Monday, August 28, 2017

Local Blogging Nazi Faith Life Or Lack Thereof

A faithful Kansas City scribe examines a spooky subject amid the current American culture war and renewed interest into a defeated, disgraced regime that sadly has regained relevance as an American political prop. Checkit:

What Nazi attachment to occultism means for us: 8-28-17

Recently here on the blog I talked about the various ways some people in our culture seem to be vulnerable to conspiracy theories, fake news and magical thinking. Being susceptible to bogus science, to far-out occult theories of supernatural intervention...


Anonymous said...

National Socialist Germany was created to protect itself from, and to destroy Communism. One of the first measures taken after Adolph Hitler was voted into power by the citizens of Germany was to remove Jews from all media and government.The result was the same as removing tumors from a disease-ravaged human body.

Anonymous said...

"Attachment to the occult"? Someone watches too much of the History Channel. Talk about your "conspiracy theories".

Anonymous said...

The assassination of labor organizers led to the rise of the Nazis.

Anonymous said...

Hitler hated Christianity...he considered it a Jewish invention, like Bolshevism.

And of course, Jesus was a Jew and we know how Hitler felt about Jews.

This is more Collaborationist BS from Bill...his comment section used to be full of it and he can't get past it.

If he wants to spew this nonsense, he should at least allow comments.

Anonymous said...

Bill calls Eugenics pseudo science, but it was good enough for Planned Parenthood Founder Margaret Sanger.

And atheist who considered the "unfit" Human Weeds than needed to be pulled.

And Bill...your pals at Planned Parenthood are eliminating more Black Lives every MONTH than the KKK has in its entire existence.

Why don't you talk about that on your blog.

After all, you wouldn't want people to think you were dishonest, would you.

Anonymous said...

The German soldier during WW2 was almost always a Catholic or Lutheran. Himmler, the SS nutjob was the believer in all things bizarre. Hitler believed in Hitler.

Anonymous said...

@ 11:37, sure "The German Soldier duringWW2 was almost always a Catholic or Lutheran." AFTER THE WAR WAS LOST!

I lived over there for three years I the early 60's, and you know what? Nobody in Germany was EVER a Nazi! Just like no Churches in Germany were closed by Government Orders between 1935 and 1946, and no Catholic, Lutheran, Baptist, etc. Ministers went to Concentration Camps! I dated the daughter of one of those Lutheran Ministers who
was "never sent to Sachenhausen", and after he came to trust me he told me stories that would curl your hair!

Sorry to disagree with your comfortable little fantasy, but all those Ahnenerbe Centers in the larger towns in Schwabia, Wurtemberg and Bayern weren't built to be Recreation Halls.

Anonymous said...

Hey did you guys know Bill used to have a comments section, but he shut it down? He did, he really did. Bill used to have a comments section on his blog. He shut it down though. I can remember when Bill used to have a comments section on his blog. He would allow comments on his blog, but not anymore. You know why you can't comment on Bill's blog now? Because he doesn't have a comments section on it anymore...that's why. People used to be able to comment on Bill's blog, but now they don't. Can you guy's ask Bill why he doesn't allow comments on his blog anymore? He won't respond to me. I can't comment anyway because there is no comment section on his blog anymore.

Anonymous said...

@12:20 - sorry to disagree with your fantasy on the other extreme, that every German was an evil collaborator or member of the Nazis, any more than they were all devout Catholics or Lutherans. I also lived for three years in Germany, and eventually married a German.

Byron Funkhouser said...

The regular German soldier hated being called a Nazi, they self-identified as Wehrmacht.

After the war, one of the things the Allies did right was not to confuse the two, & not to punish the common German soldier along with the Nazi's.

And occult? One man's religion is another man's cult. According to the only contemporary account that mentions him, Jesus was executed for practicing sorcery, & Jean de Arc was burned as a witch, though she's now considered a saint.

Anonymous said...

^^^ the first intelligent remark ever made by Byron Funkhouser on the pages of TKC. Hopefully it's the start of a trend.

Anonymous said...

The only thing worse is religions claiming an attachment to God!

Anonymous said...

Byron's knowledge of history is an flawed as his political commentary.

As to the remarks on comments on Bill's blog...he shut em down cuz he was letting nutjobs make dangerous remarks.

I think he got scared that the "Hannibal Lector" character might actually do something insane and he would get blamed by some hack lawyer.

That is my opinion>

As to what Bill really believes? Don't know.

Anonymous said...

Just write Joan of Arc, since you can't get the fran├žais correct, Funky.