Friday, September 01, 2017

Quick Fix For South Kansas City Flooding Stays Losing As Council Looks For Help

This bit of "working" to find a solution basically means begging the Feds for intersession that's unlikely any time soon. Check this bright side reporting:

Council members asking for long term solution to Indian Creek and Blue River flooding

While relief efforts from Hurricane Harvey are underway - the city council in Kansas City, Missouri is working on a permanent solution to flooding in the metro. Specifically - along Indian Creek and the Blue River. After multiple devastating floods, they have wondered what to do after each incident.


Anonymous said...

Okay, first thing, it is impossible to control flooding, period! Any monies spent in the effort will eventually be proven to be a waste.

The only solution is to not build in a flood plane, and to not allow the "development" of wetlands. Can the government of Kansas City do anything about that? Didn't think so.

If the business owners in these shopping centers didn't carry Flood Insurance, it's their problem exclusively. The Insurance Companies are correct that this flooding was an "act of God" within the mutual contract, and they are not liable. I don't think the business owners have any recourse other than filing a suit against God.

What the City Government of Kansas City can do is take steps to assure that the automobiles damaged in this flooding are scrapped by the owners or insurers so they will not be "restored" and dumped onto unsuspecting Used Car Buyers in the future.

Anonymous said...

They can buy up houses and cut a deeper trench to the Missouri river.

Anonymous said...

Yes. You are half right no one should be allowed to build in the flood plain. The other part is Johnson County's fault for not having a flood control plan. When you continue to pave previous farmland and dump all that rainwater in the rivers, you are at fault. NO GO bond money should be used.

Super Dave said...

Guess what folks that area was flooding long before any houses were built there. Anyone who does a little study of history and talks to some great grandparents will tell you so. My Dad told me as a kid he remembers it flooding and closing highway 69 and stateline road several times after WW11 and early 50's. So it's all nothing new.

Anonymous said...

Almost thirty years ago the Blue River drainage was known to be impacted negatively every time Johnson County developed more fast drain developments along with flood plain zone development.

So what happened, when everyone was sleeping Johnson County just proceeded to do much larger scale flood plain alternation with less release zones for slowing water rises. Result, floods worse than they used to be but this was or should have been predictable. There should be a case for class action against the Kansas entities allowing for flood plain development. This is not a new problem, and the source is not a nebulous thing, this was somewhat predictable, and it happened anyway. Missouri would be right to be assertive on the issue, they have been harmed by the direct actions of Kansas in this case, and Kansas doesn't seem to care much do they?

Anonymous said...

^^Not a Kansas only issue Stupid. Missouri has done nothing either and sat on their ass 50 years ago when they should have been doing something.Look at how many times the Leeds area flooded before Missouri and the city did anything and that area is much older than the areas the south which I might add all the Leeds water ends up the same place as all the water on the south end of town does.

Anonymous said...

There's no question that water runs downhill and that more paving over farm fields creates much more run-off when it rains.
So the observation that water is coming from Johnson County is correct.
But how much effort has KCMO ever made to establish and cultivate relationships with political jurisdictions in Johnson County?
Pretty much none.
Except when palms are extended looking for money for the latest poorly-planned and executed project by the gang of clowns at KCMO city hall.
And any recommendations, proposals, ideas, or even involvement in the planning process by anyone other than the KCMO insiders are always off the table.
So the interest on the part of JoCo electeds is very close to ZERO.
Most cities in JoCo and the county too, are very well-run and their residents have reasonable expectations that their tax dollars are spent on services they need and expect.
That certainly can't be said for KCMO and the latest round of fiascos are just the most recent examples.
If you had an opportunity to invest your money in KCMO government and had to depend on it being spent competently and effectively, would you write a check?
Not a chance.
Issues like storm water management, transportation, regional attractions like the stadium complex, zoo, and other projects would be great opportunities for bi-state and regional cooperation.
It's too bad that KCMO's behavior and track record make such collaboration so unlikely.
Charity begins at home.

Anonymous said...

I say fuck it smoke some weeeeed!

Crazy Clown said...

KCMO Agenda to Fix the flooding problem,,,,,,

Dump a few Million into the 18th Vine JAZZ District to Fix the Flood problems,,,, that should work huh ???????

Anonymous said...

What does anyone at City Hall know about flood control? Or street maintenance? Or anything to do with running a city. Nothing. They are politicians and they don't know anything except how to run for office.