Wednesday, October 07, 2020

Show-Me Senator Josh Hawley Slowly Killing Social Media Comments

In the very near future and thanks to GENUINELY BI-PARTISAN EFFORT . . . Comments will switch to private messages that will (STILL) be mostly ignored by friends and family.

Political speech will likely be limited to emojis & up/down votes that are more easily rigged.

Here's how it starts with the help of Missouri's junior member of the Senate . . .

Imagining the Post-Trump Internet

On Monday, Trump declared victory in his battle with the coronavirus. By Tuesday, he had moved on, fighting the invisible enemy he apparently blames for keeping his (false) Covid-19 tweets from the public. " REPEAL SECTION 230!!!


  1. Maybe someone should create a much better version of twitter, one that would put their racist biased ass out of business..... just a billion dollar thought!


    Silicon Valley and Big Tech (Facebook - Twitter - Google - Pay pal -etc etc) have a preternatural Progressive strangle hold on comments and content re the internet. The absolute, undeniable evidence is there for anyone with even a cursory interest to see. Conservative content is thwarted, de-platformed and diminished, while Progressive content, that the Tech-Fascist-Plutocrats support is left unfettered to spread like the Covid virus into the zeitgeist.

    This is NOT about restricting opinions, it is about removing the restraints effected by people (Fascists) organizations and political movements who now have sway over ALL content and comments and use that power to unreasonably inflict their diseased priorities upon Americans.

    Why should Facebook, Google and Twitter have protections that the K. C. Star, the New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and the entire gamut of journalistic vehicles find unavailable?

    Section 230 was a protection of a nascent, advent enterprise (The Internet) that needed nourishment and unfettered sunshine with which grow. It has grown into a Progressive/Fascist behemoth that promotes Progressives and diminishes Conservative opinions in order to reinforce the massive, unbelievable power it has accumulated.

    These Big Tech companies must, must, MUST be broken up. If we can keep JP Morgan, the Rockefellers and Standard Oil from controlling the entire country by way of their bank accounts, we sure as hell can stop elitist, smarmy, pieces of shit like Jack Dorsey from literally having more power to affect our lives than the entirety of the US Government (That is bad enough).

    Facebook, Google and Twitter are hundreds of times richer than ANY corporation that ever existed. If the KC Star, the Washington Post, The New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, FOX etc can afford lawyers to protect them than the miserable, smarmy, whiny lying pukes that populate Silicon Valley can to the same damn thing.

    1. Steve Get A Jobs10/7/20, 8:19 AM


      Chuck, if you knew what you were talking about and not just using RNC crib notes, you might understand something about tech.

      Sorry, but you're wrong and you'll be supporting Hawley right until the point he silences you.

      The Republicans don't care about you and neither does Trump. No matter how much you love them, they don't love you back.

    2. Eliminating comments is the de facto admission that you're tired of ranting imbeciles...chuck

  3. Generic, nebulous, emotional accusations with no prima facie evidence to back it up.

    So shocked, said no one ever.

  4. Make no mistake, THIS is what big tech wants and they don't pretend otherwise.


    Big Tech = Fascism

  6. Progressives, by and large are Fascists who DON'T want your opinion, or your input in any way to interfere with their Totalitarian agenda.

    Yahoo recently eliminated comments. Eliminating comments is the de facto admission, that your argument is untenable, unsustainable in the face of criticism.

    Look, if the Kansas City Star, did NOT want a free for all, completely wide open discussion of the topics it considered relevant - then they could state rules and regulations for comments, "Hey chuck, you can't swear, etc etc).

    But that is not what they and every single Progressive publication are worried about. What the NYT, POST, NBC, ABC, Yahoo etc etc, are really worried about, is that people will be more open minded to differing opinions and different points of view and THEY WILL LOSE CONTROL OVER THE NARRATIVE.

    Control, control, control, "Wear Your Slave Mask" CONTROL AND POWER is what they are afraid of losing.

    The protections that 230 provide the bullies, Fascists and thugs that run Silicon Valley are not afforded to the rest of the 4th Estate.

    Fuck Jack Off Dorsey and fuck Zuckerberg and fuck, fuck fuck Google.

  7. Read this, it is excellent.

    They are thieves and act exactly like Standard Oil did 100 years ago, only far worse with far worse results for the everyday American.

  8. Even Elizabeth Warren hates Big Tech

  9. Once the big social media giants began acting as publishers by editing their comment sections for content rather than for illegality or pornography, they should no longer have the legal protections of Section 230. That section was designed to encourage the free exchange of ideas on the internet, and the big Chi-com Valley companies now work to suppress free speech on the internet. They no longer deserve any legal shield for their content. It should not be blanket applied to the whole industry but only those who still allow free speech on their platforms.

  10. Hawley's a breath of fresh air after years of (smelly) Air Clair!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Chuck-quit spamming the blog. Pro tip: Don't post links. Nobody reads them. Ignorant CHUD.

    1. He cracks your skull constantly and you literally have no answers. It's humorous. ;)

  12. I refuse to do social media. I'll read it but will NOT have it on my phone or computer. Anything that I have to register to read isn't worth my time.

    Side note to the Kansas Shitty Scar: I sure as fuck am not paying you to read your biased bullshit. Don't need to. Already know what it says. Could probably write it myself and come real damned close to what you print.

  13. ^^^ Almost as humorous as noticing the obvious, that he posts all of the "supporting" and "complementary" posts in an attempt to make it seem like everyone isn't jut ignoring him. Just as you just did.

  14. ^^^ Hasn't haken it yet, he's been too busy trying to start up a "Conservative" alternative to Twitter called "Twatter", named for the President.

  15. Hawley is in the majority... and he has still done nothing besides bloviate on this topic for his inevitable 2024 presidential run. INTRODUCE A PIECE OF LEGISLATION HOLY FUCK.



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