Saturday, September 02, 2017

City Hall Hypes Kansas City Downtown Building Boom Irrational Exuberance

More talking points from developers and politicos about the benefits of luxury real estate inside the loop whilst the rest of Kansas City copes with flooding every time it rains and a historically high murder count.

Check it:

You decide . .


Anonymous said...

it's cool and hope it works. it will be good for kansas city.

Anonymous said...

Richard Florida, the guru of urban futurists and creating creative class millenial meccas just had a column in an actual national newspaper pointing out that the rush to urban areas has crested and passed and the suburbs around the country are once again growing faster than the cities they surround.
As overbuilt on a pile of public subsidies and debt that the KCMO downtown "renaissance" is, that's much worse than the canary in the coal mine.
It's never too difficult to predict that fads tend to become fades as generations grow up and everyone moves on to other newer things.
Anybody still have hulu hoops, CB radios, or disco balls?
Funding fads with debt is a really bad idea.

Anonymous said...

Quite the racket this Downtown Council of Kansas City is running. Kind of like a shadow(y) government.

Crazy Clown said...


I'd like to ask that every single one of YOU readers here on TONY's KC Wonderful Blog take the time to actually WATCH THIS VIDEO !!!

What is it ???

Its called the "AGENDA 21 PLAN" !!

Where some members of the Political Liberal Party wanna use up Hundreds of Millions of YOUR Tax Dollars to fund all kinds of worthless Subsidized Projects (Silly TOY TRAINS) that very few citizens will actually use as well as Forced Public Housing !!!

This VIDEO your about to Watch - is a VIDEO of a very Heated PUBLIC HEARING ~ !!!!

Watch & Listen carefully , without skipping thru it and more importantly PAY ATTENTION & Comprehend.

Also research "AGENDA 21" and YOU yourselves find out what its about and which "Socialist" Political party is pushing & representing this pathetic Agenda !!!!


Anonymous said...

OH, HOLY HORSE HOCKEY! Will any of these "Empty Suits" still be around Kansas City five years from now?

Within a year of the GOP led Congress cutting taxes on Corporations and the Wealthy we are going to see the same results we have been seeing for the past 36 years, yet another Recession!

As soon as the Economy slows the funds for buying into all these "Residential Conversions" will vanish, and we will hear howls of anguish about the "Oversupply" of Downtown housing!

This will be followed by a few Bank Mergers in lieu of closures, then a round of Airline mergers and takeovers (reduced incomes to pay debt service on the KCI Airport), and an oversupply of unsold motor vehicles.

These Tax Cuts seem to had a beneficial effect once in modern history, then JFK reduced the top Income Tax Rate from 91% to 72%, but the only thing they have done since is remove money from circulation and bring on Depressions, I mean Recessions!

GOP tax theories ignores the fact that Laffer's Theorem does not give any Numbers, and that the "Bell Curve" he theorizes had a peak and diminishing returns once that peak has passed. If we assume, as the GOP claims to, that Laffer has validity, then the historical indications, limited as they are, indicate that we should have a Top Individual Tax Rate in the area of 72%, a Top Corporate Rate of about 55%, and a reduction in both individual and corporate deductions, since this is the only range of numbers that has ever shown a beneficial result to the Economy.

Anonymous said...