Monday, June 30, 2008

Peak oil brings a bit of suburban bigotry to an end!!! We're in the last days of long commutes to Kansas City!!!

Believe it or not, there are some people who are still so scared of minorities that they live in the hinterland outskirts of Kansas City and drive more than to 100 miles everyday in order to work within the city limits and often downtown.

Whether these people like it or not, the days of driving more than 50 miles back and forth are at an end for middle-class workers. Like the rest of the American transportation scheme, highways and roads in Kansas City were built around the idea of cheap gas. That is no longer the case and smart cars aren't going to cut it.

On the bright side, this means that we might get some new (if unwilling) Kansas City residents. However, I have no idea where they're going to live if they're not the kind of people who can afford 500k condos . . . Which is all that's for sale around this basement dweller.

A recent post by the insufferable blog "Let's Go KC" relays some frightening news about the economic impact of housing choices. In a nutshell it reveals that it just costs too much to live out in the sticks when fuel costs could reach the equivalent of another mortgage payment for folks who are coming in from the outskirts of this town.

We all know these folks, and I'm sure there is a lot to be said for small town living but it's not hard to imagine that the lack of minorities in their hometowns was most likely a factor in their home buying choices. And it's not like I'm revealing any new facts here given that home prices in places like Olathe, Liberty, Leavenworth and Atchison are tumbling. Even worse, can you believe there are quite a few people who commute in from St. Joseph, Warrensburg and Belton and beyond?!?!?!?!

The word is out, the lifestyle is over and we're all going to have to get a lot more comfortable with our new neighbors who didn't really want to be in Kansas City in the first place.

TKC EXCLUSIVE!!! One more thing about MammyGate: The Funkhouser crew is desperately trying to make amends!!!

Here's how most worthless politicos govern: They try to quell talk rather than addressing the problem at hand, that's one reason the Mayor's PR attack against the victim of the Mammy Slur isn't going to work . . . Because at the end of the day the Mayor stays stubborn and his wife stays put.

To wit, the clueless attempts that Mayor Funky and his crew have devised to try and distract people from this controversy have become increasingly embarrassing and a reflection of backward, liberal condescending thinking.

Sometime soon The Mayor's office will be hiring a very nice, qualified and competent Black guy with African and Jewish roots. On the face of it, there's nothing wrong with that . . . However, the politically expedient move is intended to provide credibility for the Funkhouser Crew as they will most likely be bringing him out front whenever there is something to address regarding the MammyGate case . . . It's a wise strategy, but it neglects the fact that the move offers ABSOLUTELY NO REPRESENTATION FOR THE EASTSIDE!!! As great as the guy may be . . . He doesn't have much standing among Eastside politicos and his placement can only be seen as yet another affront. In fact, in the lawsuit against Mayor Funky this kind of "window dressing" tactic was mentioned specifically.

Still, it's nice to see that the Mayor is hiring more people of color since Gloria ran out the vast majority who were there primarily.


P&L Art Fest with KC Vlogger Ramsey

Great video . . . Personally, I'm surprised they let him in at all. Play find the minority with TKC (Ramsey merits 100pts.) So far I'm only up to 102.

The BBQ is great but not worth dying for . . .

Domestic dispute and Gates BBQ
aren't that delicious at all . . .
A woman was kidnapped from Gates Barbecue at gunpoint near 18th Street in Kansas City, Mo., Sunday night. Witnesses called police just after 11 with a description of the suspect and his license tag. Police were able to quickly trace him back to a house off of East 35th Street in Kansas City, Mo.

When police arrived, a woman ran out of the house telling police the man inside had just shot her.
Strange, I was just there last night only earlier . . . And in another tasty somewhat related turn I just wanted to take this opportunity to note that the Mayor has yet to mention local crime in any more than a passing way.

Slap on the wrist from Kansas Judge

A man who pleaded guilty to having sex with children has been sentenced to probation by a judge who has been criticized for granting lighter sentences for similar crimes.

Lose money in real time on the Internets thanks, in part, to a Kansas City company

In every area but the local newspaper this town is ahead of its time in dropping the silly conception of "ownership" of media: In late May, Kansas City, Mo.-based Bats Trading Inc., an equity trading platform, said that it was making real-time U.S. stock quotes available free on Yahoo Finance from Sunnyvale, Calif.-based Yahoo Inc.

TKC Twit of the moment: Duckman

Here's a link whore idea that I thought I would start . . . I'm naming the most entertaining Twitter users in Kansas City who have been kind enough to follow me. There's a lot of 'em and they usually keep me captivated but the Duckman provides a bit of tech news and his latest location but not archived and with much less opinion than a blog. If you're not following the Duckman, you should.

Non-smokers, the time is right to save Kansas City!!!

Over the weekend, local blogger Scooter J wrote an astounding post that pleads with local non-smokers to do their fair share for the benefit of this town.
Because it's been a week now and I haven't seen any of you at any of my regular haunts yet... just empty tables and barstools sitting waiting for you.
The post offers some sound reasoning and first-person examples of the negative impact of Kansas City's smoking ban.

Once upon a crime: Nude, crazy, Christian violence is nothing new to Kansas City

A great story on a longtime ago, local religious shootout from a newspaper in Canada: "A gun battle on the streets of Kansas City, Missouri left a 13-year-old girl, two-police officers dead, two other officers badly wounded and the leader of a fanatical religious sect with six bullet wounds.

The gunfire erupted Dec. 8, 1908, when a probation officer told the leader of the sect, James Sharpe, that several children in the group known as Adamites, should be attending school and not partaking in an illegal street church."

"Cultured in Kansas City"

A great first-person tour of this town.

Almost nobody in Kansas City cared about innocent Whiskey Tangos who were framed!

In one of the most self-indulgent and masturbatory front pages stories ever, the Kansas City Star acted as if they were revealing news to their (dwindling) subscriber base when they noted the flimsy, flawed case against some local po'folk after 6 firefighters were tragically killed.

The story followed the same strategy as most of articles from The Star . . . They attempted to "own" a story that has been out there for more than a decade.

Thing is, anybody who knows a thing about Kansas City history remembers that this case was weak from the beginning. Even worse, here's the tragic sin by The Star:


Put simply, for prosecutors this case was a "slam dunk" because the defendants had a history of petty crime and nobody wanted to stand up for them . . . This includes a great deal of the editorial board for The Star. TV news media was just as guilty given that they despise research nearly as much as I do . . . But rewriting the history on this one won't do anyone any good. The fact remains that when big media was running things without question in this town, they were a tyrannical force who never liked to have their authority questioned. The same is pretty much true today only their power is waning and in retrospect the results of their mostly bigoted coverage is marked by a slew of injustices from Kansas City's past.

The most stirring speech KC will ever hear regarding the same cup of soup!!!

Obama's speech in Independence will be on the radio this morning . . . It's a perfect format for most of his local acolytes who unquestioningly accept his campaign rhetoric . . . Tin foil hats can be alternately used for better reception or to keep mind control broadcast over the airwaves from invading your skull.

A wave of morning links

Here's some of the better links I've collected from over the weekend:

  • Over the weekend KC's Prime Buzz, the Star's political blog, linked a story about the Latino cockfighting ring . . . Somebody please tell me what's political about the story? Other than the fact that everybody hates Mexicans.

  • Let the local idiot fest over another City reg nobody cares to obey begin!!! Fireworks Blamed For Brookside Fire

  • In some ways, it's nice to know country song inspiration still comes from this town: Massive Barn Fire in South KCMO

  • Apparently, Olathe does believe in snitchin': 3 Men Charged with Olathe Murder

  • Dead Blue Springs Baby under Investigation

  • On a team this horrible, despite your silly win streak, nobody can blame the players for drinking: Royals Infielder Callaspo Arrested For DUI

  • Expect a wave of Obama-Rama today from local media: Obama speech tickets gone in 2 hours
  • Classic Kansas City Racist voicemail

    The link in this post points to one of my favorite stories from this summer . . . And a new development over the weekend: "Feds Investigating Landlord's Alleged Racial Slur" Sadly, I've been called worse for missing meetings but, listening to the call, it's clear the guy overreacted . . . And is a world-class d-bag.

    One of many ways Medicare in Kansas City will help to kill you

    A great story from KCUR details how a new medicare program is changing regs and just might save clients money but will most definitely make life harder for sick people: "About a quarter million Medicare beneficiaries in the Kansas City area will no longer be able to purchase certain durable medical equipment, like walkers, wheel chairs, and oxygen machines from just anywhere. Instead, they'll have to get equipment from specific suppliers contracted through Medicare."

    Increase in cat population (and subsequent rise in lonely women) crowds Kansas City

    Local animal shelters are bursting at the seams as pet and stray populations grow . . . You can help alleviate this problem by spaying and neutering your pets and eating Korean food whenever possible.

    Freedom isn't free!!! Keeping Independence schools segregated will cost millions

    Independence School District owes neighboring Kansas City as much as $13.7 million after a school boundary change in western Missouri.

    Freedom isn't free!!! Keeping Independence schools segregated will cost millions.

    Flame on at Liberty Memorial: History is not quite as ghey as you think

    Group Aims to Keep Liberty Memorial Flame Burning

    Nobody is safe while cycling

    Lieutenant David Dillon of the Douglas County (KS) Sheriff’s Department was hit and killed this morning while bicycling near the town of Eudora.

    Your massive weekend shooting

    Crime Scene KC Reports: Shots were fired in the parking lot and in the adjoining parking lot of 8600 Hillcrest . . . One black female and five black males were shot in this incident, One of the males died at the hospital from a gun shot wound to the head.

    And let's not forget the weekend convenience store shooting that should make real estate speculators and mediocre artist just a bit more uncomfortable: "Man killed outside West Bottoms convenience store"

    Excellence in reporting and new media savvy from The Kansas City Star!!!

    I'm not sure but I think Mike DeArmond made it past the most recent round of layoffs at The Star. I didn't know a thing about the guy until a recent(ish) video of his insane, spirited ramblings was posted on Youtube. The Youtuber claims the guy is drunk but I'm just surprised his impromptu clips are what pass for content from Kansas City's paper of record. Just take a quick look at the clip featured above and it really does seem like Dean Martin's shtick gone wrong on the subject of the Jayhawks national championship.

    Now, I don't know if DeArmond is, in fact, drunk when he does his videos but I can say without a doubt that any dude pontificating in my general direction in that manner has about a 10 second window to get out of my face before I put my shoe on him. Really, I thought this clip was a joke before I checked the Star's site and found an equally ridiculous video . . . A bunch of them actually.

    Anyhoo, I just wanted to point out Mr. DeArmond is most likely the reason the Star is going down faster than a P&L District skirt at the first sign of a luxury car. I don't know if it's drunken rambling or just bad taste but it's certainly not as captivating as my all time favorite local sports vid: Leave Herm Alone!!!

    We have some catching up to do Kansas City

    So I take the weekend off and I see that Kansas City's paper of record decides to print nothing but lies and a lot of revisionist history without much of a challenge from anyone in town.

    Sad, but it was nice outside so I guess that local media watchers can be forgiven. Anyhoo, my goal for this evening/morning is to put up 20 posts that will hopefully piss of someone . . . Stay tuned. Hope you had a good weekend as well.

    There will be more . . . I hope. Maybe.

    Saturday, June 28, 2008

    The TKC Saturday Night Playlist: Happy Birthday d-bags!!!

    Last night Tanner's Bar and Grill Downtown closed. It was fun to be in the (small) crowd even though all they were serving was Coors and Corona Light. It would have been a bittersweet occasion had it not been for a few good friends and the amazing brunette bartender who kept yelling at everyone and kicked at least 3 people out. Tanner's was never an exceptionally great bar but it was one of the first establishments I ever frequented and I always liked the fact that it had a bit of diverse crowd while most downtown places strive to cater to only yuppies and other variety of local hipsters . . . Maybe that's why they're closing.

    In any event the demise of the local bar is an appropriate occasion to mark my own birthday. There's no doubt about it, I'm (thankfully) getting older. I know a great many old folks and they love telling me about the ravages of time . . . When they do, I always think to myself "If you're lucky." I think it was "They Might be Giants" who once turned around a cliché and said "I hope I get old before I die."

    To wit, for some stupid reason I still enjoy birthdays way more than somebody my age should.

    Tonight's selection of music is dedicated to me and all the people good enough to hang out on this planet long enough to piss people off. The songs I've selected are either marginally related to the theme or just guilty pleasures. A special b-day shoutout goes to L.A. Little . . . One of the most kind and kickass local bloggers. Also, I'm always exceptionally grateful for the wonderful people who know me in the real world who have already wished me a Happy Birthday.

    Here's my playlist:

  • Stayin Alive - The Bee Gees
  • Birthday - The Beatles ( I know it's a cliché, screw you)
  • In the club - 50 Cent
  • Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong
  • Joy to the world - Three Dog Night
  • Kool and the Gang - Celebration
  • I'm Bad - L.L. Cool J
  • Born to be with you - Dave Edmunds
  • Holiday - Madonna
  • Shake your rump - Beastie Boys

    As always, thank you for reading. Have a safe and fun weekend. A big thank you to all of my favorite TKC tipsters, readers, commenters and colleagues who continue to make my life interesting.
  • Friday, June 27, 2008


    I think The Star fired all of their education reporters so I'm gonna do my best to try to cover some of the sad news that comes out of the School District. Really, the items that make it my way are not about education but more of a reflection of messed up Kansas City politics.

    Today's EXCLUSIVE news item regarding KC Schools is a sad story of School Board President Marilyn Simmons derailing recent progress made by KC Schools for the (economic) benefit of her district.

    Apparently, the district is opening 8th grade centers this upcoming school year and re-opening schools that they voted to close under former Superintendent Amato’s realignment. That's right, the Kansas City School District has a $17 million shortfall and students are still leaving en mass BUT they're RE-OPENING these odd "centers" in order to make her happy. It's not only an abuse of power but also goes back on a plan that was voted on by the majority of the school board which called for K-8 schools (neighborhood schools) that would save money on transportation and help alleviate the budget mess.

    These expensive and inefficient 8th grade centers will not only complicate district plans even more but also pull back any kind of budget realignment at a time when KC teachers could be canned due to a shortfall of funds. Even worse, these schools that Simmons is re-opening have been closed FOR YEARS and there might be additional costs that will be needed to make them inhabitable . . . Interested parties, (reporters that follow up on TKC and concerned parents) might want to notice that the folks involved in this rogue initiative are old Simmons cronies or might now owe Simmons a favor for their new gig that is solely due to her political maneuvering. All things considered, it's yet another unprincipled, foolish and WASTEFUL move to satisfy the leadership of the Kansas City School District that has proven incompetent and untrustworthy at every turn.

    God Damn it!!! Kansas City's Black Clergy owe the local blogosphere money if they cash in on the P&L Dress Code Controversy!!!

    KSHB had an amazing story yesterday about a secret meeting between the politically active contingent of the local African-American clergy and a representative from Cordish regarding the controversy over the bigoted dress code and discriminatory enforcement at the P&L District.

    During the interview what struck me most is that a member of the Kansas City African-American clergy delegation was up front about using straight up extortion tactics right out of the Jesse Jackson play book.
    "One thing we can do, or they can do, is to get some black businesses down there," Reverend Kenneth Ray said. "We might feel more comfortable when you talk about dress code because you'll have some black businesses there."
    Never mind that there aren't even many local businesses at the P&L District.

    Of course this strategy offends me not because it's an obvious shakedown tactic but because LOCAL BLOGGERS WON'T BE GETTING PART OF THE HUSH MONEY!!!

    I've been blogging on this topic since the beginning of the year along with a host of other bloggers who have all weighed in on the obvious discriminatory tactics used by Cordish with their "keep out the people of color who listen to hip-hop" policy.


    That's not to say that the Black clergy don't have their rightful place at the table, certainly their gift for oratory far surpasses what stutter prone bloggers are capable of . . . But this is the first time I've heard of these preachers uttering a peep on this topic and they have obviously cut to the front of the line.

    It's just an example of old school thinking on the part of Cordish who didn't realize that the "secret" meeting was a setup and the Revs played the clueless executive by OBVIOUSLY providing a tip to local media about the time and location of the sit down in order to garner press coverage.
    TKC EXCLUSIVE (!!!): One of the few local reporters who doesn't hate me told me as much . . . A member of the contingent was selling this story starting on Wednesday. She declined the invitation and stands by her decision.
    As I noted previously, these guys are good but they are not as relentless or committed to complaining as local bloggers like TKC!!!

    Therefore, I suggest that Cordish also meet with Kansas City bloggers in order to work out the details of our hush money payments . . . I'm willing to settle for 20 free drink coupons or their equivalent value of 2k. The blogger meet-up to discuss this is coming soon. There will be punch and pie.

    Obey the law at your own peril

    Every now and then there's a story that demonstrates how little progress Kansas City has made . . . A recent tale of a driver being pulled over for swerving to avoid potholes certainly seems to demonstrate that local streets still suck.

    Of course, there's more to this story and the driver did have expired tags but that fact doesn't make Kansas City streets any better on your suspension. Maybe if we had a Mayor that was dedicated to fixing this town's infrastrucutre and not just pushing a light rail pipe dream and defending his wife . . . We could do something about dangerous and expensive potholes. Instead, this town has settled for governance by press conference and epic stubborness from a guy who earned an advanced degree at a City College but somehow still thinks he's smarter than everyone else.

    The futility of most local regulation

    Okay, there's a smoking ban that's largely ignored by most decent bars in Kansas City and so far there's only one lonely dude enforcing it. Additionally, codes enforcement in this town is a wonderful idea in theory (used mostly to harass brown people on coveted property) but for the most part the average folks who call in can expect a waiting period of sometime between 2 weeks and never. It varies.

    Anyhoo, now that summer and lawn mowing season is in full effect . . . Bad Kansas City neighbors who won't cut their lawn are a constant concern. I can sympathize but in reality people should know that if they are unlucky enough to be facing a really bad problem of this nature they should start complaining now in order to get a response by August.

    Kansas City has no talent

    By now you've already know that American Idol auditions are going to be in Kansas City again. However, I was thinking that this showcase of mediocrity is especially pointless this time around not only because the ratings of the show are sinking but also because the odds of some d-bag from this town winning twice are infinitesimal and (other than Fox4) nobody remembers the guy who won last time by garnering the almost complete support of Kansas City media or the Soul Patrol or whoever.

    Breaking up is hard (and expensive) to do

    Financial trouble brews between KC, Independence schools . . . Given that there are millions at stake, this is probably a lot worse than the average fight with an ex and yelling at the broad to give your favorite t-shirt back.

    One more reason for Kansas City Catholics to lose faith (along with the will to donate)

    Alleged victims of clergy sexual abuse filed two new suits Thursday against the Catholic Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph . . . Boy oh, boy. (Sorry God.)

    Presenting Friday's Link Fest

  • Hey Dumbass: No fireworks at Liberty Memorial this 4th or any other.

  • A newsworthy case of bad gas: More Tainted Gas Claims . . . This time in Kansas City

  • Belly up: Weight Loss Center Files for Bankruptcy

  • Food for thought, it's time to empty the cages since there's little money to pay for the animals anyway: Zoo will offer cupcakes on Saturday

  • Making it slightly harder to get Meth: Council approves ordinance to deter scrap-metal thefts

  • Hopefully a deterrent to another Butler Building: KC restricts Nelson-Atkins museum's use of Rockhill Tennis Club building

  • Kansas City's immigrant to revile for today: A detailed description of a tax fraud scheme by a Kenyan woman living in Kansas City

  • Thank you Missouri Republicans for making everyone in the state worry about student loans: MOHELA Board Delays Payment For Building Plan

  • Bravo to the Kansas City Kansan for dutifully reporting the most boring story on the planet: UG gives 120-day moratorium on carports

  • Most importantly, I discovered that a photo gallery featuring Melissa Jiménez in the latest edition of Complex magazine was a nice way to start the day.
  • At the very least, the Show-Me State Governor protected us from a dystopian nightmare scenario involving robots

    Gov. Matt Blunt signed a bill Thursday prohibiting companies in Missouri from forcing workers to have microchips implanted in their bodies . . . So, it's just a bit easier to overlook his failures when it comes to education, the economy, and health care knowing that the Governor has put off Armageddon by way of our future robot overlords . . . If only for a little while.

    Wrap it up and be careful Kansas City!!!

    These health stats for Kansas City reveal that there is still an element of risk for all of your unwise weekend hookups:
    Kansas City, Mo., had 65 new cases of HIV reported in the first five months of 2008. Of these new cases, 82 percent are males, 64 percent are males over the age of 30 and 49 percent are black males.
    Use condoms, be careful and remember that most things people say while hooking up are lies.

    Blogger Backtalk: Bright and early edition

    Here are some of the best Kansas City blogger post I'm reading this morning:

  • The Kansas City Blue Blog Contends: Top Republicans Admit Graves (and others) Are Lying to Voters Over Chinese Oil Drilling Story

  • Nick Sloan notices: When Reporters Attack Media, Media Strikes Back

  • From Conservatism with Heart: Republicans never run out of energy to call Dems on their hypocritical policies.

  • Some surprising Thoughts from Kansas: "McCain's numbers in Kansas are about as weak as Pat Roberts's, suggesting that we could see Democrats winning from the top to the bottom of the Kansas ballot."

    Sad news for Kansas City's place in cinema history. Apparently, "Kansas City Barbeque" recently burned down:
    A fire that started in an open cooking pit Thursday at Kansas City Barbeque gutted the landmark Marina area eatery, known for being in the 1986 Tom Cruise movie “Top Gun.”
    No homo on you for not already knowing that Top Gun is one of the most overtly homosexual and subversive movies ever made.

    Here's a clip from a shitty movie where Quentin Tarantino explains it all:

    I think they still play that "Go the ghey way" movie every 4th of July all weekend on TBS for some strange reason. It's kind of disrespectful that these pilots weren't really practicing aerial combat but instead were working on sword-fighting. Still, it's sad to see a Kansas City landmark, that's not in Kansas City, destroyed for some other reason than the Downtown Renaissance.

    Thursday, June 26, 2008

    Respectfully providing some evening links

    Somebody just e-mailed me and told me I've been a bit "hard on the women." I couldn't agree more . . . I promise to be more gentle in the future. Or not.

    Here are the afternoon links I'm looking at:

  • UNDERCOVER KCPD CAR STOLEN!!! Somewhere in Kansas City people in a chop shop are panicking. Sadly, the robbery occurred in May so there's probably no trace of it now.

  • If only they'd make the have the same consideration for minority youth: 'Dogs Night Out' at Power & Light

  • Lee's Summit obviously isn't safe for cyclists: "A 14-year-old boy is recovering after a car hit him while he was on his bicycle in Lee's Summit, Mo."

  • An alternative fuel source isn't going to come out of this town: Kansas City Ethanol Company Shutting Down

  • Because they know you weren't listening anyway: "Air Waves Go Commercial-Free for 'Feed the Children' Fundraiser"

  • 4-Year-Old Boy Hurt In Hit-And-Run In OP

  • Kansas City Still loves tax credits: "Tax credit discussion attracts crowd"

  • Motorcyclist Killed In KCK Crash

  • Once again Kansas City serves up disappointment: Unattended Cooking Sparks Morning Fire
  • Downfall by way of a white broad

    McCaskill Hurts Obama in Missouri

    I hate it when I agree with the CCP

    Blog CCP: Harris Takes on Greedy Oil Companies

    Kickass photos from the K

    The KC Guy posts some awesome photos which will forever document a nice Royals winning streak . . . That will ultimately end in disappointment.

    What in the hell are you going to do with yourself Kansas City?

    Kansas City Weekend Events June 27-29th, 2008 . . . Here's another good list as well.

    News is politics: TKC saves Kansas City from at least one instance of nepotism!!!

    There's a bit of political reaction reported as "truth" on Prime Buzz today. TKC is taking just a little time to clarify since it's not that important. Turns out this blog scared Gwen Wolf silly, we hear she is an excitable broad anyhoo. She denies that she'll be on the Arts Commission but that's only AFTER TKC raised the issue of how well her family is making out under the Funky regime.


    I'm glad TKC TIPSTERS (STAND UP!!!) and I can rattle the cages of at least a few local politicos and their wives . . . Too bad the Mayor won't show this blog (and the City Council along with many of their constituents) the same kind of consideration.

    Anyhoo . . . Just wanted to once again thank TKC tipsters and wish Gwen Wolf well since she'll be having a bit more spare time to spend her husband's 300k+ compensation package from Kansas City.

    TKC EXCLUSIVE KC SCHOOL BOARD QUESTION!!! Will Airick Leonard West attend the coronation of Marilyn Simmons?

    Tonight there is a sexy party for the Queen of the Kansas City School District.

    School Board President Marilyn Simmons will be honored by a bunch of Kansas City big wigs at a party in the Urban League Complex at 1710 Paseo Blvd.

    The pricey shin-dig is, of course, sponsored by some of the most important people (mostly lawyers) in Kansas City. Names that you'd recognize like:

    Husch Blackwell Sanders
    McDaniel Hazley Group
    Spencer Fane Britt & Browne
    Fields and Brown
    Clinton Adams Law Firm
    Urban League of Greater Kansas City

    The list of people who support the event goes on and on as well . . . But TKC didn't see a spotlight for one name that's extremely popular in the local blogosphere . . .

    I guess I wondered if Airick Leonard West would attend (even though he's on the guest list) because:


    That fact wasn't reported (at all) in the mainstream media but it will have a great deal of impact on not only Mr. West's career but also the future of the School Board.

    See, the talk is that the lack of support from Mr. West was a direct affront to the lady who will now be in charge and that puts a lot of his talk of "change" in jeopardy even if those sentiments are constantly championed by local bloggers who don't really know how things work in Kansas City.

    Put simply, rumor has it that Mr. West is an excellent human being and therefore has ALREADY BEEN SHUT OUT of any significant decision making at the School Board. Actually, that's not too hard to believe . . . TKC made contact with Mr. West for this post but I never got back in touch with him because that would be way too much like actual work . . . It's better to just blog the gossip because that's way more interesting and far more reliable than what is reported in newspapers or local media.

    And the word is out as far as the Kansas City School Board is concerned: Nothing has changed, the same old patronage is the rule of the day, all dissenters will be isolated or politically destroyed and maintaining control of the district by the Black Political Elite in order to ensure perks is far more important that educating students or improving the desperate situation at many KC Schools.

    So far there's really only one solution to this mess and that's for any parent who can afford it to run as far away as possible from the KC School District for the sake of their children or find ANY OTHER alternative. The only way this district can't screw up something is if they don't have any control over it . . . And, sadly, even their parties seem crooked, contentious and nothing but an occasion to lament one of Kansas City's worst embarrassments.

    TKC Exclusive!!! So I was thinking about starting a fashion line in order to lure female reporters in Kansas City!!!

    My birthday is coming up and I think I'm getting a tad sentimental in my old age . . . See, back when my fangs were sharp and I found a bunch of photos of Kansas City female reporters working a second job as fashion models for some KC DJ tragically named Sike I WOULD HAVE went off on a vicious tirade about how all women newsies are nothing more than eye candy working for big media and their skills are directly proportional to their bra size or how good their ass looks in a thong.

    But I've matured.

    Instead, I think a female reporter moonlighting as fashion model signals that newsy ladies have MANY TALENTS which Kansas City can enjoy if they hang out in the right hipster bar or happen to fall in to some venue where these career ladies are showing off the goods.

    Additionally, I like the camaraderie among female newsies who would never do something like send an acerbic blogger a link to a local fashion webpage in order to settle a score:

    Nope, lady reporters can easily make the transition to fashion models if they are in love with both forms of expression. I'm sure there's a lot of crossover in the skill set required for young career women in both fields.

    Even better, there's really no difference in the pose a lady strikes as a reporter or that of a hip-hop fashion model.

    Clearly, female reporters have come a long way baby!!! And I'm not just saying that because I may or may not have been hurt a great many times and now only regard women as dangerous objects. Actually, TKC is happy to see that women journalists aren't just a bunch of pretty faces but ladies who can put their talents to use in a variety of different media.

    Put simply, NADIA PFLAUM IS NEITHER A CHICKENHEAD NOR A WHORE!!! That goes for Jeneé/Hoopz too.

    Mexicans would die to work in Kansas City

    KSHB has a pretty good story about the dangers awaiting Latino immigrants working in Kansas City:

    Day Laborers Take Risky Jobs

    It turns out the dude who was impaled to a fence yesterday while painting a house was one of the guys who hangs out at the Westside CAN Center.

    Of course there's nothing but the typical racism and ignorance from annony commenters on this story but it demonstrates an important point:

    Legal or not, Latinos working in Kansas City are willing to die on the job for AT ROCK BOTTOM PRICES!!!

    Sorry, but there's just not that kind of commitment or drive among American workers who get awesome things like OSHA regulation, health insurance and hazard pay.

    Racists and other d-bags who are frustrated that nobody cares about single-issue voters often lament each and every instance of Latino immigrants harming U.S. citizens . . . However, this is a case where good-old fashioned American capitalism killed somebody. Far be it from me to try to convince anybody of the humanity of brown people (especially since the term "white devil" is one of my favorite phrases [only when it comes to sessy, dirty, phone talk]) but I'm guessing that until there are homegrown workers willing to take the risk of impaling themselves to a fence and dying a bloody, gruesome death for a wage that's only slightly above cost . . . Then there's nothing anybody can really do about the immigration problem that doesn't involve pie-in-the-sky multi-faceted solutions like ridiculous border walls, eliminating welfare and urging white women to stop dating minorities . . .

    TKC's Dress Code Compromise!!!

    There's a really funny cartoon about Cordish dress code policy on The Star's website.

    And I've been giving the subject a lot of thought lately . . . I was thinking that, unlike the Mayor, I'd be happy to make a compromise.

    This blog will totally back off all criticisms regarding the bigoted Cordish dress code policy IF THE P&L DISTRICT STARTS BANNING DANGEROUS ITEMS FROM WHITE COUNTRY MUSIC CULTURE AS WELL!!!

    For instance, I don't know what it is with broads who like Toby Keith and Brooks and Dunn and Otis Spunkmeyer or whoever . . . But like the late, great Anna Nicole featured above they don't know that broads over 250 shouldn't show a lot of arm and shoulder. Seriously, beefy country music listening broads are not only intimidating but also pose a clear and present danger to anyone in the vicinity showing off their "guns" in a crowded part of town where a mere spaghetti strap prevents us all form seeing something that just might thwart the male obsession with Mammary glands.

    And then there's those big belt buckles . . . They're not only stupid but they could be used to conceal anything from a gun to half a dozen Latino immigrants working construction jobs.

    Clearly, some dude who wears a stupid, big, belt buckle is a part of a dangerous Hank Williams Jr. drinking culture that revels in bar fights and recreational drug use of substances that rot teeth . . . I believe the stats back me up on this OR just pay a visit to Independence on a Friday Night to contradict all myths of white supremacy.

    Anyhoo . . . That's my compromise and I'd be happy to work out the details for a huge consulting fee and the title of "Official Boobie Inspector" at the P&L district. I have my own t-shirt.

    Just to clean up this place . . . Here are two additional links I had nowhere to put:

  • Not like anyone cares . . . But here: Quindaro Ruins moving toward becoming more tourist friendly

  • Please use this link to make unsubstantiated comments about your least favorite candidate for JaxCo Sheriff: County sheriff to take Blue Springs school job
  • Kansas City blame game news: Jabba stays winning at everyone else's expense!!!

    I voted for her for Mayor . . . She could be the most gully lady politico Kansas City has ever seen at least in terms of proving that women can be just as corrupt as any dude . . . TKC prizes efforts to maintain equality above all else: Three get probation in mortgage fraud scam involving Katheryn Shields


    Can't believe I almost missed this one . . . I don't think there's a more appropriate story offering a depiction of life in KCK or the Midwest for that matter:
    A fight broke out Tuesday morning between a convenience store clerk and a customer over a package of doughnuts.
    Sadly, there are plenty of local donut shops (like Lamar's) where I'd gladly fight to the death for the sugary sweet fried bread . . . However, getting into it over week-old gas station donuts just seems like a bad decision. In directly related news, Around 24 million people in the United States have diabetes, up 15 percent from two years ago.

    Hey Kansas City, let's annoy Adult Swim on behalf of a local comic book!!!

    A local blogger and comic book creator provides some contact information and asks: "If you read Thunder Road and enjoyed it, send some support."

    Kansas City kills a blogger's tree!!!

    Recently, "Another KC blog" filed a heartwarming and informative post about how the City chopped down a tree near his house and how he's coping.

    Cut to the chase: It may not be wise to argue with dudes holding chainsaws but blogging is one of the best ways to deal with loss.

    Students, it's time to learn that divisive racial politics are far more powerful than Unions in Kansas City

    KC Teachers Hold Rally Over Contract Issues

    Going back to Cali

    Amato chosen as Stockton, Calif., superintendent OR the last, best hope for the faltering Kansas City School District is about to head west and ride off into the Sunset.

    Double Bonus Points: What classic 80's coke movie featured the track linked above by L.L. Cool J?

    Hint: It featured Iron Man giving a BJ.

    KC Zoo budget struggles to feed animals. In other words: Screw the homeless, laid off City Hall employees and the working poor!!!

    The mere fact that there is coverage of that fact that the Zoo is having a hard time with it's food budget proves that Kansas City's values are completely screwed up . . . And that the Zoo needs to throw a BBQ and turn this situation to the advantage of hungry visitors.

    Taking apart JoCo's favorite Democrat!!!

    The Kansas Citian recently posted a scathing post concerning Congressman Dennis Moore. Here's the money line: "At one time Congressman Moore was against immunity for telecom companies like AT&T and Verizon who were complicit in the federal government's illegal wiretap program. But $18,900 later he saw the error of his ways and voted yes on FISA." However, since this issue has nothing to do with shopping, property values or racial profiling . . . I'm wondering if it will resonate with the people of JoCo. TKC Fact: It's no surprise the most vapid community in the region gets the political representation that inspires an equivalent amount of animosity.

    Kansas City went crazy over cock!!!

    No homo on that ghey headline . . . However, a local chicken fighting story got a lot of play yesterday, I think because it was one of those headlines that was easy to joke and wasn't overtly political. Here are some newsies and bloggers who got into the act:

  • 3 AM: Cock blocked

  • RDM: Attention all cock lovers!!!

  • Crime Scene KC: JoCo Sheriff busts alleged cockfighting operation

  • KSHB: Cockfighting Ring Grows in Johnson County

    Cock lovers all . . . Kidding.

  • Another big media offering that won't be able to comment as freely or criticize as roughly as rogue bloggers

    Introducing the all-new PITCH SPORTS BLOG . . . Actually, I'm hoping this blog does well since TKC doesn't really cover sports unless it is in a cultural sense to point out the mediocrity that's inherent at every strata of this town . . . But as far as box scores go . . . I could care less. Because I'm an adult, I don't really have time to participate in the charade of sport for it's own sake and ignore the inherent inequities and hypocrisy that are a part of the game and a reflection of our society. Also, since childhood in this town I've learned that even the most impressive winning streak ends with a losing effort and hope/hype in order to sell more tickets.

    New Blog: The Weekly Dive

    Scooter J starts a noble endeavor . . . A blog dedicated to area dive bars. Check it out!!!

    Now let's look at some links

    I think starting off the morning with a few lesser links is the way to go . . . Here are a few interesting stories that didn't quite merit a post in my book:

  • Funkhouser finally does the right thing concerning the Parks Board, it only took him a year and loss of support in the urban core!!!

  • Hey, if the recession means locking up less minorities, then maybe it's not all so bad: Missouri was the only state to see consistently declining prison populations over an 18-month period

  • Kansas City hit and run scumbag takes the term literally: Driver Hits Woman, Flees on Foot

  • Con threatening America's Super-retailer, loses just like small towns and Chinese toddlers who make most of the company's products: Prison Inmate Admits Threatening KC Wal-Mart

  • Challenging Phill Kline on his record as a prosecutor could be a winning strategy for his opponent given that on all matters of faith and morality Kline is infallible like the pope according to Fundies (who hate the Pope).
  • Kelly Brook, Kansas City and a lucky sofa

    I have a few interesting items that I've been saving up for this morning but nothing as captivating as a recent photo gallery of Kelly Brook. Still, there's a lot of good stuff out there that I'm looking at in the local blogosphere and from kickass TKC tipsters as well . . . However, I'm not gonna rush it and this may be a bit of relaxing, loungy late night blogging session. Stay tuned!!!

    Wednesday, June 25, 2008

    Kansas City Blogger Coverage!!!

    Alonzo Washington is probably Kansas City's most important blogger . . . Not just because of his blog but because of the important work he does in the real world fighting crime and the creative way that he promotes it online.

    Local newsies and the public have taken notice and now one more media outlet is running a feature in order to document the Crime Fighter's online and real world achievements. Here's a link to a well-deserved feature from The Wednesday Sun:
    Crime Crusader

    Local civic activist fights crime using resident tips, MySpace page
    Again, the most important part of the article is related to the real world work that Mr. Washington has done to fight local crime. However, what's important here to the average blogger is that by promoting his efforts online he has made it even harder for the media to ignore his work. A LOT of people are reading his page, he seems to be contacted more and more by reporters who want additional info to supplement what he dishes online and TKC has linked to at least a half a dozen cases which he has helped to solve via his blog.

    Mr. Washington's web strategy is solid . . . His fight against crime is welcomed, Kansas City bloggers could learn a thing or two from a local activist who uses the Internet to help change the Kansas City metropolitan area for the better.

    Meanwhile . . . TKC is looking for more photos of Brazilian super model Karolína Kurková since she has become a bit chunky in a very sexy way . . . My work is important as well!!!

    KC Jobs for Convicts (non real-estate)

    KC Currents files an excellent report on businesses in the Kansas City area that make a point of hiring ex-offenders.

    Attention drivers: The sound of rampant Kansas City gunfire can be distracting

    Gunfire in the area of East 42nd Street and Bellefontaine Avenue caused a woman to crash her car late Tuesday night, police said


    My God, this hurts to even think about:

    A Kansas City man was killed Wednesday morning after he FELL OFF A ROOF AND IMPALED HIMSELF ON A FENCE!!!


  • Hey Cameraman has a photo of the house where the guy fell.

  • KMBC: Worker Refurbishing Home Falls To His Death

  • KSHB: Fall From Roof Kills Man in KC

  • KCTV5: Man Dies After Fall In Kansas City

    The Source is the political blog of the Jeff Roe concern. For those of you living in a cave, Roe is the Republican Machiavelli of the Kansas City political scene and probably the name that local Democrats fear most. Today he has an AMAZING post regarding Kay Barnes and the money she has taken from Cordish. Mind you, if he was serious I'd support this kind of post 100% but this is from the same crew that used "gay Barnes" insults and constantly supported that Crazy Old Lady Frances Semler (or rather Mayor Funky's decision) because of an anti-Latino wave of Republican Immigration rhetoric that didn't really help their cause.

    Still, I have to admit that the recent post at The Source is damn clever. On the face of it, I would be absolutely convinced that The Source cared about discriminatory dress code policy . . . However, since I am familiar with "the source" of this interesting tactic . . . I'm guessing it's just one of many unique ways to expose a great many inconsistencies held by Former Mayor Kay. Whereas Roe's boy Graves is without question towing the party line for the Republicans on almost every issue and acted as little more than a rubber stamp for the vast majority of G.W. Bush's bad decisions.

    Billions for pricey light rail and support for Mayor Funky is still being disguised as a rebellion against the KC "elite." Ugh.

    Apparently, The Pitch is the last publication still buying the Orange Revolution line and a recent column by David Martin might as well have been written by former Pitch Staffer Joe Miller. It's the same tired line about how the "elite" won't give the "regular folk" what they want!!! It's a great strategy until the sticker shock for a MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR light rail plan full of flaws is revealed as the alternative. Also, I'm surprised that The Pitch is still in the pocket of the Funky Administration despite their low approval rating in the urban core. Seriously.

    Will Kansas Stay Red?

    A battle cry from Stay Red Kansas: BATTLE FOR THE STATE LEGISLATURE

    Kansas City might soon respond to a reactionary radio talker who is nearly as bad as Hitler with an endorsement of cops denying medical care!!!

    There's news that the fired police officers will appeal their termination in the Sofia Salva case. To date, the Police Board has upheld the action against the pair and people around the world reacted in disgust to the story of two rogue KCPD officers letting a woman bleed on the side of the road and later miscarry her child. Even better, a couple of KCPD sources revealed to TKC that in general the rank and file within the KCPD don't feel much sympathy for the cops involved and regard their actions as unprofessional.

    Sadly, a local radio talker with poor ratings who is on the cusp of being replaced is using this case to bolster his stagnant career. Kansas City activists and community leaders have taken notice as an e-mail is now circulating which claims to have news of the talkers testimony in front of the Police Board on behalf of the officers involved in the Salva Case. Some of the most politically active people in Kansas City are rallying in order to create a response to this talker who is cynically taking a page from Michael Savage's book in order to draw attention to himself . . . Unfortunately, this isn't an attack on underrepresented immigrant groups but an affront to Kansas City's African-American Community which by and large viewed the issue as a clear cut case of racial disparity in treatment (or lack thereof) which was properly addressed by the Police Board and the KCPD Chief.

    I tend not to get too upset when looking at any publicity stunt about to go horribly wrong. The radio d-bag is in question does nothing but run an infomercial for his old boss that has consistently pulled in mediocre numbers . . . Still a public smackdown is always a treat and it has been proven time and time again that obnoxious media personalities outside their comfort zone often seem small, petty and powerless . . . Which is why I seldom leave this basement.

    In KC Proper there are very few people who feel that the cops who lost their jobs because of their refusal to provide medical treatment to a bleeding woman were treated unjustly (especially given their offense) . . . However, in the make believe world of talk radio there are always a few shut-ins who get riled up over obvious ploys to engage in identity politics. I can only hope that a gathering response to the talker will demonstrate which group holds the real political power in Kansas City and will be swift, loud and decisive . . . Still, like most things involving local media, I'm prepared to be disappointed.

    Kansas City blog shoutouts on KMBZ

    TKC will be talking local blogs on KMBZ at around 8:30 in the AM.

    Tune into Kansas City's Morning News with E.J. and Ellen to listen to TKC name check a lot of local blogs who have been contributing important newsy items to the local blogosphere and not just photos of kittens . . . Okay, photos of kittens too.

    Even more Kansas City opposition to bare feet, racist language, sexy comments and craziness in the Mayor's office!!!

    According to today's editorial from The Wednesday Sun: "Squitiro causing more harm than good for city"

    Clearly, opposition to Mayor Funky's nepotism and stubbornness has now filtered down from the political elite and mainstream media figures to smaller community publications and the rest of the plebs. Funkhouser's stand on this one is utterly indefensible and every day Squitiro stays at City Hall Kansas City's Mayor loses credibility.

    Personally, I'm just waiting to read the next Holiday letter but I'm pretty sure that NO ONE in Kansas City media has advocated that Squitiro is an essential and beneficial part of the Mayoral Administration.

    Since public support for Squitiro is at absolute zero . . . I think the Council has a lot of freedom to act on this one and should just directly address the Co-Mayors . . . The vast majority of voters and Council people agree that she needs to go so a resolution should be drafted directly aimed at Squitiro who has not only become Kansas City's biggest distraction but also someone who is now costing Kansas City because of her "volunteer" services . . . There's no denying that any other volunteer would have been dismissed at this point and Funkhouser's endorsement of nepotism at the highest levels of City Government demonstrates that a great deal of his talk regarding reform was only empty rhetoric.

    Gloria Must Go . . . Kansas City doesn't need a Co-Mayor . . . TKC would actually like to see someone, anyone defend her conduct other than anonymous d-bags on local blogs.

    A KC blogger smokes the cancer lobby

    Check out the big brain on local blogger Brad as he writes a point by point rebuke of arguements used by pro-smoking forces in Kansas City. It's a must-read post that makes a lot of sense for the majority of folks who don't own a pub or restaurant.

    An extended break from/for Jackson County

    Jackson County considers four-day workweek. Since I can't figure out exactly what they do other than impose taxes on a great deal of Kansas City at the behest of the Hunt family . . . I'm gonna go ahead and say this is a good thing.

    The move is being touted as an environmental initiative to cut back on fuel cost. I'm also guessing that the stench hasn't quite cleared from Kathryn Shield's tenure so maybe a lot of three day weekends will clear the air. And, to be fair, TKC has a few friends at the County who do work exceptionally hard and deserve one less trip to the office . . . Look for telecommuting to play a bigger role in local government, especially since Light Rail isn't going anywhere according to most people working at Jackson County.