Tuesday, August 29, 2017

South Kansas City Burns & Mac Flood Plan???

More on this later but here's today's City Hall response to a constantly flooded path that leads to a path near this town's favorite corporate partner. Take a look:

South Kansas City Councilmembers Call For Indian Creek Regional Flood Plan

Two councilmembers who represent constituents along Indian Creek say Kansas City needs a regional approach to flood control. Scott Taylor and Kevin McManus, both of whom live in south Kansas City, Missouri, held a news conference Tuesday urging city leaders to work with other municipalities to keep Indian Creek from flooding again, as it has twice this summer.


Anonymous said...

The Corp of Engineers is already planning to study this even before the recent floods.

Anonymous said...

Another study? Wow - what a great idea. They will discover that the area floods when enough rain falls. End of study. Thank you.