Friday, September 01, 2017

Kansas City Truck Crash Tradition

Quick road map guide from a local TV station . . . Consider it a guide for every KCMO newsie who made the wrong career choice. Checkit:

Independence Avenue Bridge a magnet for tall trucks

Despite the signs - this bridge gets hit again...and again...and again. Repair costs are mounting.


Anonymous said...

They need to install a barrier before the bridge that says "If you hit this sign, you will hit that bridge." Maybe that will wake the drivers. Maybe.

Anonymous said...

Most of the big-co over the road drivers are barely able to shift gears on a multi-speed tractor rig. let alone pay attention to load balance, height, restricted areas etc. Same for local delivery. As long as they can scam past the driving test (which is a joke) they're given a Class A or B.

Anonymous said...

It's the railroads bridge and they need to replace it

Anonymous said...

That's two in the last 6 weeks. Idiots.