hmm, if only there was a word for something like this...oh wait, there is! It's called EXTORTION! Let's be clear here. 

1.) Extortion is defined as "The practice of obtaining something, especially money, through force or threat". Seems to me, Mr. Mayor, that between you, the City Council, and the "defund the Police" crowd there has been the act of force to bend KCPD to agree to spend their money how you see fit or else they won't get it. It is also apparent that after that disgusting display of a pig in a coffin paraded through downtown and then burnt infront of headquarteres, I would dare to say that there is some threat behind KCPD getting that money too. Oh, and by the way one would think you would know this being a lawyer and all, but extortion is illegal. There is actually a law against putting stipulations on the Police budget. But again, you often think that you are above following the law, so I digress...

2.) You might have spoken to some Officers and listened to them, but it is clear you didn't HEAR any of them. If you did then we would have a fully funded department that is able to support the youth programs, social workers, CIT, and CIO Officers you mention the department already having in this interview. By the way, fun fact? All of these programs have been in place well before you were even Mayor. KCPD has been leaps and bounds ahead of other large city Police departments.

3.) You also state the best way to back the blue is to prevent crime in the first place. Well Mr. Mayor, there are a few ways to go about that and they include having our citizens cooperate with investigations. You need to be making sure that Jean Peters Baker is actually doing her job of prosecuting criminals to the fullest extent of the law. It would also be helpful to build a jail for the city of Kansas City, ensure that these offenders are kept off our streets by actually putting them away, and finally giving back the money you swindled from the department. You did this with no plan as to what you were going to do with it. All you have done is talk, play politics, and hold it over KCPD's heads to promote division, fear, and push your own agenda. 

Oh, remember how you said your "friends on the right aren't offering any solutions"? Umm, HI! Just gave you a starting point above and happy to go into much greater detail of ideas when you are ready to really listen to your citizens, ALL of them. 

Next on your interview you discuss gun violence and youth. This year alone we have had a total of 74 homicides, 7 of which have been victims ages 0 to 16 years old and 4 of which have been suspects ages 0 to 16 years old. Therefore 67 of these homicides and 70 of the suspects are ages 17 and up. Do we have a gun violence problem? Yes. A homicide problem? Absolutely. But an issue with our youth being the actual suspects in these crimes? Not so much. I would think it is safe to say that this push for better Police intervention for our youth (as well as gun control) stems from your agenda, not the statistics. 

You, sir, are a smooth talker and I applaud your ability to dance around answering any actual question and/or pandering to your audience, but if you really care about Kansas City then you need to start taking action in ways that truly better our city, not just talk and play politics.


A REAL NORMAL Kansas Citian


You decide . . .