Thursday, August 24, 2017

Will New KCPD Social Worker Help Curb Local Violence And Murder?!?!

There are a lot of people who correlate violence and crime to poverty but that connection rarely holds up when we consider far poorer and peaceful countries . . . Still, more resources for officers working local streets is never a bad thing. You decide:

New KCPD position aimed at connecting officers to community, getting to root of crime

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - When Gina English received a text message from a 13-year-old girl asking for food, she didn't hesitate. English got on her computer, ordered pizza to be delivered and paid for it out of her own pocket.


Anonymous said...

I thought buying pizza was Sly's job.

Anonymous said...

Why does KCMO keep ADDING new nonprofits and positions to address "community involvement", but never ELIMINATES any of the existing operations which have clearly been shown to be completely ineffective and unaccountable?
KC government even recently advertised for resumes for a position to coordinate all the various groups!
What about all the revs and other "community leaders"?
Surely they can take a little time off from blaming everyone else and making demands to try to get members of their congregations and neighborhood residents to cooperate with the police.
Same thing, same way, same people...hoping for a different result.
96 homicides and counting and it's only mid-August.
Didn't take long for the new chief to settle into the groove.

Anonymous said...

Sit around in a circle with police, criminals, poor people and talk out their issues. like a 1970 rap session. let's rap man.

Anonymous said...

Let's hire more consultants to tell us what to do. How to do our jobs.

Anonymous said...

Form (yet another) task force to study the problem.

Crazy Clown said...

Sure it'll help

Duties : include hanging out at all the local Rap & Hip Hop Clubs, partying and carrying on all at the city's expense of course, naturally.

Other duties :
include driving city owned vehicle, at high speeds because they are entitled as a SJW Warrior, naturally,,,,,,,,,,,

Other Duties include :

Taking trips overseas for MONTHS at a time,, at the City's expense, "NATURALLY" to see how other cities tackle this venue .

Flying 1st CLASS, Naturally at the city's expense !!!

LIMO Chauffer while at the foreign destinations, Naturally at the city's expense !!

Visit other destinations like :
All the Exotic Tropical places to investigate how they do things and bring those ideas back to KC,,,,,,

NONE of which will work,, because,,,,,,,,,,,,,, they have none of those things in the 1st place !!!!!!

BUT it sounds good to sell to the naïve clueless citizens of KCMO !!!

Anonymous said...

^^^Dull comments from a dullard.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

1st tell that to the 6 people that have died THIS YEAR in KC in traffic related accidents!

2nd it is not law enforcement job to raise your snot nosed kids! The article is correct, LE has devolved from catching criminals to getting bratty kids on busses because people do not parent anymore! LE is not social work; if this plan reduces those type of calls and helps build relationships with the community I'm all for it!

I also agree in getting rid of any and all persons/groups that come out of city hall.

Anonymous said...

The cops writing traffic tickets are on overtime supposedly paid by a grant from the Feds, they have to write at least eight tickets in four hours, so yes this is a money grab by the city and the officers wanting extra money

Anonymous said...

These groups get paid easy money from sLIE, this is supposedly his way of saying to the public he cares about crime and he's doing all that he can to stop it, you ought to see aim for peace down at there offices, they show up a few days a week after 12:00 then around seven or eight people show up and do a little partying then they leave.

Anonymous said...

KCPD - To Protect and Meter Maid

Super Dave said...

Smoke and Mirrors that won't do a thing to curb anything.

Super Dave said...

Take the money that will be needed for this position and put another officer on the street.

Bryan M. Stalder, Esq. said...

It's much cheaper to hire social workers and other civilian staff to fill these roles for KCPD than to expect actual officers with a badge and gun to intervene. City audit after city audit dating back forty years has recommended increased civilian staff within KCPD.

Gina English's role within KCPD is just the first step; we need *more* social services coordinators and I would expect community leaders and urban faith leaders to let KCPD and their council person understand this.

If done right, this civilian staff can work directly with folks who are repeatedly visited by KCPD, saving the department time and money to devote to 911 calls, while also connecting many of these folks to services and support that they need to stay out of the back of a squad car or a jail cell or a hospital bed.

Anonymous said...

Well, let's give it a try on how much good Gubmint (as in YOUR tax monies) does to nanny more of the lazies, crazies, purple drank hazies, and the usual assortment of Killa City's crims in a less punitive and more of an intervention format. Personal accountability isn't the norm for some of the populace. Compulsions, addictions, and moral decline have helped fill the U.S. prisons. Maybe getting help to the misdirected young,especially before patterns and habits set in, will prove very worthy for many in better futures.

Anonymous said...

Its called bureaucracy! Pissing away more tax payer money is almost never about benefiting tax payers.