Thursday, August 24, 2017

The Kansas City Thursday Morning Look

Classic Jordan inspires the beginning of this blogging day as we start our journey with these Kansas City local links . . .

Taking Kemper Private With Tax Breaks

Memorabilia from Kemper Arena auctioned off

The home to kings, presidents and concerts. Kemper Arena's treasures were sold at auction on Wednesday, KCTV5's Rudy Harper reports.

Precautions Amid Report Today

KCFD implementing changes after release of NIOSH report into the deaths of two firefighters

The National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety has issued its report following an investigating into the death of two Kansas City firefighters back in October of 2015. Firefighters Larry Leggio and John Mesh were killed when a 100-year-old building on Independence Avenue collapsed during a large fire.

Another Surge Of Outrage Against KCP&L

KCP&L website disclosed customers' phone numbers

A KCP&L website used by customers to report power outages disclosed customers' phone numbers. Video by Mark Davis and Chris Ochsner

KCK Copes With Disgusting Backwash

For third time, residents in KCK neighborhood deal with flooding aftermath

For the third time this summer, residents inside the Argentine neighborhood of KCK are dealing with flooding. Timothy Curry, once again, is airing out his basement after flooding took its toll once more. "Oh, it's beyond frustrating," Curry said. "It's to the point where you just feel hopeless.

Kansas Workers Are Sickening

KC employers manage double-digit increase in drug costs - Kansas City Business Journal

As employers spend a greater portion of their health care dollars on pharmaceuticals, some are employing strategies to keep costs down. Pharmaceutical costs are a growing piece of the health care equation for Kansas City companies, said Matt Wheeler, vice president of client services-employee benefits at Holmes Murphy & Associates.

Golden Ghetto Sinking

Residents lobby Roeland Park council to address sinkhole problem 'as fast as we can'

By Holly Cook Roeland Park councilmembers continued their discussion Monday on how to remedy the failed section of pipe causing sinkholes in the rear yard of two homes on the 56th block of Roeland Drive. The council approved $18,800 in funding for Larkin Lamp Rynearson to design and inspect the removal and replacement of the ...

Home Team Late Season Surge

Kansas City Royals: Eric Hosmer walk-off homer downs Rockies

Greg Holland's first time pitching against the Kansas City Royals as a member of an opposing team did not go the way he would have wanted. It went exactly the way Eric Hosmer would have wanted.

Gordon Lightfoot 1974 - Sundown is the #TBT song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . . Gordon Lightfoot 1974 - Sundown


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TOP PHOTO -- Service With A Smile

When I called the concierge to have my pillows fluffed, she said she'd get on it right away!!!

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Heil Trump Allah be praised