Thursday, August 24, 2017


Check a very dedicated reporter offering an exceptionally kind historical perspective on an enthusiastic slave owner and Native-American killer . . .

Examiner: Andrew Jackson - A complicated man in the White House

The parallel to Truman was a nice touch given that history seems to look back on the Prez from Independence, MO as a war criminal, too.

And so we can only hope that Kansas City will one day quickly rename this enclave Samuel Jackson County . . .

The world famous actor's work seems to be more representative of the current epoch . . .

Double bonus . . . I'm sure that Courthouse could find a way to earn royalties by way of selling Samuel Jackson beer.

Real talk . . . Exec Frank White should personally thank all the protesters in Charlottesville for drawing attention away from an ONGOING human rights crisis at the jail.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...


Crazy Clown said...

Absolutely NOT !!!

Should it be renamed it should be after a Legendary ICON !!

Such as : FRED SANFORD of Sanford & Sons 1970's TV Show

or how bout' Lamont his TV Son ,,,,

maybe even better - Legendary FLIP WILSON the comedian

maybe Buckweat from the TV Show little rascals

maybe JIMMY WALKER from TV Show Good times ???

How bout' that sheriff from the 1970's movie BLAZING SADDLES Roscoe' !!!

The 1970's Detective TV Show SHAFT with Richard Round tree

1970's TV Show Get Christie LOVE with Teresa Graves ????

How bout I SPY with BILL COSBY ????

OK those are my picks :) !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

^^^Fool, until you can demonstrate proper punctuation as well as carnal knowledge of the CAPS Lock, nobody gives a damn what you think about anything. You're a drooling neanderthal(you'll have to look that up!). Go away dummy.

Anonymous said...

Amos and Andy maybe? Has a nice ring to it.

Anonymous said...

Notice how renaming is always with a black person?

Anonymous said...

Jackson statute has taken some hits to the head

Anonymous said...

Rename it the Michael Jackson county. This would recognize that Geezer Hater has been following Michael's example by trolling for little kids outside county schools.

Crazy Clown said...

@8;17am commenter

Gotcha' a Nanny'thaul !

I looked up, but didn't see nuttin' !!!!

My Aunt had a Nanny once, she was kinda hot :)

8:17 can ya' come over to my house and help me do sumpthin' , I'll show ya , won't take but a minute - TRUST ME !!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Clown you're crazy fun on here, so know that there are some who like the laughs ya bring. Nevermind the party pooper 8:17!