Alice And The Kansas City Sunday Links!!!

Alice Goodwin starts this collection of Kansas City links for Sunday with her most recent bikini busting photo set.

Check it:

- Security Dude Reminds Us That Kansas City Tech Could Kill Software Industry: Kansas City and Google Fiber

- Sunflower State Agri-Regs: More Study Sought For Kansas Corporate Farming Laws

- Show-Me Ruling: Missouri Supreme Court strikes down science startup fund

- The Star highlights a grain explosion for Sunday for some weird reason.

- Show-Me Inspiration: Holocaust survivor's tale of forgiveness touches crowd at Missouri State

- It's really not that bad outside . . . Okay, maybe shaping up to be horrible: Watch live: Winter storm coverage from KMBC 9 News

- Because Your Bracket Needed To Be Busted: Wichita State pulls off ultimate 'shocker' knocking off No.1 Gonzaga


  1. "You're bracket"?? That's horrible--please fix.

  2. Much better

  3. Why watch 9 for live coverage just get the fuck out of bed go outside, then you can see and feel it live for yourself.

    See how much better that feels instead of listening to some third string reporter babble?


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